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101+ Top indie Music blogs and Pages names

Over the years the Indie music has also changed its area and is being coped up with the new streaming videos and electric musical instruments. There are many blogs which explain what is the indie music and the way it was developed, the history and everything you want to know about Indie music.

Top 15 Indie Music Blogs of the world

Santa Rosa Records – This blog happens to be an indie label that is based in Texas. Santa Rosa Records has an extensive selection of music. Every single post is articulate and to the mark. Also, there is a segment devoted to more comprehensive interviews discussing the creative practices of the artists. 

Various Small Flames – Make yourself relaxed while sipping on your favorite beverage and go through this blog consisting of reviews, interviews, previews, books, as well as mixtapes. They have included literature in this blog since Jon (who is one of the editors) is an author plus a Ph.D. candidate. Various Small Flames shares the music from indie performers.

Chances with Wolves – This is your biggest source for the mixtape. Follow them by getting on SoundCloud and you will have nothing to regret. The site has as many as 388 episodes of mixtapes and also has an outlet from where cassette mixtapes and branded t-shirts can be purchased. The length of each mixtape is approximately 2 hours. 

Drunken Werewolf – Tiffany Daniels happens to be this blog’s editor and he has lots of experience in journalism, editing, and copywriting. The site includes EP reviews, the introduction of brand-new performers, live events and albums, interviews, and features. In case you like to submit your music, this blog will be ideal for you.

Indie Central Music – Indie Central Music, which is based in the UK, is operated by George, Stephen, Adam, and Alex. Every week, they explore new promising indie music talent streaming and exploring it on their radio podcast and blog. This is the blog for you in case you prefer smaller bands.

The Owl Mag – This blog is referred to as The Owl Mag since owls happen to be wise and nocturnal like the readers. The blog is fantastic for music enthusiasts and artists. Based in San Francisco, The Owl Mag offers a range of astounding freebies such as ticket giveaways for their readers. 

Under the Radar – This is probably the best indie music magazine in America. It is likewise the independent music magazine’s official website along with exclusive photographs, interviews, reviews, videos, mp3s, music news, and so forth. Around 56 posts are updated by them every week with in excess of 51,000 Facebook fans at present. 

Jamsphere Magazine – Jamsphere Indie Magazine and Radio Network happens to be a genuinely indie magazine and radio network which aims to promote independent performers. The updated content of their devoted radio station, such as News, reviews, and interviews, helps featured musicians to kick-start their artistic careers, certify online presence and enhance popularity.

Atwood Magazine – Atwood Journal is regarded as the creativity celebrators. This is a modern music publication devoted to supplying the music exploration with honest writing and informative journalism. Atwood Magazine’s goal is not only to highlight extraordinary creation but also the narratives behind those. At present, it has got a team of more than 30 competent writers. 

Indie Rock Café – Founded in 2007, this is amongst the web’s leading and longest-running independent rock music blogs showcasing young, exciting, and under-the-radar DIY musicians and bands from around the U.S. and across the globe. They have the honor of being one of the most famous indie blogs featuring both reputed and rarely heard alternative and indie music.

Indie Voice Blog – For the last 2 decades, Bob Leggett has been engaged in the music industry including supporting and exploring bands, and hosting live performances at Los Angeles venues. As a writer and music reviewer, he has likewise covered the alternative music scene. The blog helps to promote the indie arts by means of awards and reviews.

Neon Filler – This blog was founded by Dorian Rogers and Joe Lepper in the year 2009. It is also called the Indie & Alternative Music Website. Ever since it was established, Neon Filler has developed to include posts through a range of excellent contributors and Top 10 features on a regular basis. 

IndieNation – The IndieNation Community has developed as a major platform that highlights the world’s finest unknown talent. IndieNation has showcased more than 15,000 artists who have generated over 750,000 Blog Views in less than a year. This is a group of critical thinking and dreamers. Pursue this blog to get the most recent Indie music updates.

NoEsFm música indie – This is an autonomous Latin American indie music portal. The blog features the most recent news tips, previews, events, interviews, alternative artists, Spanish rock, and internet radio. NoEsFm música Indie aims to provide the music fans with album and concert evaluations, as well as a list of recently identified and fascinating musicians.

Indie Minded – This blog provides us with the most recent in entertainment, news, fashion, and music. Indie Minded is committed to delivering audiences with the most recent breaking news as well as videos right from the music world. They’re likewise an all-access pass to all the world’s indie artists.

A blog is a webpage created for sharing an individual’s opinion and to get comments on it. These days the blogging has become a popular profession as many of the individual’s earning through blogs. A blog is even useful for business people to promote their business online. Since a blog is updated regularly, we can always get fresh information through blogs. If a blog name is creative, it can fetch more readers to it.

Here are some unique Indie blog names for your interest in music

Punk Zone

Team Jazz

Pixel Play

Master Formation

Punk Zone

Magic Play

Club Rhythm

Game Dacapo

Magic Contest

Punk Jazz

Club Supertonic

Magic Contest

Master Campaign

Win Acoustic

Magic Notation

Master Campaign

Games Sostenuto

Story Frag

Genre Minim

Punk Multiplayer

Ned Forte

Jock Finals

Club Bass

Play Land

Game Match

Mark Bass

Team Clef

Master Tablature

Play Ornament

Genre Mark

Ned Presto

Story Modulation

Action Players

Magic Strike

Magic Theme

Magic Tempo

Hipster Range

Team Melody

Jock Play

Play Buff

Pixel Symphony

Win Note

Play Mezzo

Club Simile

Genre Caster

Punk Tally

Club Mp3

Master Game

Genre Records

Andy Loud

Win Melodic


Indie is a short form of Independent.  Indie music is an independent, unpolished music which is produced and distributed outside the major record labels. The major entertainment brands comprise almost a big part of the total Indie music production.

Top Indie Pages Names

The Indie music is opposite to the Indie pop music. Indie rock music is depending on electric musical instruments such as guitars and drums. Indie rock music is produced under smaller record labels rather than major record companies.

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