List of 61+ Best Bereavement Sayings

Psychology Sayings and Quotes List of 61+ Best Bereavement Sayings

List of 61+ Best Bereavement Sayings

One feels awkward to write a condolence or sympathy card. This is definitely not easy at all.  When somebody loses someone, it can be hard to look for the right words for consoling them. We did some research after exploring the web and using our contacts and cards has come up with some ideas. Let us discuss a few sympathy card ideas and messages right from the simple one to the heartfelt wishes. 

Here are Best Bereavement Sayings

  • We are sorry for your loss
  • I am so sorry for this loss
  • I hope you are surrounded by love. Our thoughts are always there with you 
  • I am always there for you
  • With heartfelt condolences
  • We are sending comforting hugs as well as healing prayers. We are so sorry for your loss
  • With our deepest sympathy as you remember
  • Holding you in our thoughts as well as hoping that you are alright
  • It was indeed a  pleasure knowing Raj. He will be deeply missed
  • Our thoughts are always with you and your family members at the time of sorrow
  • Wishing you with peace as much as possible at the time of sorrow

_You are always there in our prayers as well as thoughts

_May you feel comfortable with those around you

_As you grieve, you must know that we all remember as well as honor Ashley

_Sending best wishes as well as hugs in this crucial time

_Rebecca will be in our hearts forever.

_Ashley will be there in our hearts and memories forever. Our thoughts are there with you during this crucial time

_I know that the card does not mean to do anything for you, but I want you to know that I am thinking of you at this time. I am deeply sorry for your loss

_I know that losing someone dear to us is heartbreaking but they live through us and give us all the strength we need. The time we spent with our dear and loved ones never makes them apart from us.

_Words cannot tell or describe the loss we are all feeling now.

_Death, as well as life, are complicated things. The feeling that death follows can be easy to navigate with our loved ones. 

_I am here for you and you can count on me, always.  

_Please accept my sympathy and condolence for your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family members at such a crucial time of sorrow.

_It is true that I cannot imagine how you feel, but I am going to be by you through every step that you take. 

_The process of life and death is super complex. The feeling that death follows can be easy to navigate with our loved ones. We are here with you and we will help you go through this difficult phase.

_Cannot believe she is no more. Praying that her soul rests in peace.

_I cannot imagine what you must be feeling, but I surely want to express my deepest condolences to you. Please let me know by any means I can help you.

_Hoping that the angles bring comfort, and provide you the courage to face this time and loving memory to hold in your hearts forever.

_I am standing with you, and I will never let you face this thunder alone. I am here for you if you need anything

_When death takes place in a family, it leaves behind an emptiness. It can be filled with our loved ones with time. Please do reach out if there is something that I can do it for you

_One of the storms we face in life is the passing of our dear ones. I am genuinely sorry for your loss, but I know you are strong enough to get through it

_We are truly sorry to hear the loss of Rebecca. The passing of a dear one is not at all-natural, but with the time you will surely heal all wounds

_May all your cherished memory give you comfort and peace during this difficult time.

_Roy was a great person and he gave us memories to cherish and remember him. I am lucky that I got to know him and cherish some memories with him

_I never met someone like him.

_Your sister was an angel.

_We are extremely sorry for this unwanted loss. Joel was a great person; he will live in our minds forever

_I am sorry to hear of the passing of your mother, and I will always remember her as a kind, generous and loving woman. 

_I cannot grasp the fact that Shaina is gone. I know she loved you and you were her favorite, surely you will miss her. 

_Your mother is proud of you. We will remember her as an inspiring character 

_Leon has touched our lives for the good. I am grateful that I had a chance to know him and become a part of his life. Yes, I will definitely miss him. 

_Your grandfather blessed so many people with his kindness and faith. His qualities made us honor and revere him. May he rest peacefully.

_I know you forever and I know how much Poppy means to you. He is a better place now and taking care of you. 

_Let us celebrate the life of John and how beautifully he spent each moment with us. 

_Anna was a sweet girl and had a beautiful life. I am lucky to know her.

_John was a gift for all of us. We will never forget him

_Remembering your grandpa and wishing you acceptance and comfort through this difficult time

_We are thinking of you as you are celebrating your grandmother’s remarkable life.

_I loved her with all my life and now I will miss her the most. 

_You were my best blessing. I will miss you, my sweet and loving son.

_I love you, and nothing can make me forget you. You will remain in my thoughts, forever, now. 

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