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125+ Knowledge Quotes by World Famous Personalities 

One can define knowledge as a comprehension of or information regarding any subject which you get by study or experience.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 80 knowledge quotes which should motivate you to turn into a knowledgeable individual who will be taking action.

Knowledge Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • The best interest can be paid by investing in knowledge. – Benjamin Franklin
  • While some individuals are known to drink from knowledge, others simply gargle – Robert Anthony
  • The term true knowledge defines the difference between what you actually know and what is not known to you. – Confucius
  • Knowledge happens to be power. – Francis Bacon
  • Experience happens to be the sole source of knowledge. – Albert Einstein
  • Genuine knowledge exists in the knowledge that you are not aware of anything. – Socrates

_Knowledge will not be of any value unless it is put into practice. – Anton Chekhov

_The commencement of knowledge can be defined as the invention of something which we are not able to comprehend. – Frank Herbert

_Knowledge will provide you with character, power, and respect. – Bruce Lee

_Imagination happens to be the genuine symbol of intelligence in the long run and it is not knowledge whatsoever. – Albert Einstein

_The illusion of knowledge happens to be the most significant enemy of advancement at present. – John Young

_It will be of no use to make an attempt to prevent knowledge from advancing forward. – Enrico Fermi

_Knowledge happens to be the treasure of every sensible and wise man. – William Penn

_At present knowledge is power which relates any accessibility to advancement and opportunity. – Peter Drucker

_The dignity of the mind is to remind by the quality of knowledge and not the quantity. – William Ellery Channing

_To be aware that you do not know the facts is a significant step to obtaining knowledge. – Benjamin Disraeli

_Anything that provides us with an innovative knowledge provides us with a chance to become more pragmatic. – Herbert A. Simon

_The real motive of education happens to be knowledge, and not all values or facts. – William S. Burroughs

_The most significant advice received by me was the fact that knowledge happens to be power and we should keep on reading. – David Bailey

_It is important to study so as to obtain knowledge; however, it is essential to observe in case one likes to obtain wisdom. – Marilyn vos Savant

_Knowledge is always better than the Lawrence. – Enrico Fermi

_The thing that separates us in total darkness happens to be wisdom and knowledge. – Janet Jackson

_Wisdom lingers while knowledge comes. – Alfred Lord Tennyson

_While the past happens to be the origin of knowledge, the upcoming days happen to be a source of our hopes. – Stephen Ambrose

_The desire for acquiring knowledge happens to be wonder. – Thomas Aquinas

_Do not cease to learn; knowledge will be doubling every 12 months or so. – Anthony J. D’Angelo

_Knowledge is derived from wonder instead of doubt. – Abraham Joshua Heschel

_While knowledge will be speaking, wisdom will be listening. – Jimi Hendrix

_While science provides us with knowledge, philosophy can only provide us with wisdom. – Will Durant

_Knowledge happens to be love, vision, and light. – Helen Keller

_Every single bit of our knowledge is originated from our perceptions. – Leonardo da Vinci

_Knowledge cannot be considered to be a skill. – Shinichi Suzuki

_While wisdom can be considered to be organized life, science happens to be organized knowledge. – Immanuel Kant

_Genuine knowledge will be to understand the extent of the ignorance of one person. –  Confucius

_Individuals having knowledge will not be able to predict. Individuals who are able to predict not have the knowledge. – Lao Tzu

_Our ignorance is going to unfold while our knowledge is going to increase. – John F. Kennedy

_The most significant aim of education happens to be action and not knowledge. – Herbert Spencer

_While knowledge happens to be the power, education signifies the advancement of every society and family. – Kofi Annan

_Only divine love is able to best do the secrets of knowledge. – Arthur Rimbaud

_Ignorance happens to be bold and knowledge happens to be reserved. – Thucydides

_Any individual without any knowledge of their origin, culture and past history is similar to a tree without any root. – Marcus Garvey

_There will be no genuine knowledge where there happens to be shouting. – Leonardo da Vinci

_Knowledge is the mowing of the fact that it a tomato is actually a fruit. Wisdom will tell us not to put that the tomato in the salad. – Brian O’Driscoll

_The flow of human behavior happens to be from three main sources namely emotion, knowledge, and desire. – Plato

_In case you have got knowledge, allow the other individuals to illuminate their candles in it. – Margaret Fuller

_The main purpose of education happens to be the dissemination of truth as well as the progress of knowledge. – John F. Kennedy

_A lot of knowledge with be required for comprehending how much ignorant you are. – Thomas Sowell

_Knowledge is nothing but power and I will encourage you to become informed. – Matt Bevin

_Knowledge is similar to cash; the more one gets the more he desires. – Josh Billings

_Knowledge can be considered to be our mind’s life. – Abu Bakr

_The origin of knowledge happens to be perplexity. – Khalil Gibran

_The power of education can be considered to be one exclusive symptom of absolute knowledge. – Aristotle

_While faith is one half, knowledge is the other. – Novalis

_Knowledge can be considered to be the endless adventure when one is uncertain. – Jacob Bronowski

_Knowledge can be considered to be desire’s eye and it can also become the soul’s pilot. – Will Durant

_A knowledge of our ignorance happens to be the entry point to the temple of knowledge. – Benjamin Franklin

_Knowledge does not only rest on truth, but it also depends on error. – Carl Jung

_It is not possible to preserve liberty without any knowledge among the general people. – John Adams

_We happen to be here and that’s all. Apart from that, every human knowledge happens to be moonshine. – H. L. Mencken

_Even though science can be considered to be the origin of knowledge, ignorance is bred by opinion. – Hippocrates

_Faith can be considered to be knowledge inside our heart which evidence will not be able to reach. – Khalil Gibran

_A small amount of knowledge which acts is definitely worth more than a lot of knowledge which is idle. – Khalil Gibran

_Although it is said that a small amount of knowledge can prove to be a dangerous thing, it is much better than that of ignorance. – Terry Pratchett

knowledge quotes by famous people

_It is without any doubt that every single of our knowledge commences with experience. – Immanuel Kant

_Experiment can be considered to be the genuine process of knowledge. – William Blake

_A knowledgeable person should be able to love his enemies and also hate his buddies. – Friedrich Nietzsche

_Knowledge happens to be the genuine opinion. – Plato

_It was imperative to get rid of knowledge so as to make sufficient room for belief. – Immanuel Kant

_Action will be of no use without knowledge, and vice versa. – Abu Bakr

_One can consider science to be the knowledge of consequences in the long run. – Thomas Hobbes

_Knowledge happens to be the national desire of every sensible person. –  Leonardo da Vinci

_It is important for knowledge to be improved, increased, and challenged on a continual basis; otherwise, it is going to vanish. – Peter Drucker

_It will not be possible for the knowledge of every man to go past his experience. – John Locke

_Information cannot be considered to be knowledge. – Albert Einstein

_The starting of all knowledge happens to be a loving heart. – Thomas Carlyle

_Wonder is going to deepen with the increment of knowledge. – Charles Morgan

_The source of all knowledge happens to be the art of asking queries. – Thomas Berger

_The most precious thing on the planet will be new knowledge. We are going to become richer in case we need to work with more truth. – Kurt Vonnegut

_A proper life is going to be guided by proper knowledge and inspired by genuine love. – Bertrand Russell

_A comprehensive knowledge of the Bible happens to be much better than that of a college degree. – Theodore Roosevelt

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