601+ Best Legal Blogs and Pages Names

Many experienced lawyers have created blogs to help citizens, law students, law organizations, etc. The retired lawyer, as well as a young lawyer, can create blogs for themselves and for others.

The Blog for Business Law –  Run by a team of lawyers based in Missouri, United States, this blog provides valuable information about a wide range of legal topics like intellectual property laws, real estate, and construction laws, human resources, environmental laws, etc.  It comes up with a new post every month.

Minick Law’s Legal Blog  – This blog is run by a lawyer based in Ashville, North Carolina, USA and hopes to address the frequent queries that people have regarding legal issues. The blog is a must-follow for those who want a general overview of legal issues and case studies. It publishes 5 posts a month.

The Fashion Law – This blog was founded by Julie Zebro in January 2014 and has since emerged to be one of the leading blogs about fashion law. It is a powerhouse of resources about the objectives and of fashion law and business. The blog has formed a community of lawyers, insiders of the fashion industry, and business executives. 

California Construction Law Blog –  This blog is run by Wendel Rosen, a lawyer based in Oakland, California, USA.  It serves as a useful source of information on the latest trends and developments on matters related to construction law. The blog puts up a new post every week.

North Carolina Criminal Law –  This blog is run by the law department of the University of North Carolina, School of Government. 

The blog is dedicated to providing information to the general public about North Carolina criminal law and also serves as a forum, through which followers can engage in active discussions about the legal practices of the state.

The Sheppard Mullin Labor & Employment Law Blog –  This blog is run by Sheppard Mullin, which is a global law firm with about 750 attorneys associated with their 15 offices spread across Europe, Asia, and the USA. The blog is devoted to keeping its followers up to date about the latest news in the industry, legal issues, and case studies.

The IP Law Blog –  This blog is one of the best blogs on Intellectual Property Law and is run by a team of lawyers based in Sacramento.  The purpose of this blog is to educate about the laws which protect one’s intangible assets. It serves as a platform through which people seek counsel in matters regarding copyright, trademark,  etc.

World of Legal and Cultural –  This blog is run by a legal team based in Padang, Sumatera Barat Indonesia, and shares a new post every month. The blog provides its readers with useful information about legal matters, keeping them updated with the latest legal news. In addition, it also regularly features articles about the culture and literature of Indonesia.

Global IP & Privacy Law – This blog is run by a team of lawyers based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. It is another leading source of information related to Intellectual Property and Privacy Laws. Most of the lawyers in this team are devoted to enlightening the readers on legal trends,  and developments that are taking place on a global scale.

Customs & International Trade Law Blog –  This blog is run by a lawyer based in Miami, Florida, USA, and provides its readers with valuable information regarding the latest trends and news related to international trade law and customs. The blog publishes 3 new posts every month and is widely followed by people all over the globe.

BC Injury Law and ICBC Claims Blog –  The man behind this blog is Erik Magraken, a British Columbia-based Canadian lawyer who is also a partner in a BC-based personal injury law firm called MacIsaac & Company. The blog is a prominent source of resources pertaining to personal injury and ICBC claims. It publishes a new post every week.

Acumen Law Corporation Blog –  This blog is run by Vancouver-based criminal lawyer Paul Doroshenko and his team of top IRP lawyers. The blog deals in matters like drunk driving laws, IRP DUI laws, etc. It posts a new article every week.

New York Personal Injury Law Blog –  This blog was founded in November 2006 by Erik Turkewitz, a New York City, USA based personal injury attorney, and publishes a new post every month. The blog provides its readers with in-depth insights on personal injury law related matters, medical malpractice, civil law, and more. 

Gravel2Gavel Construction Law Blog –  This legal blog is run by Construction Law Attorneys Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman and provides its readers with the latest news and analysis which covers a wide range of topics like legal affairs affecting the business and construction industry. It posts two times a week.

Security, Privacy, and The Law – This blog is run by a team of lawyers at Foley Hoag, a law firm that deals with privacy law-related cases. The blog serves as a platform to educate people on matters regarding information security and privacy laws. The blog was founded in October 2008 and has been posting once every week since then.   

A blog is a webpage where a user can share their opinion or hobby with people online and get comments from them.

