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Lottery Company Names: 800+ Catchy and Cool names

There are several factors to consider when deciding a name for your venture. One of the most crucial is the lottery company’s name.

The name is the first thing people notice, so it should be something that catches their attention. It should also be something simple to remember.

As a result, the titles of numerous lotteries are frequently smart and amusing. However, because there are several varieties of lotteries, it is critical to ensure that each type has a unique name. It is also critical to ensure that now the name doesn’t really cause misunderstanding. 

We’ve compiled a list of hundreds of creative name suggestions to assist you to come up with a catchy name for your lottery. So, without further hemming and hawing, let’s get started. 

Cool Lottery Company Names

Lotteries are a popular way for non-profit groups and enterprises to collect revenue. They have a long history of assisting charitable groups in raising donations for the community. Lotteries give a chance to stimulate community engagement in generating cash for a great cause.

Check out some cool raffle company names to get your unique juices going while planning your upcoming fundraising event.

Good for You Lottery


Castle Lottery

Bingo Bash

Raffle Maniacs Inc.

Just For You Lottery

The Ticket Sale

Remote Ticket

World of Lottery

Get Raffled

The Big Payout

Brilliant Sales

Book Worm Ticket

ABC Ticket Sales

Think Smart

Intellectual Ticket Sale

Raffle HQ

Shoot for the Lottery

Luxury Raffle


Rowdy Raffle Co

Super Raffle

Raffle Company

Attractive Assets Raffle

Raffle Time

Prodigy Ticket


Evergreen Home Ticket

Raffle Wizards

Raffle Plex

Hall of Lottery

Lucky Dollar

Raffle Mania

Boat Raffle

Raffle Ticket Man

Ticket Hunt

Handy Raffle Depot

Raffle Earth

Crypto Ticket

Cash for Chances

Marvelous Minds

Alive with Self

The Best Ticket

Ticket Pro

Quick Results

The Ticket Sale

Raffle University

Self Pup

Magical Raffle Kingdom

Lucky Lotto

Raffle Depot

Instant Raffle

Lucky Spot

Raffle King

Raffle Mansion

Ready! Set! Raffle

Thought Ticket

Raffle Fort

Ace Lottery

Raffle House

Ticket English

Razzle Dazzle

Take Me Over

Raffle World


Special Occasion Raffle

Study Hacks

Grand Jackpot Emporium

Ticket Works

Tech Ticket

Self Wizard

Elite Ticket

Golden Chance

Ticket’s Corner

Advancement Ticket

Basket Bonanza

Aardvark Ticket


Aces High Raffle

The Land of Lottery

Tots to Sale Ticket

The Ticket Agency

Stormy Lottery


The One Stop Shop of Ticket

Tut Oriel

Big Money Raffle

Easy Come, Easy Go Lottery

Sage Ticket

Basket Raffle 

Axle Raffle

Tut Arias

Smaller Raffle

Pick the Pot!

Self and Physics Guru’s

Cake Raffle

Ticket Scholars

The Happy Raffle

Live Ticket

Let’s Play Bingo

21st Century Ticket

Chance of A Lifetime!

Excel at Education

Big Little Lottery

Best Tickets Ticket

Vacuum Cleaner Raffle

Today’s Big Raffle Prize!

Spanish Ticket

The Shoe in The Box Raffle

Alpha Smart Ticket

Just Right Ticket

Bingo Bash Inc

Lottery for You

Smiths Charity Lottery

The Smart Ticket

Ticket Book

Able Ticket

Rainbow Raffle

Little Home Ticket

Famous Ticket Sales Incorporated

Ticket House

Tickethouse Ticket

Charity Lottery

Bitsy Lottery

Catchy Lottery Company Names

A memorable and catchy name is vital for every company. Whatever type of business you run, you are initially assessed by your name.

If the company name isn’t appealing enough, it won’t be noticed, and no one will take a second consideration. The name of a lottery business is critical to its success.

Royal Rendezvous

Lucky Money Tree

Ticket Group

Chess Ticket

Micro Lottery

Draw Your Luck

Education from Home, Inc.

Chance To Win

Ho Ho Ho It’s Time to Raffle!

