84+ Best Justice Quotes and Sayings

The term justice is derived from the Latin word “jus” that denotes law or right. According to many sociologists, philosophers, and scientists, justice is defined as the correct ordering of things and individuals.

Justice, in a nutshell, helps to hold a society together. The concept of balance lies behind the idea of justice – that individuals receive what is fair, appropriate, and right.

Probably we attach the connotations of “good” and “right” to make ourselves feel much better regarding our requirement of balancing the scales. In this article, we have mentioned several well-known justice quotes that should captivate you.

Justice Quotes and Sayings

  • Every great thing is simple, and we express many of them in just one word which can be justice, freedom, duty, honor, hope, or mercy.
  • The progress of the humans is neither inevitable nor automated. Every single step towards justice needs suffering, sacrifice, as well as struggle.
  • It is sanguine that ignorance along with power happens to be the worst enemy of justice at present.
  • Violence as a means of attaining racial justice is immoral as well as impractical. Countries have been able to win their independence quite frequently in battles. However, violence will not be able to bring perpetual peace despite short-term victories.
  • Observe justice along with good faith towards every nation and establish harmony plus peace with everybody.

_None will be able to provide you with freedom. None will be able to provide you with justice or equality or anything similar to that. In case you happen to be a man, then you should take it.

_It is a fact that peace is more vital as compared to justice and it was justice which was made for having peace.

_A proper person happens to be one who has been transformed as well as conformed into justice.

_No peace can exist without justice. No justice can exist without truth. And no truth will be there unless somebody tells you the truth.

_Justice happens to be the primary virtue of every civilized race at present. It helps to subdue any barbarous country while the weakest is aroused by injustice.

_A government intended for the people ought to depend on the morality, intelligence, justice, as well as the interest of the individuals for its success.

_Justice is actually related to order and law.

_Justice is not related to any vanquished nation and victor nation; however, it ought to be a moral standard which every individual of the world must agree to. 

_I always have made an attempt to make certain that my states happen to be phases of justice reasoning, and not of aspirations, actions, or emotions.

_When I was studying in the law school, I learned about equal rights as well as justice.

_A man will cease to exist once he does not want to stand up for the right thing. A man will cease to exist once he does not want to stand up for the sake of justice. A man will cease to exist once he does not want to take any stand for anything that is true.

_The aspiration of a livable and protected world lies with punctual nonconformists dedicated to peace, brotherhood, and justice.

_It has always been found by me that better results are borne by mercy as compared to stringent justice.

_Any private soldier has similar rights to justice as compared to a major-Gen.

_It will not be possible to attain social justice unless the huge numbers of people are filled with accountability for the welfare of one another.

_It will not be feasible to struggle for the quarter rights for the Blacks without the help of the whites. The reason for this is that fair play, equal rights, and justice are all similar to the air; we all possess it or nobody has it. This is the ultimate truth.

_Although injustice happens to be harsh, justice happens to be musical as well as sweet.

_A man, at his best, happens to be the best of all the animals; however, he is considered to be the worst when he is separated from justice and law.

_Justice given by love happens to be surrender and justice given by law happens to be a punishment.

_It is imperative for man to assert justice against perpetual injustice, and it is imperative for him to create happiness for protesting against grief.

_I ought to be capable of loving my nation and nevertheless love justice while doing so.

_Knowledge sans justice must be termed as cunning instead of wisdom.

_Justice implies to look after one’s own business and not to meddle with the concerns of other individuals.

_Let us move in a direction of a world for attaining justice and peace where all individuals will be able to figure out their fate.

_Every single religion tries to benefit the individuals along with the same fundamental message of the requirement for honesty and justice, compassion and love.

_It is imperative to make our system of criminal justice fairer and make our streets protected as well. Our country should be safer and our world should be more peaceful for the subsequent generation.

_I think that the justice of God is to make the wrongs correct.

_Sovereignty is nothing but organized robbery when justice is absent.

_Charity is not any alternative for withheld justice.

_Justice and peace happen to be the same thing.

_Although it is possible for force to protect in case of emergency, only fairness, justice, cooperation, and consideration will be able to eventually provide men with perpetual peace.

_Somebody might question how justice is greater as compared to all other virtues. Other virtues will satisfy the person who has them and justice is going to please others without providing satisfaction to the one who has it.

_Justice happens to be a short-term thing that ought to come to an end eventually; however, the conscience is not going to come to an end since it is eternal.

_Justice will not cause any injury to any man.

_Knowledge without justice can be termed as cunning instead of wisdom.

_Justice happens to be the constant purpose which provides every individual with his due.

_Although the separation can be made between justice and liberty, none of them happen to be safe according to me.

_One supreme law exists for all which happens to be the one governing all the laws. It is the law of justice, humanity, antiquity – the law of nations as well as nature.

_Free trade is actually based on justice and not utility.

_Every human law happens to be declaratory in the proper sense; they do not have any power over original justice.

_Revenge happens to be something which we perform because of passion; while crimes are actually avenged injuries are going to be revenged.

_Legal precedence along with political consistency is not as vital as justice out there.

_We should eventually comprehend that we are going to always emerge victorious by standing together. We are going to win when men, as well as women, stand together for the sake of justice. We are going to win when white, Hispanic, and Black people stand together for the sake of justice.

_Justice happens to be particular righteousness of mind when an individual performs what he should be performing in any situation that confronts him.

_Moral science is going to be occupied much better while treating friendship instead of justice.

_The scale is turned by justice that helps us to learn something by means of suffering.

_When strength is combined with justice nothing is more powerful than them in this world.

_In case justice is not maintained by us, we will also be not maintained by justice.

_Apart from religion, our next target should be to promote justice.

_Justice is going to overtake any fabricator of false things as well as fake witnesses.

_Imagination has the ability to create justice, happiness, and beauty which mean everything at present.

_It is imperative to bring power and justice together such that whatever happens to be powerful might be just.

_Truth and justice are extremely delicate points that cannot be touched accurately by our tools.

_Justice and law are not going to be the same at all times.

_All the social justice movements known by me have come out of individuals assembling in groups and talking about their personal life stories while figuring out that similar experiences have also been shared by other people.

_Martin Luther King sacrificed his life for providing justice and love to fellow individuals. He died while doing so.

_The link between law and justice is going to be a subject for analysis and speculation for a long time. However, it can be rightly asserted that law in a democratic society happens to be the form given by free men to justice.

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