36+ Best Celebration Invitation Messages for Colleagues

A Card expresses all the human emotions, joy, thanks, sympathy, humor, admiration and Love. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Party, Event or the annual holiday card, it is sure to bring a smile to your face. Sending personalized Different Occasional cards allows us a vast variety of sentiments. Check here Celebration Invitation Messages for Colleagues

In this day and age, we are more inclined towards money than the gist to live life like a party. In the quest to earn rather than enjoy more, the work life is slowly overtaking our valuable time to take care of ourselves. As a worker bee, you don’t always need the excuse of an occasion to have a great time with friends and families.

Similarly, you don’t need an important reason to invite your colleagues to your celebrations. Since we all spend more hours with our co workers than we do with our spouses and families, they become that special part of our life that we include them in our every celebration.

Below is a list of invitation wishes that you can use to invite your colleagues for any celebratory events-

_Friend, there will be cocktails and hors d’oeuvres served at the fundraising party on (date) organized by my wife’s company. So make sure to come by at (location) to support us.

_ I want you know that your absence would be greatly felt at my family event if you can’t make it on (Date). We will be expecting you and your spouse by (time).

_We love our bounce house as it makes us relive some of our childhood days. So we are throwing a bounce house party on (date). I hope to see you with your kid for a delightful play day.

_Dear (Name), my husband has very dearly organized a baseball game for our son’s birthday party and he requires a challenging opponent. Your absence on (date) would mean defeat to me.

_My dearest colleague, you are cordially invited to my sister’s wedding ceremony on [date]. Do come and bless the beloved couple at the (location & time).

_ I do believe in God as he has blessed me with a lovely colleague like you. So, please let me invite you to share my joy on my wife’s 36 birthday party.

_Hello mate, are you up for fun because I would like to cordially invite you for a fun filled evening at this year’s Diwali party on (date). We’ll be expecting you in the evening.

_Every occasion is meant to be celebrated with the people who bring joy in our life.  Hence please come along and join us at my housewarming party on (date).

_Our Company has accomplished successes that wouldn’t have been possible without you. Similarly, without my wife’s permission, this Hanukkah party to which you’re invited to wouldn’t be possible. 

_Hello dear colleague, I know how much you like Easter so it is only appropriate that I invite you to our Easter Party held at our home. Do remember to bring the fun side of yours.

_The scariest thing about Halloween is that on this day my wife, who cooks occasionally, gets to experiment with food. Friend, you are most welcome to try it out at our Halloween Party.

_We are bad with food quantities so there are leftovers of my wife’s classic glazed ham and my Four-Cheese Scalloped Potatoes. So you’re invited to another weekend party on (date).

_ Greetings my friend, It has been a while since our families have met each other. So you and the family are invited to attend the celebration of our God’s Divinity that we call Feast Day. 

_The business that I and my husband newly started two years ago is going really well. There is an anniversary party on (date) and wish to have you as our guests for the party.

_All work and no play make every one of us dull. So let me invite you for an evening of celebration with all of our dearest colleagues on the lounge bar this weekend. 

_Since it has been a long time since we had brunch together, I and my wife are planning to throw a weekend Brunch on the first week of May and your presence at the party is very much requested on (date). 

_Time seems to fly more when you see your child grow into an adult and graduate. So we are having a graduation party for him on (date) and you are invited to this celebration.

_ As we all know how much you enjoy scaring our colleagues on their surprise birthday party. So you’re invited to join us and organize a party on (date).  

_My best man is very much interested in organizing the grandest bachelor party for my friends and colleagues. Hence we’ll be waiting for you on (date) in the evening at (location & time). 

_Summer makes the air feels fresh but we will be making the air feel crispier as our Barbeque party is very much happening on (date).  We’d be absolutely thrilled to see you there.

_We all were nervous on our first day just like you are today. So I and my colleagues thought of throwing you a welcome party after the office hours. See you then.

_It’s time to beat this summer together, buddy because me and my wife were hoping that you would visit us on our beach house on (date) where there is a little party with cocktails and shrimps.

_Dear (name), do you know that I and my wife still believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa and of course love. So please join us for a night when we celebrate everything magical.

_ I have talked to the boss and he has allowed us to have a great cocktail party for our achievement. Without further adieu, come to the party on (date) for a well deserved celebration.

_The festive season is upon us already, so you and your spouse are cordially invited to attend our Eid celebrations on (date) evening, organized at our place. 

_Our son is going to be baptized and we want you by our side to bless and welcome him into the family of Christ. Your presence at the baptism would mean a lot to us.

_We know gambling is addictive so we are just going to play for the fun at the casino party organized by my husband obviously. So do come and enjoy a fun filled evening at our place on (date).

_The boss has insisted me to organize a little award show for all of our colleagues and I would like to invite your presence at the event. You never know you could win the ‘best employee’ award.

_Birthdays are an enjoyable day for the kids whereas the parents have trouble finding the gifts and organize the party. I would like to request you to come and help us early on (Date).

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