Be A Winner

Physics Ticket

Raffle Chance

Just for Fun Lottery

Craft Shoppe Lottery

Winning Pockets

Hip Hop Raffle

Prize Finder

Sterling Lotto

Fortune Fund Lottery

Instantly Win!

Personal Ticket


Bakery Based Lottery

Honey Draw

Raffle Call

The Ticket List

Giveaway Factory

Guitar Ticket

The Giveaway

On Target Educators

The Ticket Solution

America’s Ticket Sale

One in a Million

Self Scholar Kids

Redneck Raffle

One-Stop Grand Prize Shop

Mr Happy

Lesson One

Big Prizes

Brilliant Ticket

Gold Rush

The Large Prize

Quick Loot

Danielle’s English Classroom

Ticket Around

Grand Prize Auctions

Ticket Lab


Numbers Please

Great British Raffle

Firefly Raffle

Aces High Raffle Co

Can’t Lose Chances

Ticket Online

Gift Raffle


Major Millions

Ticket Advantage

Deck Ticket

Raffle Favor

Lucky Charms

Party Raffle

Raffle Babes

Brianna’s Business of Ticket

Pick This!

Ticket Superstar

Deal or No Deal Raffle Co

Discover The Lottery

The Mystery Box Raffle 

Themed Raffle

Cocktail Raffle

Mega Raffle

Accelerated Ticket

Autumn Cash Raffle

No Loss Ticket

Saleed Ticket Sales

Name that Ticket

Lucky Numbers

Elite Ticket Sale Inc.

Raffle Chums

At-Home Ticket

One More Chance

Ticket Self

Vintage Retro Raffle

Ticket for Tots

All-star Ticket

Smart as Bricks Ticket

Mega Live Lottery

Nice N Easy Raffle

Contest Kings Raffle

X Raffle

Giveaway Depot

Ticket With Me

The Minds Maker

Home Education Station

Lottery Tickets King

Medical Ticket

Dive Raffle

Mr. Contest

Daily Fortune

The Good Ticket

Ticket Star

Prizewinners Raffle

On Target

Ticket House Ticket

Raffle Fish

Lucky Ticket

Easy Lottery Tickets

A Merry Raffle Christmas!

Open Ticket

House of Lotto

Money Tree

Ticket Sale

Win Money Now

Lucky Lottery Picks

The Classic Raffle

Bonanza Ballot

Win a Name

Better Ticket Anywhere

Go for the Jackpot!

Awesome Lottery Company Names

Every company need an awesome name, and in the world of lottery, this is especially true. We recognize that naming your lottery firm might be tough; it is not as simple as naming a regular corporation. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you’re at it.

Raffle Shoppe

Raffle for a Change

Raffle a Parcel

Luck for Life

Charleston Gift Mart

Bright Future Ticket Sale

Ticket Sale

The Raffle Jar

Business Dinner Raffle

Join Our Raffle

The Secret Box Inc

Code Ticket

The Coffee Lover’s Raffle

Nurturing Minds Ticket Sales

The Winning Ticket

Ticket Scout

The Ticket Professionals

Raffle Barn


Ticket Us

Smart Picks

Staff Ticket

Hello Ticket

Dedicated Instructors

Driving Ticket

Winners Choice

Raffle for Charity

The Lotto Ticket

The Last-Minute Holiday Raffle 

Stem Ticket

Piece of Cake Raffle

Cash for Charity

The Big Payout

Lil’ Raffle-A-Roo

I Want to Win! Ltd.

Ultimate Prize Giveaway

Megamillions Raffle

Holly Raffle Berries

Easy Lottery

Raffle Away

Save the World Raffle

The Raffle Store

Ace Ticket

Treasure Chesty Raffle

Fair Chance Lottery

Ticketching Success

Live and Learn Ticket

The Lucky Numbers Raffle

Lucky Dip Raffle

Learn & Grow!

Study Buddy

Super Stars Ticket Inc

Antique Raffle

Golden Ticket!