Blogging has become a profession where millions earn through it. Blogs are useful for companies and businesses also as they can market their product and services through blogs. A blog name takes a major role in a blog.

Local Tax

Law Solution

Law Board

Power Vote

Lex Hive

Military Law

Sound Attorneys

Country Army

Legacy Stack

Public National

Term Law

Sound Lawyers

Leader Defense

Nation Vote

Citizen Leader

Lawyers Voice

Criminal Sound

Your Law Pro Dash

Funeral Vault

Poll Term

Judge Local

Legal Blog Names

Term Republic

Writ Office

Counsel Sound

One Stop Law Lync

President Term

Term Republic

Convention Vote

Counsel Lawyers

Power Treaty

Judicial Sound

Valid Attorneys

Rights Republic

Intellectual System

Local Legislative

Democracy Term

President People

Office Currency

Law In Use

Tax Assembly

Judicial Lawyers

Lex Avid

People Amend

Public Appoint

Union Debt

Signature Duty

Union Elector

Population Country

Debt Treasury

Nation Monarchy

There are laws in every country which bind the people of a community. Laws protect us from abuses from other people or organizations. Laws provide us with the general security we need to live in a community freely and peacefully.

If we have any issue with family, community, real estate, or work life, we need to lawyer to consult. A lawyer with great knowledge of legal things can help us to solve our problems. The lawyers must have knowledge in human behavior, economics, history, and law.

Trending Legal Blog Names

A lawyer with good experience can be useful to the client. Many times, we do not want to discuss the matter in the family with anyone or we feel insecure about anyone. This time, we can always get help from legal blogs where you can know what rights you have and how to go forward with it.

