82+ Catchy Luggage Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Whenever you leave home, one constant company everywhere, irrespective of the number of days, is a luggage bag. It is an integral part of traveling. The right social media caption can help amplify your luggage bag posts and bring you more likes and followers. Some captions for luggage bags that can be shared on different social media platforms are as follows.

Luggage Captions for Instagram

The reason I love my suitcase is that it suits me.

A suitcase that suits you.

A suitcase for every traveling occasion.

The traveler goes places, the luggage bag follows.

The most important companion of a traveler is their luggage bag itself.

If you have your luggage bag, you can go anywhere and everywhere.

A packed luggage bag gives the initial rush of traveling.

You can conquer unknown places with a luggage bag on you.

Move to unknown places and do unknown things with a luggage bag by your side.

Want to travel? A suitcase is all you need.

Traveling can be one of the best experiences in the world.

Want an exhilarating experience? Go backpacking with your luggage bag.

My luggage bag is evidence of my overpacking skills.

My luggage bag may be packed messily, my travel itinerary is organized.

Thank you my dear luggage bag, let’s go to the next destination.

His favorite pastime is to travel solo with just a luggage bag by his side.

Wanderlust cravings with minimal luggage.

All the backpacking adventures that I have gone to have been the best experiences of my life.

Suitcases are the best luggage carriers in the world.

You may see the child in me come out when I pack my luggage bag for a vacation.

Honestly, my luggage bag has been with me through thick and thin more than anybody.

My luggage is always packed, I am always travel-ready.

Ready to take off with my luggage bag as a companion.

Luggage bags don’t just carry your luggage but your memories as well.

My Instagram is filled with photos of me and my luggage bag.

The best feeling is when the luggage bag is below the weight limit.

The best of adventures is initiated by a single luggage bag in hand.

Takes all my clothes with me everywhere.

Looking for a place? My suitcase will fit you.

Me and my travel bag, the best stress-buster.

Feeling stressed? Pack your luggage and leave.

My luggage and I are almost inseparable.

The only thing that I don’t mind getting lost with is my suitcase.

I hope I never lose my luggage bag.

Because a luggage bag becomes your companion in the unknown.

When you have your luggage bag with you, you can be ready for rock and roll.

If you have some cash and a luggage bag, you can conquer the world.

If something does not fit in my luggage bag, I definitely do not need it.

Switch off your answering machine, grab your luggage bag and just leave.

The wheels of my luggage bag give me the wheels in life.

Funny Luggage Bag Captions

The most important things in my life can fit into my luggage bag.

My luggage bag is always ready to move out with me at a moment’s notice.

See you at the destination, signing off from the luggage bag and me.

The minimalist nature of my luggage bag speaks volumes about me.

Take your luggage and leave behind your life’s baggage.

Have a good adventure, keep your luggage safe.

Because our luggage bag ensures that your belongings are kept safe throughout the journey.

I am grateful to my luggage bag for having my back through thick and thin.

Living out of a luggage bag has its own perks.

All I need to go for the next adventure is my luggage and myself.

Exploring the unknown with a luggage bag is an important part of life.

If I get a ticket to paradise, I would want to have my luggage bag by my side.

Keep your luggage bag ready because you have a lot of places to cover.

I can hear the mountains, I need to pack my bag and respond to their call.

Living out of a luggage bag is a unique experience altogether.

My aim in life is to cover all the beautiful places in the world with my luggage bag by my side.

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