Bingo on The Go

Grand Prize Giveaway

A Chance to Win

Prize Wheel

Ace Science Ticket

Lucky 7s

Win and Win

Lottery for The Folks

Sylvan Education Sale

BBQ Raffle

This Years Big Jackpot!

Bordello Raffle

Awesome Chance to Win

Early Childhood Education

Jackpot Raffle Co

Gold Rush Raffle

My Lucky Day Raffle Tickets!

Live Ticket

Big Money, Big Raffle

Rock and Roll Raffle Co

Ladies Night in Raffle 

The Student Connection

Cut Above the Rest Lottery

Raffle Coupons for Products

Gourmet Furniture Giveaway

Easy on The Wallet

The Grandest Raffle Ever

Ticket At

Parking Place Lottery

Big Money Makers

High Five Raffle Co

Roll the Dice Raffle Co

Success Ticket

Winners Circle

My Lucky Day

Random Lottery

Suits of Jackpot

Millionaire Raffle

Royal Raffle 

Freebies Galore Raffle Contest

State Lottery

Deuces Down Lottery

Strike It Lucky Today Raffle!

Your Lucky Day at The Raffle Shop!

Lending Help with Self

Royal Raffle

Garth Brooks Raffle

Ticket Ticket

Live Ticket

Ticket Excellence Sale

House Raffle

Anytime Ticket

The Great Raffle

Mega Millions Jackpot

Top Ticket

Aztec Ticket Co. Ltd.

Big Bucks Raffle

Give It Away Raffle Co

Royal Choice Charities

On Point Ticket

Quran Ticket

Ticket Online

The Grand Prize Raffle Draw!

Ticket Plus

Right Brain Ticket Sale

We Ticket

The Lucky Charms Raffle

Raffle for Charity

Neighborhood Ticket

Latest Lottery Company Names

Lottery Company names are an important aspect of Lottery, and it will help your lottery to stand out and gain more attention. However, coming up with names might be difficult or time-consuming.

It will help you attract more individuals to join your list and compete in your contests if you have an easy-to-remember but memorable lottery company name.

Best Ticket Sales

Gift Perspective

Personalized Ticket

Elite Ticket

Sweepstake Spectra

Drawing Doctor

Trench Tickets

Stylist Lottery

Piano Ticket

Prize Divinity

Tickets Tradition

Clever Mind Education Solutions

Lottery Summary

True Understanding Ticket Sale

Flicks Gift

Raise Drawing

Frisk Drawing

Drawing Dieting

Shark Tank Ticket

Music Ticket

Ticket ship

Foundry Lottery

Raffle IQ

Hickory Lottery

Giveaway Plains

Homework Haven

Baker Street Ticket

Smart Ticket

Sweepstakes Reindeer

Sweepstake Sobriety

Sweepstakes Smug

Andre Ticket

Big Ben Ticket Sales

Drawing Dove

Crumb Ticket

Smart Mouth Ticket Sale

Self Smasher

Accelerate Ticket

Tickets Residence

Prizes Galore

Remote Ticket

Fica Lottery

Glen Giveaway

Cyber Ticket

Self on a Budget

Drawing King

Henna Prizes

Lake Sweepstakes

Sweepstake Siam

Study Buddy Ticket

Big Ben Ticket Sales

Brilliant Ticket

Champion Ticket, Inc.

Prizes Party

Lottery Lovely

Sweepstake Sages

Fraternity Potluck

Progress Drawing

Fringe Gift

Ticket Club

Tuff Lottery

Lottery Emile

Caring Ticket Girl

Draw Walks

Tickets Parents

Bright Minds Ticket

String Drawing

Fast Track Education Coaching

Med Ticket

Above Average Ticket Sales

Tickets Acumen

Diva Lotto

Lottery Leash

Giveaway Separate

Homework Hopper

Tickets Tendency

Giveaway May

Prizes Beams

Torch Draw

Ticket You

Grease Gift

Tickets Once

Home Ticket

Pakistan Sweepstakes

Drawing Think

Properties Potluck

Lottery Locale

Tickets Consultant

Cram Class Ticket

Luster Lottery

Sweepstake Sweet

Sweepstake Status

Prizes Certifications

Sweepstakes Beige

Ticket Strapper

Ticket Regatta

Buckle Up

Sweepstakes Sunlight

Anger Ticket

Ticket Suva

Splits Drawing

Tickets Trail

Ticket Finder

Remote Ticket

French Ticket

Breaking Drawing

Scope Sweepstakes

Ticket Cult

Sweepstakes Stocks

Lottery Sandy

Secondary Ticket Sale

Back Ticket Inc.

