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125+ Best Kentucky Derby Sayings and Quotes

The Kentucky Derby is held every year and it started from 1875. A plethora of red roses blanket the cold months every single year, and for this reason, the Derby is typically known as the “Run for the Roses”. Here, we have focused on several of the most intriguing Kentucky Derby sayings with the intention of commemorating this type of much-anticipated event. 

Here are Best Kentucky Derby Sayings and Quotes

  • Do you think that I am perfect?
  • What is your notion, am I good?
  • Am I good; what do you think?
  • Do you believe that I am good?
  • I think that I am good; what do you think about it?
  • May I ask your opinion regarding how good I am?
  • How can you define me? Good or bad?

_The game was played like that, interesting!

_This happens to be the manner in which the game is played.

_This is the right way to play this game?

_If you are thinking regarding the correct method to play this game, then follow me.

_I will depict you how to play this particular game.

_Beating a horse that is already dead.

_He threw the stuff and it exploded into bits and pieces.

_The bomb on being thrown burst into lots of bits as well as pieces.

_A horse which is dark

_It is imperative for all people to pursue a hobby.

_Hobbies need to be pursued by every person.

_A hobby will allow you to lead your life perfectly.

_There is no doubt about the fact that a healthy hobby makes an individual perfect.

_Have a healthy hobby and take pleasure in your life.

_Every parent ought to teach their children to pursue a healthy hobby.

_A good hobby will help you to spend your time perfectly.

_You will never feel bored in case you have a decent hobby.

_A healthy hobby helps to make a man perfect.

_All great men had at least some decent hobbies in their lives.

_Hands down.

_While I am in Kentucky, I am always lucky.

_Never curse any person for nothing.

_Do not curse anyone without any valid reason.

_Without a proper reason, do not curse anyone.

_Don’t think yourself great unless others say you so.

_Let others talk about your greatness and then only you be sure of it.

_Without reason, do not think yourself to be a great man.

_Do not be proud of yourself without any valid reason.

_Life is great!

_Life has never been better.

_Enjoy your life to the fullest.

_Don’t be bored with your life; enjoy it to the fullest.

_Let not sadness grip your life.

_Do not be sad in your life.

_Horse racing happens to be something that makes your life worth it.

_Horse racing will always make you feel good.

_I always love to win.

_Winning is something I can’t avoid.

_I aspire to stay a winner in my life.


_I allow you to keep the horse.

_Beginning from the very scratch.

_Commencing from the very scratch.

_Slow horses will contribute to making you rich. 

_Never expect to generate quick money from a slow horse.

_A slow horse will not let you generate a lot of cash.

_Talk to me about Derby.

_Do not talk to me about anything except Derby.

_I only want to hear about Derby from you.

_Although I am not a regular drinker of whiskey, it ought to be of top quality Kentucky Bourbon once I do.

_I might not drink whiskey on a regular basis, but when I do I must be of top-notch Kentucky Bourbon.

_Kentucky Bourbon happens to be my favorite whiskey that I like to drink from time to time. 

_Whenever I drink whiskey on occasions, I have an affinity for the top-notch Kentucky Bourbon.

_Make it a point to continue your derby while keeping calm.

_Try to be calm while continuing your derby.

_Although you might not be happy, you can be at least drunk.

_The color of my grass happens to be blue.

_The old Kentucky residence of mine is lit brightly by the morning sun.

_My main job here is to drink whiskey and also to kick ass.

_Kicking ass and consuming whiskey happens to be my primary job right here.

_Consuming whiskey and kicking ass is my main task right here.

_My main ambition is to derby after getting down.

_In case you are a happy person, then perhaps you happen to be in Kentucky.

Kentucky Derby Sayings And Quotes

_While you are in Kentucky, you will always be a happy person.

_Go on drinking by keeping calm.

_Continue drinking and try to remain strong.

_Drinking and keeping calm happens to be my hobby.

_Maintain silence while drinking your preferred brand of wine.

_A Kentucky girl is the cynosure of all eyes.

_A Kentucky girl happens to be everyone’s favorite.

_All people have an affinity for a Kentucky girl.

_It is difficult to take eyes off a Kentucky girl.

_A Kentucky girl will simply mesmerize you.

_You are sure to fall for a Kentucky girl.

_Pour Bourbon while staying calm.

_Do not utter any sound while pouring Bourbon.

_Pour Bourbon, but don’t make any sound.

_All Kentucky girls are comprised of ice as well as Bourbon.

_Bourbon and ice constitute a Kentucky girl.

_Try to be closer to Bourbon as compared to your friends. 

_Your Bourbon is more close to you as compared to your buddies.

_May each and every horse racing fan enjoy the Kentucky Derby Day along with great vigor.

_May the Kentucky Derby Day be enjoyed by every single horse racing fan with a lot of vitality.

_May the blessings of God fall on all the people that reside in Kentucky.

_May all the people that stay in Kentucky be blessed by God.

_Let the Almighty shower his blessings to all people that reside in Kentucky.

_Life can be compared to a horse race.

_Life is the biggest horse race.

_Never ever miss a Kentucky Derby race; it’s the best thing you can have in life apart from top quality Bourbon.

_A Kentucky Derby day is packed with extreme fun and spirit. Enjoy this to the maximum. 

_ A Kentucky Derby day will provide you with everything you want.

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