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18+ Actionable Landscaping Business Marketing ideas

Landscaping is known to be one of the most thriving business opportunities and every year there are splurge of property owners who opt for such a service. However, it is a fact that the competition in the domain is huge and hence marketing of the business has to be done in a way that best attracts the attention of the customers.

How to promote your Landscape business?

  • Make sure to create a professional brand name and logo that represent its identity.
  • Participate in the events, fairs, gardening related shows, auctions or charity to showcase your brand.
  • Distribute business cards to build a long term connection with potential customers and dealers.
  • Place signs around town to get the attention of people.
  •  Make sure to list landscape business on web directories.
  • Connect with the local civic organization and offer free services to get more exposure.

In this article, we bring to you some of the top and most essential marketing ideas that will help you to market the landscape business in a better way.

Here are some best marketing ideas for Landscaping Business which helps you to get more Customers and increase the awareness of the Business.

-Recognition for your business

You might be doing some of the great landscaping works in an area but unless people are aware of your business name, it is of no use!

Proper exposure and eminence of the business has to be brought for the landscaping company. To be able to do this, you need to make sure that the landscaping business has a proper logo.

Hire a professional designer who can help you make the logo and it is imperative that the logo is attractive and appealing to the human eye. Such a logo will help people to recognise the work done by your landscaping business.

-Start off the marketing campaign early

Generally it is seen that landscaping work starts off in full swing from the spring season. If you plan to market the businesses then do it before the season starts or else you will be left behind the sea of businesses that cater to the same domain.

If you wave off the marketing campaign lately then people won’t be able to know about your business and by the time they come to know, they might already book others for the same work.

-Invest in online review sites

If you think that people only check review sites after they have checked out the entire business then you are probably wrong.

A review site can bring in brand new customers to the business and make you earn extensive profits. Reputation management measures are to be taken up so that the reviews on these sites are well managed and hence the reputation of the company is kept better in the internet.

Yelp, Google and Houzz are the ones that you can use for improving reviews and raking in more clients.

-Get a professional website

Hire a web designer who can help you make a professional website for the landscaping business. Such a website will further make sure that you get a lot of clients form online as they surf the internet for landscaping services.

Having a professional looking website will further add positive attribute to the business. Testimonials from customers can be added to the website which will further entice the customers into taking the service form you.

You need to add details about the business in the website so that the prospective customers can get in touch with you when in need of the service. Also, you can provide free quotes to the customer for gaining their trust.

-Register your business on listing sites

Your business needs to be listed on listing websites because people these days tend to search these websites whenever they need any service.

You chances of being hired by the customers enhances manifolds when you opt for such listing websites. Keep updating your projects with relevant on-site images so that people can know about the type of work you do. Such supportive images will make it easier for people to trust on your offerings.

-Event participation

Check around your area for such events which deal with landscaping so that you can utilise the chance for brand building. You will have a greater opportunity to connect with the customers and showcase your work at such events.

You can also have interaction event so as to solve the query of people who want landscaping services.

-Social media presence

You need to have a social media presence for your landscaping business. Create a page on facebook which will be used to connect with the customers. Those interested in the business can follow the page and stay updated with the informative posts of the landscaping industry.

You can also use the page to convey offer posts to the customers so that they can get back to you for the service. Also, reputation of the company will be enhanced with positive reviews on facebook.

-Direct email

You can use direct emails to communicate with the customers. With properly written mailer content you can lure in the customers to take an action.

You can ask them to visit the store for further services and to avail the various offers that are ongoing in the business. You can also extend loyalty mailers to the customers to enhance your relationship with them and have a proper customer base in hand.


You can hire SEO experts who can do digital marketing for the business. They can target keywords in the blogs section of your websites so as to get a better rank of the website on various search engines such as Google and Bing.

As the world is increasingly going online, digital marketing is compulsory for the landscaping business and it will help you to get many leads that will lead to sales.

The SEO will also be responsible for regular updates of the websites and Meta descriptions so that people can be well communicated with.

-Connect with builders

When a new construction in the area takes place, it is obvious that landscaping will be needed and hence you can get in touch with the local builders so that they can connect with you for such services.

It will be a regular source of projects for the business and you can also give them clients if your other customers are in need of building services.

-Ask for referral

When you are done serving one of the clients and it is seen that he/she is happy with the kind of service they received, ask them to refer the business to other people.

Such referrals work to a great degree as people gain trust due to the fact that you are being referred by someone who is happy with the service. An unhappy customer won’t ever refer you and hence make sure you always maintain a quality of the work.

How to Increase sales of your Landscape business?

  • Provide discount offers to increase sales volume.
  • Local newspaper and radio advertisement can be the best idea to spread the message on a regional level.
  • Share your business stories on the social media pages and announce promotional offers through Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Promote business on social media with the help of a video marketing tool.
  • Ask your happy customers to write positive reviews about the services.
  • Hand out promotional items, e.g. seed packets, garden kneeling pads, and garden gloves to potential clients to contact you in the future.

here are some important faqs about Landscaping Company to get more detail and grow business

1. Who is the target market for a Landscaping business?

Long-term customers who are willing to sign up for ongoing automatic payments are the best. These clients help you to prepare your budget well in advance. Local enterprises can also be outstanding customers, because they are usually prepared to pay for their services more than residential clients and are more likely to request regular service.

Excellent clients such as hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, and schools are large enterprises with many lawns. Many, however, have their own lawn maintenance crews, which can be difficult because the company is highly competitive to reach a big contract like this.

2. How to make your Landscaping business a profitable one?

Landscaping, on a small scale, is not a highly profitable business.  The low entry costs and the lack of technical skills required for the company make competition very intense. In comparison with regular jobs, the majority of small operators employed in this sector make a decent living.

Typical owners / operators work very hard on making $30,000 to $50,000 per year, working alone and productive. A business owner has to run more than a single crew in order to make more money and give existing customers additional services.

3.  How to keep the customers coming back to your Landscaping business?

Many new clients from your existing customers come through word of mouth and so be sure to do a great job that pleases your customers. Show up on time, always carefully clean up before you leave the job.  Do not leave a job partly done or poorly kept. Check in regularly with customers to see if they need anything else to do.

4. What are some skills and experience that will help you build a successful Landscaping business?

One way to make your own garden look amazing is for customer attraction. By practicing on your own landscape business you will be able to learn the skills needed to keep a landscape business in perfect condition.  All the knowledge is readily available on the Internet and can be auto-trained and created by anyone interested in this business.

Landscaping is the way to live with the greenery and nature. Its definitely give the premium looks to your Business. Many people are confused due to the cost of landscaping. Here is the infographic which gives you more detail to check your bidget. Read below

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