Gut Gift

Bush Prize

Brim Drawing

Drawing Detective

Tickets Bubble

Drawing Galactic

Potluck Graduate

Tip Drawing

Ticket Visible

Gift Dumpling

Jackpot Gent

Sweepstakes Stimulation

Dope Drawing

Motion Ticket

Tickets Pus

Giveaway Gardener

Discuss Drawing

Tickets Biscuit

Sweepstakes Slinger

Lottery Techie

Drawing Dock

Sweepstakes Streaming

Sweepstake Synapse

Prizes Meridian

Sweepstakes Stepper

Tickets Technique

Elm Potluck

Sweepstakes Estates

Lotto Labyrinth

Unique Lottery Company Names

So now you have it – a plethora of intriguing lottery name suggestions. We are glad you enjoyed it informative and that you now have enough ideas to come up with a great name for your lottery company.

It will assist you in thinking outside of the box and coming up with intriguing titles that complement the concept or tone of your occasion. Here are some of the unique names for your lottery company.

 Liter Lotto

Sweepstakes Smasher

Potluck Wonk

Tuition Lottery

Sweepstakes Saver

Ticket Rials

Jackpot Puck

Tickets Tally

Gift Sighting

Sweepstakes So

Sweepstake Scientific

Sling Drawing

Sweepstakes Santa

Tickets Parrot

Stability Sweepstakes

Gift Vixen

Sweepstake Simply

Prizes Doves

Jackpot Feeder

Drawing Upgrade

Sweepstakes Seconds

Giveaway Gaza

Dynasty Lottery

Sweepstake Stab

Grub Gift

Giveaway Gain

Lottery Grease

Tickets Optimism

Prizes Rana

Drawing Authentic

Passport Giveaway

Drawing Whip

Draw Coarse

Cities Lottery

Potluck Flawless

Sweepstakes Squad

Gift Solace

Emphasis Giveaway

Sweepstakes Smarter

Graduation Lottery

Jackpot Python

Draw Deposit

Criterion Potluck

Ticket Meridian

Sweepstake Spigot

Prize Matron

Prizes Minute

Clone Drawing

Sweepstakes Aide

Thrill Drawing

Giveaway Speedway

Lottery Beauty

Ticket Composition

Jackpot Hearts

Sweepstakes Salute

Tickets Blush

Drawing Dare

Ticket Teachers

Office Potluck

Giveaway Gambler

Monitoring Tickets

Trove Potluck

Lottery Routine

Sweepstake Stealthy

Drawing Dime

Hilltop Giveaway

Stability Lottery

Grands Giveaway

Draw Fork

Thumbs Tickets

Lottery Please

Prize Packet

Investing Draw

Drawing Bathroom

Seminar Sweepstakes

Brass Jackpot

Pewter Lottery

Jackpot Scarf

Gift Fear

Sweepstakes Salsa

Habit Ticket

Tally Tickets

Potluck Tradition

Octagon Potluck

Tickets Mascot

Prize Spade

Lottery Pony

Gift Motive

Ticket Truffle

Giveaway Sapphire

Lottery Fairies

Cling Gift

Sweepstakes Stronger

Drawing Debt

Mains Sweepstakes

Tickets Innovations

Ship Drawing

Drawing Niches

Tickets Creation

Moonbeam Lottery

Lottery Kitty

Ticket Goodness

Chord Ticket

Prizes Crumbs

Drawing Dashboard

Sweepstake Sauce

Drawing Blooming

Sweepstake Stork

Sweepstake Signals

Lottery Glory

Gift Motoring

Lottery Cuisine

Ticket Spica

Sweepstake Sellers

Sweepstakes Eatery

Prize Slight

Spec Sweepstakes

Sweepstake Session

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