51+ Best Interview Puns and Funny Quotes

Business Communication Funny Puns 51+ Best Interview Puns and Funny Quotes

51+ Best Interview Puns and Funny Quotes

An interview is basically a structured discussion where questions are asked by one participant and the other provides answers are given by other participants. Send some hilarious and funny interview jokes with your closed one to share some good laughs with them. Given below is a collection of funny interview puns.

Interview Puns and Funny Quotes

  • _It has been a few years since my last interview for a job.

I’m starting to doubt they hired somebody else.

  • Yesterday, I had a job interview. The gentleman raised a question to me if I could accomplish it under burden.

I answered no, but, Bohemian Rapsody a go would be given by me.

  • Interviewer : How would you complete your work under a lot of work pressure?

I generally keep my team with me.

_Interviewer: How would this 5 year employment gap be explained by you in your resume?

Man: That is when I was at Yale.

_Interviewer: So, tell us about your last job?

Man: I used to hunt Aliens.

Interviewer: but there is no existence of Aliens.

Man: you are welcome.

_I was selected for a job interview at IKEA.

The interviewer told me to come in and be seated.

_Why was a ruler taken to a job interview by the blonde?

She expected to get a foot in the entrance.

_Before going on my job interview my pants were shat by me Which was weird because I forgot to eat them.

_Interviewer: Give a description about yourself in a few words.

Me: ‘Lazy’.

_Job interviewer: It is written in your resume that you are fast at calculation. Me: yes. Job interviewer: so what’s 12×56 Me : 96 Job interviewer: wrong. Me: Yes but it was fast.

_I was selected for a security guard job interview. I had to wait for 12 hours in the waiting area.Then I was hired by them.

_My interviewer asked me after a long week how are  your batteries normally recharged by you?

Certainly they didn’t expect “through high voltage nipple clamps” this answer.

_What was said by the gingerbread man at his job interview?

It is truly felt by me like I’m cut out for this job.

_The job of a job interviewer liked by them because

they retain a hire goal.

_Today the Interviewer didn’t hire me for the job of a Kamikaze pilot.

Perhaps asking for a pension was a mistake.

_Interviewer: It is written on your cv that you went to Stanford University

Me: Yes I went to see my companion.

_Today I had a job interview at EA Games.

Interviewer: The next portion of your cv is missing.

Me: You have to give 2000 bucks for the next portion.

_Interviewer asked me, where I want to see myself in 4 years?

I answered, in a reflector.

_Job Interview: Why do you assume that you would be a great server?

I take a lot to the table.

_Interviewer asked me what my background is?

My phone was shown by me with a picture of my pet moving for a walk.

_I told the interviewer that I always give my 100% effort. They didn’t hire me for the exam marker job.

_The interviewer told me to give a description of myself in three words. I said I am bad at obeying instructions.

_I was asked by the local cops to show up for an interview. I just don’t memorize when I applied for employment there.

_Why did the interviewer hire the scarecrow for the job?

Because the scarecrow was excellent in his field.

_Today I was selected for a job interview for laboring in a reflector factory. After visiting the factory I could truly see myself laboring in the reflector factory.

_Today I had a tough job consultation for a hamburger cafe. 

I was literally grilled by them.

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