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49+ Best Magic Puns and Funny Quotes

In case you are performing some creative writing or playing a word game, let us hope that list of entertaining magic puns does not disappoint you by any means. So let us not waste time and dive deep into the magic puns right now!

Magic Puns and Funny Quotes

  • The favorite song of a priest happens to be “magic flute in A minor”.
  • A Mexican had been performing a magic trick and told “uno, dos”, and then vanished without any trace whatsoever.
  • Them: Do you like to have a few Lucky Harms?

Me: What do you mean by Lucky Harms?

Them: They happen to be Lucky Harms; however, rather than being magically delicious, they are actually magically malicious.

_What is a dog that is able to do magic called?

 A Labracadabrador.

_What is a magic owl called?


_What are you going to say when Trump continues to be the President in 2020?


_What are you going to get by mixing a rabbit, a wizard, and a songwriter.

 24 carrot magic.

_What is a magic car called?

A human.

_How can you differentiate a human from a magic dog?


_What type of dog will be able to perform magical tricks?

A labracadabrador.

_What is a dog that can fly called?

A magic dog.

_A magic house happens to be one without an engine and a couple of tow tires.

_A home capable of flying is called a magic house.

_How can you differentiate a human from a magic car?

While a house will not be able to fly, a magic car will be able to fly.

_How can you differentiate a human from a magic house?

While a human will not be able to fly, the magic house will be able to fly. 

_What is a nut which can tell your favorite name?

A magic nut.

_While doing magic, the magician told to take any card.

I ended up taking his credit card.

_What happens to be the worst part regarding providing a blowjob to a magician?

Spitting out the scarves.

_While having sex with a lady, a magician cums within her.

This made the woman very angry and she shouted at him why he cummed inside her?

The magician replied, “Psyche! Get your ear checked!”

_I felt rather sorry for the magician whom I saw that day…

He ended up hypnotizing as many as 7 men and told “Fuck Me” after dropping the microphone on the foot.

_A person who performed magic had a fear of the negative numbers and visited a therapist for that reason.

She told the man that his fear’s root was actually imaginary.

_Have you heard of a person doing magic and having large breasts?


_What was told by the fisherman to the man who was doing magic?

Grab a cod, any cod.

_What is worn by a person doing magic beneath his shirt?

An abracada-bra.

_What happens to be the favorite clothing item of a magician?

A card-again.

_The magician claimed that he could create a flower from the handkerchief.

Little Johnny told that it was nothing. He could walk down the road and become an alley.

_My dad had been a fantastic magician.

The disappearing act had been his greatest trick.

I really miss him a lot.

_My parents knew the art of magic pretty well.

They performed the disappearing act flawlessly.

_How can you differentiate a rapper from a person doing magic?

A rapper is going to diss-a-peer while a magician will be disappearing.

_The magician told that he would be performing his final trick of disappearing.

He grabbed appear from below the table and told that it was the worst fruit he has ever seen.

_For what reason do women don’t perform magic?

Since we have burned all of them.

_One person asked a chocolate maker whether he was a magician.

In reply, the chocolate-maker said that no, but he got a couple twix up his sleeve.

_Several days earlier, I saw a magician escaping from a shop.

When I asked the reason of running away, he said to me that he had several twix up the sleeve.

_I actually come from a household of magicians who have never succeeded in their profession.

I have got a couple of half-sisters.

_6 transexuals who can perform magic are actually touring South America.

6 chicks having dicks playing card tricks for a blend of hicks.

_What is a magician that has lost all of his magic called?


_What happens to be the most effective tool in the arsenal of the Mexican magician?

The Magic Juan of his.

_How will it be possible to get fresh magicians in case the magicians do not get their secrets revealed?

By magic!

_My better half happens to be a person performing magic.

Yesterday our car was turned into a tree by her.

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