22+ Actionable Jewelry Business Marketing ideas

We have discussed various marketing tips that can help your business to increase sales. You can select any of these strategies and devise the marketing plan of your own. Given list of marketing ideas are very effective which helps you to boost sales and engagement of Customer. Check Marketing Ideas for a Jewelry Business.

Marketing and sales Marketing Tips 22+ Actionable Jewelry Business Marketing ideas

22+ Actionable Jewelry Business Marketing ideas

In order to promote a jewelry business, you need to have sharp marketing techniques that will attract new customers to your store. Without creative offline and online marketing ideas, you cannot hope to survive in a competitive market.

How to promote your jewelry business

  • The people will be enlightened about your business when you put up posters, signboards or banners everywhere in plenty. Check that you have done this and ensure a step ahead towards promoting your business.
  • The business directories are one of the most important tools in promoting a business, irrespective of the domain to which the product belongs. Ensure that your company is enlisted in the business directories.
  • A unique name for your business will make the process of promoting your business less burdensome. Think of a name for your business soon and enjoyed being disburdened.
  • An amazing logo for your business is a mandatory thing. This will hasten up the promotion of your business as people will now get to distinguish your business from the rest.

Here are a few marketing ideas for a jewelry business which helps you to increase the awareness of your business and boost the sales of jewelry business.

-Create a Brand Identity

You need to create a brand identity of your jewelry store. Develop a Unique Selling Point (USP) to entice new customers to your store. Things that will represent the brand identity of your store are the business logo, name, website and customer service.


A website is an essential component of online marketing. Build a user-friendly and professional website to make your online presence strong. The website should feature all the important information related to your business. Upload clear photos of your products so that customers are able to view them online and also mention their prices.

Give a detailed description of each product so that potential customers are convinced with their quality. There should be a section in your website that is dedicated to receiving feedbacks and reviews from the customers.


It is not enough to own a website when it comes to marketing your business online. Your website should be registered with popular online search engines so that customers are able to trace it out when they go for online search with keywords that are related to your jewelry store. This is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

-Social Media

You cannot ignore the online marketing potential of social media. You will find most of your customers active in different social media websites. Interact with any client who shows interest in your products through social media.

Create a business page on social media websites and post promotional content in them like photos and videos of your products. Keep your customers informed about exciting deals and offers through your social media page.

Use hashtags in social media advertisements to make your business popular and draw traffic to your website. Hire consultants who can help you with marketing campaigns in social media.

-Discounts and Deals

Promote your business by offering discounts and daily deals. Offer exciting deals on occasions like Valentines Day when customers are likely to buy jewelry products to gift their loved ones. Provide gift coupons or cash vouchers to your loyal customers which they can redeem on their next purchase. You can offer discounts to customers who buy the products of a particular amount.

-Identify your target audience

Your marketing strategies will depend on your target audience. It becomes imperative for you to identify your target audience as the marketing strategies will vary from one customer to another. Knowing your target audience will help you to customize the advertisements and promotional offers.


Advertise your business in newspapers and magazines that are widely circulated in your locality. Also, advertise your jewelry store in TV commercials and radio. Place banners and billboards in and around your locality to create awareness about your jewelry business.

-Use a Vehicle to Promote Your Business

Use a vehicle like a truck or a car that is wrapped with banners to promote your business among the local people. Distribute pamphlets and fliers from the vehicle to passers-by. Hire a person who will announce special offers and new product launches from the vehicle.

-Offer excellent customer service

The best way to promote your business is to offer excellent customer service. Try to give your customers a unique experience when they visit your store. Greet every customer with a smile and advise them regarding the purchase of any product. Listen patiently to their demands queries and complaints.

Show them the best products that come within their budget. Outstanding customer service will also make your business trustworthy among clients. If customers are pleased with your services then they are likely to recommend your jewelry store to their friends, neighbors, and relatives.


Referrals or word of mouth advertising is a cost-effective offline marketing technique. Request your loyal customers to refer your jewelry business to their friends, family members, and relatives. Offer incentives like gifts, cash commission and discounted products to the referring clients for a successful referral. This can go a long way in getting new customers to your store.

-Endorse a Celebrity

Go for endorsements with a reputed celebrity. Ask them to wear jewelry products from your store when they attend public events. This will capture the attention of prospective clients and increase the credibility of your business to them. Your jewelry store will automatically get recognition if a well-known celebrity endorses your brand.


Post creative online content on jewelry products through blogging. Customers will get to know your knowledge and expertise on jewelry items when they go through your blog. Blogging helps in drawing traffic to your website. Answer most of the queries of your customers through blogging and educate them about new designs that are trending in the market.

-Reviews and feedbacks

Reviews and feedbacks are an important part of any business. It helps you to know the drawbacks of your products and improve their quality. Ask your customers to share their opinion on your products and services.

They can do so by writing reviews and feedbacks in your website and social media pages. Positive ratings and reviews will enhance the reputation of your business and help you to stand out in the market.

-Email marketing

Ask any customer who visits your store to share his/her email address with you. This will enable you to send customized and exclusive promotional offers to each one of them. You can also send monthly newsletters to your customers through email, it helps you to stay engaged with them.

-Send Appreciation Notes

Send appreciation notes to your customers that will make them feel special and valuable. Send handwritten thank you notes to the addresses of your loyal clients. It can help you to bring them back to your store and retain your loyal customer base.

-Sponsor Local Events

Sponsor events in your locality to engage with the local community. It will allow you to meet and interact with more people. Distribute your business cards and fliers in such events.

How to drive up the sales of your jewelry business

  • Using the social media platform in a witty manner to reach out to more people will be of great help in increasing the sales of your jewelry business.
  • Opting for putting up advertisements in the paid platforms for advertising such as newspapers and television channels will drive the sales up noticeably.
  • Setting the price of your products at a rate slightly lower than the one existing in the market will attract a major chunk of the buyers to buy from you at a lower price and thus the sales will increase.
  • You will see higher sales of your products when you offer sufficient discounts on your jewelry at regular intervals. Customers will be attracted to buying from you, resulting in increased sales.
  • The reviews from the previous clients happy with your products will make you trustworthy in the eyes of the new customers. Resultantly the sales will be driven up.

Here are Some Important FAQs about Jewelry Business to Start and Get More details

Who can start a Jewelry business?

Entrepreneurs entering this industry typically are passionate and value-added about metalwork and gemstones. Jewelry companies typically concentrate on the manufacture and selling of exclusive pieces of jewelry. We also resell properties or second-hand pieces. Some joysticks will also accept shipment items.

How to make your Jewelry business profitable?

The growth of your company is important for more money in jewelry. Metal prices are specified by market commodities and distributors are calculated by gemstone pricing. The jewelry store owners must therefore concentrate on expanding their business.

What skills and experiences are necessary for starting a Jewelry business?

Being a jeweler is a profession, and most entrepreneurs who are interested in this company have industry experience. This does not mean, however, that an outsider cannot start a joystick. We highly suggest skills in the metalwork, trading, cutting and study of gemstones and accounting.

What is the growth potential for a Jewelry business?

You may rent a small office or building out of a home or garage. Small joys are typically run by the owner and concentrate on customized gemstones and pieces. Large retailers may or cannot do several custom parts and mostly rely on the appeal of the mass market.

Jewellery selling is a very premium business. There is so much money to spend on product demonstration and visualization. Here is the infographic which gives you lucrative tips on the packaging, visualization etc. Read below for more

things to do for jewelry business

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