39+ Best Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitation Wording Ideas

invitations can be informal or formal. Although invitations have traditionally sent through the mail, informal invitations such as emails and phone invitations are becoming more acceptable.it's best to invite guests three to four weeks in advance. If you choose to invite your guests by phone, remind them again in writing two weeks before the gathering. Here are some Great Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Business CommunicationInvitation Wording39+ Best Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitation Wording Ideas

39+ Best Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Mad hatter day is a day to celebrate the amazing character from Alice in wonderland. This character is often seen with a hat and bears the note which reads ‘In this style 10/6’.

What to Write on Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitation?

  • Mention that the mad hatter tea party is finally happening
  • Make sure that everyone is present
  • Tell everyone that it wouldn’t be possible without them
  • Even ask the elder who loves Alice in Wonderland
  • Don’t let anyone leave until the food is served

How do you Respond to Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitation?

  • Congratulate them on organizing such a great party
  • Mention that you ae really looking forward to it
  • Make sure to tell that you are super excited about the party
  • Before you leave, shower them with your happiness

This style is an inspiration is to act like mad hatter. Every year mad hatter day is celebrated in the 6th of October. This day has been started to be celebrated first by some computer folks in Boulder.

This day was actually celebrated out of silliness and was observed inspired by the various drawings of mad hatter by john Tenniel, of Alice in wonderland.

Mad hatter day tea party Invitation Wording for you:

  • Wear your best hats and get ready for a tea party. As we are we are celebrating the auspicious day, you are cordially invited to join our party.
  • The two has finally tied the knot and finally all is set. Let us get together to enjoy a cup of tea down the rabbit whole..
  • Take out your best hat and turn your party mode on. Join us in the mad hatter tea party in the wonderland tomorrow afternoon.
  • In a weary after a hot cup of tea just feels great and awesome… please join us for the mad hatter tea party.
  • Come and join us down the rabbit hole… a fun and enjoyable tea party is waiting for you. Don’t be late as we will be awaiting you.
  • A small celebration party with hot tea and some spicy snacks are waiting for you in the wonder land. Please remain present with your family.

Up above the world so high, nothing can beat a tea cup with some fry… without getting, join us for a small tea party in the wonderland.

Pick out your best hat and the best dress… make sure you adorn yourself and do not look a mess! Join us the immersive mad hatter tea party in the wonder land.

Cocktail, snacks and tea… how awesome does it sound… pump yourself up for an amazing mad hatter tea party celebration.

The reason might be small, but the celebration must be big… please join us for the mad hatter tea party in the heart of Hollywood…

Let us get dressed like Alice in the wonderland… and go for the tea party down the rabbit hole… time have some crazy fun… time to get restless…

Hey you… yes you… you have been summoned! Summoned to the mad hatter tea… do not be late… let’s enjoy…

This mad hatter party is as mad as it gets and we are waiting for you to come and join the madness on the (date) at (venue)

We are celebrating our daughter’s birthday in mad hatter style down the rabbit whole… let us seat back and relax with some hot cup of tea, some snacks and cocktails… do not be late…

We have arranged a small party down the rabbit hole… let us have an immersive trip in the wonderland… you are invited there with your best outfit with a funny hat.

Dress the awesome character, Alice in the wonderland and join us for our sister’s bridal shower party in Los Angeles by tomorrow, sharp 7 pm… don’t be late…

You are cordially expected to remain present in the best attire of yours with a hat… a fun tea party is waiting for your down the rabbit hole along with some cocktail and snacks…

Wear a hat made of ribbons and bows… adorn yourself with a bunch of rose… we are going for a mad tea party tomorrow sharp 5 pm in the wonderland… we are expecting you too.

To celebrate the graduation, we could not find a place better than the rabbit hole…  let us get in to the immersive trip… let us get ready for a mad tea party in the wonderland…

We are going to have an awesome tea party in the wonderland… you are cordially invited there.. do not forget to wear the funky hat… we will be waiting for you…

Join us down at the mad hatter of the year… we will have lots of fun… we will be enacting various characters from the Alice of the wonderland… so, are you up for it?

The best part is that our much awaited anniversary and the mad hatter day is same to same! Let’s unite and have a blast with our favorite Alice and be as weird as we can.

Scarlet is red, and violet is blue… our mad tea party is incomplete without you… we will be eagerly waiting for you. Please be on time and do not get late.

You are cordially invited to our tea party to celebrate the success of your business project on 10th of October in  the wonderland…

Let us get crazy, let us get mad… join us for the mad hatter tea party in Los Angeles this weekend and at 5 o’clock sharp… let us raise the toast for the grand success of Mr. (name).

We cannot even think of a mad hatter party sans you and hence we are more than eager to host you for the day! Please be there with your madness mode on!! 

We invite you and your family cordially to join us in the mad hatter tea party…  practice enacting some of the characters from the Alice in the wonderland wear your best funky hat!

We have arranged an amazing themed party in the wonderland and we believe that your presence will add a cherry to the cake.

Party, eat and drink, let us go to the wonderland and sink. There will be cocktails, pastries and tea. You just have to remain present there and bless the bride to be… welcome to the tea party.

I sincerely invite you to the mad hatter tea party in the wonderland, the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles… let us bring out the mad from ourselves… do not be late…

There is a themed party tonight in the wonderland, and you are sincerely invited to join us down the rabbit hole. Take the immersive trip with us and enjoy cocktail and snacks…

Do not drink? No worries… we serve non-alcoholic drinks also. But we will not give you a chance to miss this mad hatter tea party.

Fun, enacting, eating and more… welcome to our themed mad hatter tea party tomorrow doen the rabbit hole at sharp 5 o’clock… see you there with the best hat.

East or west… wonderland is the best. Please join us on my sister’s anniversary in the mad hatter tea party. There is no dress code and you can dress casual but your creativity will be appreciated.

Join me, my family and the Mad Hatter along with other Wonderland friends for the sake of some festivities of Christmas day at the Wonderland tea party. We will await you. So don’t be late.

We will get dolled up and also have some tea, Oh! what fun and amazing this party will be. Please join us to celebrate my sister’s fifth birthday with the mad hatter.

A small cup of friendship definitely goes a long way especially on (name)’s special day, Finger sandwiches, cookies dolls & tea…we have it all. After all is mad hatter and we can’t keep calm!! 

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