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16 Actionable Language school Marketing ideas

Language is the key to communication and when it comes to international students pursuing a degree in a foreign country, it becomes essential for them to learn the language. Not only students, even people with desire to learn new language so as to settle down in another country with a new job also tend to take help of such language schools.

How to promote your language Academy?

  • Build a fantastic logo and create a branded school name.
  • Create a website and update all required information like tests, courses, faculty etc.
  • Tie-up with other educational institutions to get more students.
  • Distribute business cards, visiting cards to partners, visitors or students to stay connected with them.
  • Conduct seminars, sessionals in school, colleagues to promote your business among them.
  • Sponsorship is the best way to make your brand accessible in the eyes of people.
  • Put a sign or a board carrying required information is required to attract visitors.

In this article, we bring to you some of the most effective marketing ideas for language schools that can help you enrol more students and make profits extensively! Read on to find out-

Here are some proven marketing ideas for Language school which helps you to get more customer and increase the awareness of your business.

-Finding a niche

When it comes to marketing the language school, it is essential that you clearly etch out the target audience and the niche amongst consumer who you shall offer your services. You can either target the school to foreign or local students for both national and vernacular languages.

On the flipside, you can also opt to select the niche to cater to only senior candidates or specifically to the kids as a part of their summer camps and such activities. These are some of the niches that can be taken up so as to clearly establish a target audience for the business.

-Personal recommendations

The most effective method for marketing such a language school is to get personal recommendation of your schools from existing students. The propaganda from their word of mouth is far more effective than any other means of marketing.

Ask them to share information about the school to others who are looking for relevant coaching in language. Also, if they can rate you highly to others and the quality of coaching then it is assured that people will be interested and seek for greater details and may even take admissions.

-Quality of teaching

Teachers are the foundation of the language school and hence it is to be ensured that the best of the lot are appointed in your school. Students primarily will seek for better teaching than anything else and this is why the quality is extremely essential for the school to be popular.

Make sure that you get the experienced teachers for the school as they are the ones who are trusted and also have reputation in the market. With experienced and eminent teachers, the brand of your school will also get popularity and exposure.


Do a thorough research of all the language schools that cater to the area. It will give you an idea of the pricing they have set for the candidates. You can then set a price with discounts and special offers so that more people come to you and once you get students, you can then raise the price for later admissions. Introductory offers are always a great way to lure in more people into the business.


For the business to gain eminence over the internet, it is important to have a website. You need to hire a web developer who can design an amazing website for the language school. A professional looking website is sure to allure in many customers and create a positive attribute for the language school.

Add images of the school as well as all the information such as fees and teaching staff so as to let the people know about the school. Also, add a blog section to the website which shall have informative blogs on linguistic studies.


Digital marketing is extremely essential for any business to create a mark in the domain. The concept of word of mouth has been subtly replaced with “click of the thumb” and this is why SEO is essential for your language school.

SEO experts will use various tactics to bring better rank of the language school website on various search engine pages. Also, the blogs section on the website can be used by the bloggers to write blogs on certain keywords that are selected by the SEO experts.

These keywords can be targeted to bring better ranks and rake in more traffic to the website. More traffic will directly mean more candidates opting for admissions in your language school.

-Associate with libraries

Libraries are a major source where people come for scrounging knowledge. If the pamphlets and leaflets of the language school is spread out in the libraries then those who come there for language studies can be directly roped in to join the school.

The candidates will be intrigues and hence get in touch with the school and it is expected that these leads will have a higher conversion rate due to their prevailing interest for the subject.

-Social media

Most of the people are active on the social media and hence it is a great place to connect with the prospective clients. You can have a page of the language school over facebook through which communication with the students is possible.

Regular posting will keep the audience engaged and also positive reviews in facebook will make the image of the language school better to the public.

-Web directories

When people want any service, they look up the internet and web directories come to play! You should make sure that your language school is enlisted in the various popular web directories so that when people search in those directories, your language school comes amidst the suggestions.

Such a measure is extremely essential and can effectively help you get many new candidates for the language school.

-Direct email

Though it is a traditional form of marketing, it can help you to maintain a cordial relationship with your existing and alumni candidate base.

You can mail them and inform about the various offers in the school and also about the language events conducted. Also, you can present them with referral offers in which they will be rewarded with discounts and cash prize if any of their referred candidates get admissions in the language school.

Create content that is catchy so that even skimmers can know what the email is about and take an expected action and rake in business for you!

How to drive sales to your language school?

  • Give a fantastic discount offer, group discounts, promotional deals to students for more admissions.
  • Advertise your language school business through local advertisement and radio.
  • Start a referral program, early-bird discount offer, test-based concession offer to win student’s attention. 
  • Put banners, hoardings, boards at the crossroad to attract visitors.
  • Distribute pamphlets, fliers at the community areas to grab people’s eyes.
  • Stay connected with students through social media accounts by updating them regularly.
  • Share video testimonials of loyal students and ask students to write feedback on website and social media pages.

Here are some Important FAQs about Language Academy to get more ideas

Is opening a Language school a good business idea?

Most of us don’t give a second thought to language when it comes to our mother tongue. Without language, however, nearly every aspect of life would break up as we know it. Teaching different languages allows other people exposure, through a different lens, to a totally new perspective on human life. Starting a language school will give you an exciting and lucrative career with today’s rising rate of globalization.

How does Language school business make money?

Any organization that teaches multiple languages makes money by teaching in one or more world languages. Students may take up a certain amount of classes at the moment or pay for one class at a time. Such revenue streams may include the selling of products such as books, CDs and DVDs for learning languages.

How much profit can a Language school business make?

How many instructors you have on your staff and how many lessons you will plan every week depends on your ability to produce revenue. When the prestige of your company increases, you should expect to dramatically increase earnings.

How to make your business more profitable?

Group lessons put more students into the classroom and require fewer than one-on-one. Two teachers lead the class to conquer the difficulty of managing many students at a time. A certain portion of a teaching team may also be delegated to the uppermost part of the market: physicians, specialists, military personnel and so on.

It will raise sales and diversify the customer base. Keep an assortment of language learning books , cds and tools to complement your in-class research for your students to buy. Online classes will almost unlimitedly extend your scope.

Skype, Google Hangouts and other web networks provide easy and secure ways of hosting Internet classes and the increasingly growing demand for online learning.

Nowadays, Business has no boundary. you can do business in any country without any hassle. English the language of business. the use of English is everywhere. so the demand for learning English growing at a new level. here is the infographic which guides you on the history of the English language. Read below

english language history

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