List of 151+ Short Bios for Instagram

Business CommunicationSocial Media BiosList of 151+ Short Bios for Instagram

List of 151+ Short Bios for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Posting something there is sure to attract the attention of an audience of all spheres. We have tried to create some interesting and short bios which you can use for posting at Instagram. These bios are non-specific to any particular business or profession. You are free to choose the ones that suit your requirement. 

list of Short Bios for Instagram

-As free as birds – freedom is my inspiration. #freedom

-Life is beautiful – want to enjoy it as much as I can. #lifeisbeautiful

-Love to be foodie – food is more like soul for me.

-Hardworking is the key to success-I try my best.

-Imagination is an art-adds wings in my dreams. #imagination

-Painting is passion-it enhances my creativity. #planting

-Love brings happiness-I feel wonderful.

-Life is full of excitement-love to handle new challenges. #newchallanges

-Friends are like medicine-sharing problems cure sadness. #friends

-Shinning like stars is my goal– I am trying to be established.

-Style is passion-I love to be stylish. #style

-Books are my friends-I spend maximum time with them. #booksarefriends

-Pets are true companions–I love them.

-Flowers are beautiful-I like to be gifted. #flowers

-Traveling is happiness-I like to visit new places. #travelling 

-Exploring new thing is adventure-I like adventure. #adventure

-Life is colorful- want to lead life happily.

-Earning money is happiness-without money we can’t survive. #money

-Smile is the best make up that a girl can wear-I am a simple girl with a smiling face.

-Second chance is necessary in life-it rectifies our mistakes. #secondchance

-Coffee is love-I am addicted. #coffee

-Relationships are valuable-It completes me.

-Worshiping is peace-I do believe in God. #worship

-Horror stories are interesting-I like to read them. #horrorstories

-Time is valuable-want to utilize every single moment successfully.

-My attitude reflects my personality.

-Life is never beautiful – you have to turn the reality into beauty.

-Nobody can make us happy until we make ourselves.

-Sleeping is better than gossiping- I love to sleep. #lovetosleep

-A group of friends are blessing-they are mind refresher for me.

-Music is love-it nourishes my soul. #music

-Beauty lies in heart-not in face. #beauty

-Ornaments don’t attract me-dresses do.

-Purity is the best friend of soul-It satisfies me.

-Love is not available for free – you have to earn it!

-Dancing is life-made it profession. #dancing

-Chocolates are love-I am crazy for it. #chocolates

-Photography is passion-love to click pictures.

-Uniqueness is attractive-grooming myself uniquely. #unique

-Walking on a sea beach is pleasure–it quenches the thirst of my soul.

-A rainy day is like gift-love to become showered under the rainfall.

-Wearing spectacles is style-it makes me prominent. #spectacles

-Guitar is love-it reflects my emotion. #guitar

-Hill station is love-it gifts me blissful mind.

-If cooking is an art–then I am an artist. #cooking

-Nature is our real friend-it nourishes us. #nature

-Being traditional is love-it makes me perfect.

-Mom is my world-her affection completes me. #mother

-Failure is necessary-it makes us successful. #failure

-I love competition -it helps me to perform well. #competition

-Mistakes are important too-it teaches me a lot.

-Honesty is the best policy-I hate lying. #honesty

-Simplicity is blissful!

-Creation is unique when your thoughts are unique.

-Comparison is good sometimes-it improves me. #comparison

-Having a good camera is good-I can click good pictures.

-Watching a good movie is love-it makes me feel nice. #goodmovie

-Solving puzzle is fun-I enjoy it in my off time.

-Books help to gain knowledge-I love studying. #books

-My life is full with my decisions-nobody can ruin me.

-Being different is my style-it makes me unique. #beingdifferent

-Singing is passion-I am fond of it.

-I am imperfectly perfect-don’t judge me! #judgemental

-Gardening is love-it gives me pleasure.

-My makeover is my pleasure– it’s not for impressing you.

-I make path myself-follow my own path. #followmypath

-I lead my life with my own rules-I listen to no one.

-I make friends and stay with them permanently. #permanent

-I don’t argue-I just avoid.

-I believe in commitment-it means let it be.

-Football is love-I enjoy playing. #football

-Welcome to my world-I will give you chance to bloom-if you respect it. #welcome

-No, it’s not dream-it’s my reality.

-Simplicity is the key of my happiness-I am happy with my own.

-My craziness is not everyone’s cup of tea. #tea

-From dawn to dusk I can be your companion-can guide you truly.

-Survived from ice cream addiction. #icecream

-I born to be real-not to be impressive.

-I can be the reason of your happiness. #happiness

-I am the girl you adore-you will admire me.

-I can make you feel loved. #feelloved

-You won’t feel bored to spend time with me-I am enough energetic to entertain you.

-I can show you the direction if you ask. 

-If you know me you will fall for me. #knowme

-My life is my choice-You have no right to interfere. #mylife

-I can be the raindrops only for you-You will be drenched.

-I can be your savior-if you abide me.

-I am beauty with brain-You will surely admire me. #beautyofbrain

-I don’t wake up every day to impress you-because I am already impressive.

-I can bring you the smell of rose- the essence of moon!

-I won’t impress you-my creativity will. #creativity

-One day you will regret after losing me.

-I can share chocolates with you–but you have to pay for it! #sharechocolate

-I won’t cry for you- my eye liner is too expensive. #eyeliner

-I am like a butterfly-pretty to see-hard to catch.

-I follow my heart-it usually takes me to airport.

-Don’t try to change me-because you can’t. #change

-I am not fat-I am chubby loaded with cuteness.

-I am as sweet as honey-as charming as bee. #sweet

-I can be a rainbow in your cloud.

-I am looking at the world through colored glasses. #world

-My life is better than my daydream.

-In day sunshine guides my path-in night it’s moonlight. #sunshine

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