251+ Catchy Jewelry Brand Name Ideas

To establish a successful jewelry brand, one must think of an appropriate brand name for his brand name. There is tough competition in the market nowadays among contemporary brands to provide a proper brand name to their brand so that it can attract a large number of customers towards their products.

This article is totally about some awesome and mind-blowing ideas to select a perfect name for your brand.

What to keep in mind while choosing a name for a jewelry brand?

  • The name must be unique and uncomplicated for the consumers
  • The names must be able to bear the original meaning of the brand
  • The names must have a reflection of the details of the product
  • The names must have a very simple and easy kind of spelling

The importance of name for a jewelry brand

Must be easy to search

Go for names that are very much easy and convenient for all kinds of customers to find out by searching over the web. Easy availability can win over the hearts of a lot of customers

Must be driving

Choose names that would be inspiring and motivating for both buyers and sellers. Those kinds of names can refill the zeal to set up a prosperous business and can connect properly to the hearts and minds of the customers

Must be able to able to fetch the real purpose of the business

Select those kinds of names that would be able to bear the actual meaning of the brand. These names help in raising the brand value and grab the attention of all categories and all ranges of customers.

Tips to choose the best names for your jewelry brands

Go for simple spellings

Choose names bearing simple and easy spellings that are also easy to pronounce. Brand names with difficult spellings can repel a lot of customers and can create a negative image of the brand in the hearts of the customers.

example- Golden glow

Provide a clue to customers

Maintain a kind of transparency in the names that would provide a feeling of authenticity in the minds and hearts of the consumers

Example- Trinkets

Avoid copying from elsewhere

Never try plagiarism that will create a negative feeling within the hearts of the customers and deviate them from the brand

Example-  Regalia

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your jewelry brand

One must have a lot of patience and endurance while looking for a perfect name for your jewelry brand. Here are some dashing tricks to get an astonishing name for the brand.

Apply Metaphors

Metaphorical words are the best kind of brand names

Example- Crax Necklaces

Use Personifications

Personifying brand names give a new dimension to the brand

Example- a golden hug

Take the help of humor

Humorous brand names are always loved by all kind of customers

Example- Hilarious bijoux

Take  the help of abiotic things

Using abiotic things to define brand names is one of the classiest ideas

Example- Moon piece

Use misspellings

Intentionally misspelled words can be amazing in winning the hearts of the customers


Apply alliterations

Alliterations can be amusing as brand names

Example- Dancing diamonds

Apply rhyming words

Rhyming words can break the monotony of mundane brand names

Example- Fame Gem

Use the owner’s name

Using the owner’s name as the brand name sets a different kind of trust


Take the help of the hyphens

Hyphenated words can best describe the coolest kind of brand names

Example- Glitz-n-glam

Take the advantage of the noun

Nouns can be very much useful in completely describing a brand and can ensure the full faith of the customers.

Example- Bijouterie

Already existing jewelry brand names

  • Graff.
  • Cartier
  • Tiffany & co.
  • Harry Winston
  • Chopard
  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Buccellati
  • David Yurman
  • Boucheron
  • Bvlgari

Catchy Jewelry brand Names ideas

Royal Brooch 





Golden Gem

Finery Pearls 

Beyond of Pendent

Pretty Silver



Artistic Trinket

Urban Bangle 


Swanky Diamond

Cameo Style 



Magic Crown


Blue Diamond

White Glisten

Jewel Finery



Artik Rosary




Gold Beads

Auric Jewel 


Precious Pearl 

Rare Gold

Stern Emerald 


Mingled Stone



Weston Cristal 



Dazzle Forever 

Endless Anklet 


Beyond Happiness


Gaiety Ring


Jollity Beads


Fancy Gold


Glorious Bangle 

Wish Fantasy

Love Dover

Gold Furnace


Dazzle Gems

Dream Ornaments

Rare Royalties


Golden Soul 

Elegant Bracelet

Classic Design 


Luxurious Touch  

Opulent Stones 



Rich Remark 



Silver Piercing

Wedding Style 


Five Stone

Gold Treats

Rare Ruby 

Dusty Gold 

Divine Mine

Classiya Emerald


Angelic Petal

Diligent Cut

Preferred Gem

Gold Era

Pink Pearl 


Gold Wise

Star Jewel

Five Diva 

Stunning Work

Fresh Purple

Honey Gems

Gems for Her

Bright Wrist

Gems King

Handmade Love

Royal Desire 

Rare Forever 

Frequently asked questions

Can my brand name consist of the main jewelry item?

Yes, of course. Giving such kind of brand name would be the best opportunity to exhibit your collection.

Can my brand name consist of some kind of special motifs?

You can use the motifs you have tried for your jewelry making for better publicity.

Can my brand name be tiny and precise?

Yes, tiny yet unique and precise brand names are very much likable by all kinds of customers and are approved by all.

Can my brand name be broken down into two words or more?

Yes, of course. In fact, it will be rather better to break down your brand name into more than two words so that your brand name can have finer details and greater description.

one must never leave hopes and aspirations and become morose if he fails to get a proper brand name initially. He must try harder by following these steps carefully and he must reach his goal of getting a perfecting brand name for his brand.

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