45+Best Knowledge Puns and Funny Quotes

Funny Puns 45+Best Knowledge Puns and Funny Quotes

45+Best Knowledge Puns and Funny Quotes

Knowledge is like a power. But we don’t get to joke around with our knowledge. Yet, there is no harm in making knowledge a bit funny. So, here we have gathered some of the best knowledge puns that will make you laugh more than anything else and its guaranteed.

Knowledge Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Rumours had it that the biologist and the physicist were in a relationship. There seemed to be no chemistry in their relationship.
  • Why did you throw the bottle of sodium chloride at me? That was actually a salt!
  • Do you know where do the bad lights go ultimately? They end up in a prism.

_There was a neutron who walked into a restaurant, ordered some Chinese food and then asked for the bill. But the restaurant did not charge him for it.

_I would have told you more jokes on chemistry but most of them argon.

_One day argon went into the restaurant but a sign board said that they do not allow the noble gases. Argon, seeing the sign board did not even react.

_I hit my lab partner accidentally with a human bone. But the scene was quite humerus.

_A polar bear shouted for help and said that he was dissolving in the water. But the black bear said that he was insoluble, so it was not possible. But clearly the black bear wouldn’t know since he wasn’t polar.

_When the photon was traveling to the airport and the security asked if he carried any luggage. The photon replied that he was only travelling light.

_I was walking through the street late at night and I found it completely desserted.

_One day past, present and future went to the Chinese restaurant. When they entered, the restaurant was full of tense.

_Always remember that between nominator and denominator, there exists a fine line.

_I will suggest you not to trust the atoms. They are really good at making things up.

_I was wondering how does lightning works. And then it somehow struck me.

_One of the student came late to the class. When asked he claimed to be in the washroom but I knew he was stalling.

_Kid who fail at art competitions, you need to give them a shoulder to crayon.

_I can tell you a joke about unemployment but I think it will not work.

_Being frank, Ben said he suffered from multiple personality disorder.

_After the hell out of the normal water is boiled, it becomes holy. 

_I heard that oxygen and potassium went on a date together. They said that everything was OK.

_If iron man and silver surfer teams up together, they would become alloys.

_If you are an optimist you will notice that the glass is half full and being a pessimist you would focus on the glass being half empty, so what about the chemist? Well, the chemist will see that the glass is filled with half water and half air.

_The teacher told me, if I cannot be a part of any solution then I’d rather not try to be a part of the precipitate as well.

_Organic chemistry is really difficult. While studying it, I went through alkynes of problem.

_As soon as I heard that magnesium and oxygen married each other, I was like ‘OMG’.

_One of the tectonic plates bumped into the other and apologized saying that the fault was his.

_The girlfriend was carried to the quarry by her geologist boyfriend. He did so to become boulder. 

_What would you say to the chemist who is of no use? You tell him, ‘Neither can you helium nor curium, so you must try to barium at least’.

_My mother thought my little sister was marbellous at art.

_His girlfriend left him because he was taking her for granite every time.

_If you want to achieve the position of number 1 then you must be odd.

_Mathematics teachers are always full of problems.

_Bison, I shall take your leave now!

_My sister cannot wait to ketchup with her school friends after the vacation.

_The chemistry class is scheduled at early morning. It hardly gets me to react.

_Lettuce celebrate your birthday at the best restaurant in this city. 

_Donut try to get out of your bed.

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