78+ Best Irish Sayings About Friends

Psychology Sayings and Quotes 78+ Best Irish Sayings About Friends

78+ Best Irish Sayings About Friends

We all know the Irish for their many sayings, blessings, and proverbs. The Irish have a great respect for friendship. They are also responsible for passing this quality from one generation to another. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned several of the most intriguing Irish Sayings about friends, which should fascinate you.

Here are Best Irish Sayings About Friends

  • The eye of your buddy can act as a good mirror.
  • You can see yourself through the eyes of your friend.
  • The eyes of your friend are going to reflect your emotions in the best possible manner.
  • You cannot call an Irishman to be intoxicated till he is capable of holding one single blade of grass without falling on the ground.
  • As long as an Irishman has the ability to hold one single blade of grass without falling to the ground you cannot call him drunk by any means.
  • One is really fortunate to be an Irish. There is no doubt about that.
  • You are an Irish. You are extremely lucky.

_You won’t come across any beer in the heaven; for this reason, we drink beer here on earth.

_No beer is available in the heaven. As a result we drink beer here on earth.

_In case you have any intention of marrying a mountain, it will be best to tie the knot with a mountain girl.

_Marrying a mountain girl happens to be the best way to marry the entire mountain.

_May your enemies’ enemies derive good health from the Almighty.

_I pray to God to provide good health to your foes’ foes.

_May the blessings of God offer good health to your foes’ foes.

_May the eyes of your enemies be blinded by the dust of the carriage of yours.

_May the foes of Ireland be deprived of consuming bread or whiskey, and may they be afflicted with itching that they cannot scratch.

_Let the enemies of Ireland be deprived of bread and alcohol and let them suffer from itching which they will not be able to scratch.

_May the Lord protect you forever without holding you too tight in his fist.

_May you be protected by God against all odds in life. May you overcome all adversities easily as well as effortlessly.

_God is your savior. Worship him forever.

_May you live for a thousand years, but don’t want anything during that time. 

_Although you might live for many years, make it a point not to ask for anything during that time.

_May you be able to reach the doors of heaven at least one hour before the devil comes to know of your demise.

_We all prey for a long and happy life. We all want to die quickly and easily. We all want to marry a pretty and honest girl. We all desire for a cold pint and one more after that.

_Although our life ought to be a long and happy one, it will be best to die quickly and easily. Plus the girl we should marry ought to be pretty as well as honest. 

_All men happen to be sociable until his garden is invaded by cows.

_A man might be sociable, but the moment cows enter his garden he suffers from rage.

_May you be respected by your neighbors, be safeguarded by the angels, and also accepted by Heaven.

_I pray to God that you are protected by the angels, revered by your immediate neighbors, and accepted by the Almighty.

_In case there is love you can effortlessly halve the potato.

_It does not matter how tall your father is, you need to grow on your own. 

_You need to develop on your own even though your dad might be quite tall.

_Man is the builder of his own fate.

_I pray to God that you live for 100 years with one additional year for repentance.

_Live for 100 years and repent for one additional year.

_May the ceiling never collapse on your heads. 

_Make it a point to spend cash as if tomorrow does not exist. 

_Refrain from spending money tonight as though you are totally bankrupt.

_Any man is going to adore his wife the most, but his mother the longest.

_In case you forget your debt, it does not imply that you have already paid it.

_The 2 best cures happen to be a proper laugh as well as a long slumber.

_Laugh heartily and sleep for a long time and this will help you to cure all your ailments effectively.

_A proper night’s slumber and a long laugh are the two things that will make you feel good.

_A big fire that has the ability to burn things is more spiteful than a small one which provides warmth and comfort. 

_A small fire that is offering comfort and warmth is much better as compared to a big one that can result in burns.

_Do not expect your obituary to make publicity for yourself.

_Your obituary is something that won’t help to publicize you effectively.

_Never be scared to become old; this privilege is denied to many people. 

_It is a privilege to become old and don’t be resentful of it.

_In case you have already tied your haystacks, you should not be scared of the wind.

_Even though you might wish the most, it might be the fact that you will end up getting it the least.

_Let the luck of the Irishman be with you irrespective of where you go and what you do. 

_Any person who happens to be lucky in the morning will be the same in the afternoon as well.

_If you are fortunate in the morning, you will be so in the evening as well.

_Men are similar to bagpipes – they are not going to make any noise till they become full.

_You can compare men to the bagpipes who won’t be making any sound until they become full. 

_May misfortune only follow you but never get hold of you. 

_In case the fiddle is older, the tune is going to be sweeter. 

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