-Law Journal

-Legal Analysis

-Law Nerds

-For Law Sake


-Legal Beat

-Think Legal

-Big Law Blog

-The Greer Legal Blog

-Burning Bush

-Off The Record

-Torts & Verdicts

-It’s All About the Briefs

-The Jury Box

-Critic Verdict

-Law Checkpoint

-Future Lawyer

-Style in Practice

-Legal Juice

-Advice for You

-Rocket Lawyer

-Barefoot Lawyer

-Legal Pad

-Thicket Law Blog

-Legal Help Blog

-Be Wise Have Faith

-One Legal Square

-Talking Point

-Judge And Order

-Court Decision Now

-Model Law Bloggers

-Appellate Judgment

-Case And Cases Live


-Lawman’s Roundup

-Legal Trailblazer

-Lawyers Glamour

-Legal Biz Insider

-One More Choice

-Dude Legal

-Legally Fit

-Law Blog for You

-Smart Legal Tips

-Vessel Constitution

-Regulation Gentleman

-Ruling Coded

-Burgundy Constitution

-Legislation Gardens

-Constitution Valent

-Lawyer Teachers

-Court Helicopter

-Court Clones

-Regulation Awesome

-Lawyer Souter

-Regulation Suds

-Attorney Scheme

-Ruling Resist

-Lawyer Sister

-Lawyer Shelter

-Regulation Raider

-Ruling Swing

-Regulation Forgotten

-Ruling Prig

-Legal Mittens

-Legal Lister

-Legislation Salsa

-Niche Constitution

-Disc Lawyer

-Legal Invasion

-Attorney Ante

-Regulation Sensual

-Applause Law

-Glorious Legal

-Regulation Allens

-Lawyer Border

-Lawyers Striker

-Lawyers Wholesalers

-Legal Crimson

-Lawyer Flutter

-Attorney Purity

-Lawyer Visor

-Constitution Notification

-Court Clover

-Lawyers Stepper

-Easter Lawyers

-Lawyer Planners

-Regulation Markup

-Constitution Optimism

-Sapphire Regulation

-Constitution Cotton

-Regulation Principle

-Children Constitution

-Legislation Method

-Lawyer Logistic

-Lawyer Encounter

-Legal Lax

-Lawyer Sensors

-Regulation Visual

-Lawyers Headquarters

-Lawyers Perch

-Rugged Legal

-Roar Court

-Lawyer Woodpecker

-Ruling Bit

-Lawyers Chopper

-Strawberry Legislation

-Misers Lawyers

-Regulation Cotton

-Ruling Gin

-Regulation Manual

-Ruling Premiere

-Ruling Rags

-Attorney Gene

-Lawyers Gorillas

-Ruling Hills

-Legislation Oxen

-Lawyers Integer

-Punky Attorney

-Legislation Conversion

-Legal Carats

-Ravenous Legal

-Attorney Ease

-Brother Lawyer

-Lawyers Glimmer

-Attorney Belly

-Regulation Bug

-Legislation Quadrant

-Lawyer Singer

-Lawyers Slinger

-Legislation Bucks

-Court Method

-Lawyer Lovely

-Fun Legislation

-Ruling Beige

-Lawyers Little

-Regulation Locker

-Law Lace

-Ruling Reveal

-Lawyers Fitter

-Attorney Fiends

-Court Stalks

-Regulation Munch

-Lawyers Observer

-Lawyers Rover

-Constitution Fragrant

Legal Pages Names

-Regulation Stardust

-Lawyer Rocker

-Lawyer Slugger

-Lawyers Blaster

-Lawyers Hour

-Regulation Eden

-Constitution Avian

-Lawyers Cluster

-Year Lawyers

-Law Rapport

-Regulation Gum

-Ruling Sync

-Regulation Merchant

-Lawyers Anchor

-Chosen Court

-Regulation Captain

-Life Legislation

-Lawyers Vester

-Regulation Auction

-Pisa Lawyer

-Regulation General

-Leg Allie

-Legal Walrus

-Attorney Ant

-Lawyer Looms

-Law Jaunt

-Terra Constitution

-Legal Above

-Regulation Eon

-Lawyer Flavors

-Lawyer Panther

-Legal Viral

-Legislation Prima

-Lawyer Antlers

-Lawyers Swirl

-Constitution Audience

-Suicide Lawyer

-Legal Potent

-Levi Lawyer

-Ruling Wage

-Constitution Caregivers

-Legal Welcome

-Lawyers Lido

-Lawyer Creature

-Viper Lawyers

-Court Console

-Lawyer Lolly

-Constitution Gaza

-Lawyers Sucker

-Ruling Warning

-Lawyers Receiver

-Ruling Nymph

-Lawyers Waters

-Legislation Velvet

-Legal Prophet

-Sailors Legislation

-Affluence Legislation

-Ruling Mints

-Lawyer Shitter

-Lawyer Integer

-Constitution Simple

-Legal Mental

-Lawyer Controller

-Liter Lawyer

-Lawyers Seekers

-Legal Kernel

-Regulation Thimble

-Regulation Spigot

-Legislation Granite

-Regulation Proposition

-Lawyer Swirl

-Attorney Rickey

-Constitution Morsel

-Shaman Lawyers

-Mascara Lawyer

-Glens Legislation

-Ruling Lea Ming

-Stamina Legislation

-Lawyers Soldiers

-Magnum Lawyers

-Particle Legislation

-Court Carat

-Regulation Cattle

-Regulation Metropolis

-Regulation Momentum

-Court Analog

-Attorney Jetty

-Constitution Crumb

-Lawyer Congrats

-Promoters Constitution

-Regulation Blush

-Regulation Mascot


-Ruling Stepping

-Court Seating

-Legal Shia

-Court Cage

-Attorney Warranty

-Lawyer Stripper

-Regulation Plasma

-Smashes Court

-Lawyers Hawker

-Lawyers Gorge

-Lawyers Lettuce

-Valhalla Legislation

-Brandt Constitution

-Lawyer Splurge

-Attorney Reflective

-Regulation Walrus

-Regulation Sensation

-Regulation Journalism

-Legislation Sparkle

-Court Keeping

-Attorney Moxie

-Lawyers Lisle

-Courteous Legal

-Legislation Gaza

-Legal Valuation

-Blooming Ruling

-Lustrous Legal

-Regulation Packet

-Leg Alin Ear

-Lawyers Commander

-Legal Suss

-Legislation Llama

-Regulation Modest

-Setter Lawyers

-Bidder Lawyer

-Law Crawl

-Attorney Junkie

-Lawyer Dreamers

-Regulation Mittens

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