78+ Best LeBron James Quotes and Sayings

Psychology Sayings and Quotes 78+ Best LeBron James Quotes and Sayings

78+ Best LeBron James Quotes and Sayings

LeBron Raymone James is one of the best players of basketball.  Later, his coach, Frankie Walker helped James. Because of him, he was be able to focus on school and basketball.

LeBron James Quotes and Sayings

  • To win the entire game, not just one player but the whole team is needed.
  • With all my abilities and tools, I am going to make my life best.
  • Team is everything. I’m what I’m because of my team. My success and my team’s success is completely depend upon team’s collective efforts.
  • Failure is not a stop on your dreams, but, a way toward your success.
  • Unfinished business is my part. I believe that.
  • Acceptance of mistakes is necessary to be successful.
  • I love to be criticized. When you criticize by others, It means you’re stronger.
  • During my childhood, I won everything, every time.

_When I was in the field, I thought that this was the last day of my basketball game.

_People will defame you, judge you, break you but when you stay strong in that situation too, that’s what it makes you.

_When you hate me, I feel more stronger than before.

_Probably, I got motivation through pain.

_You will not get everything in free, you need to do hard work in life to earn something.

_When talent do not work, try hard work.

_I had given everything in game what I had. When I played in the field, I gave every single skill that I have.

_Commitment is in everything. Whether you’re a friend, teammate or inspiring personality, every role requires a huge commitment to be a good in that. So, ask yourself? Are you that much committed?

_When your team members respect you, you feel more comfortable than.

_I too joke with others, but I keep distractions away from myself.

_No matter on what position you are, you just need a determination to win.

_I never let my teammates down. I hate it.

_Whenever I was not able to give 100 percent, I do criticize myself.

_Warren Buffet once said,’ Always follow your gut, no matter what others say, never look back but go with your gut feelings.’

_Being a winner is the greatest success for me.

_The Greatest comes when you understand, how many efforts you put into what you do.

_It’s wonderful to be a part of Nike’s family.

_My overall goal is to win the championship and it will not happen until I’m going to win it.

_I’m no one or nothing before my stardom or anything that I could do.

_My loved ones or family never appreciate me. They always make me aware about my mistakes. That is why I’m able to get huge stardom and always stay humble before everyone.

_I got to know about my talent when I played sports for the first time.

_Sports helps me to stay away from drugs or being in a gang.

_God blessed me with a talent to do other things except basketball.

_I’m not going to do anything that make me out from the game or responsible me to get suspended from a game because for my team, I’m too much valuable.

_Even I could be good in Volleyball where I could be striker or whatever it is.

_I grew up fast because I was the only man in the house with my mom. That’s helped me in lot.

_I love to be a part of new opportunities.

_My mom and my friends says I’m special. But I didn’t understand why they say like this.

_I love to do comedy. I really enjoy the company of funny people, especially, movie stars because they could help me through it.

_I’m not a bookworm.

_I forget all my worries, mistakes or hurt, when I go back to home after the game, my son comes running to me. His smile helped me to grow as a man.

_Akron, Ohio is not just my home, but it’s my life.

_During my high school-days, I went through any battles.

_During childhood, we were stuck with financial crises in the family. In just one year, We needed to move 7 times. Sometimes, we moved in with friends or changed many apartments. My mom said, ‘Don’t be attached with anyone because we may need to move from here soon.’

_To make an improvement or help my teammates is my short term goal. My overall goal is to win NBA championship that’s all matters to me. I visualized it frequently.

_I always thought in the childhood about my father. I thought, why he left us alone?

Why isn’t he take care of us? Why is it happened to me? But, As I grew older, I thought, although, I don’t know what happened with my father but if he was there, would I accomplish what I have today?

_I went through lot of struggles in growing up in Akron.

_Apart from my fans and team, I love to showcase my talent to the World.

_When I played bad, I make me humble. It shows me that still, I need to work in lot and need to impress many.

_When we’re at our job, we want to get some enjoyment during work. But we must remember that It’s a job, we should know our duties.

_In the playing field, It doesn’t matter whether you like this game or not, all what matter is to play with a determination and take ever single effort that required to win.

_You get confidence from your team members. They make me confident, throughout the season.

it’s not about my height or weight. I’m not interested that people know about my identity. I’m what I’m, like a superhero. You can call me basketball man.

_My mom and I had rough time together, But, we’re always there with each other.

_If you’re a professional athlete, there are a lot of things said about you. But, I always do efforts to achieve my goals.

_I’m full of motivation.

_When I was in fourth grade, I skipped 82 days of school out of 160.

_When you do something in group, you may forget the next thing or work till extra two hours because it’s being a different fun working in a group.

_You have been always with a people who always ask something from you. To me, I have a foundation and supporting cast so It don’t affect much.

_When the best player becomes unselfish then a spirit transfers to other team players.

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