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Make-Up Company: 8 About us page Samples

When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. If they have an interest past your landing page, they will probably go to your “About Us” page to learn more.

When a website visitor decides to go to the “About Us” page fo your Make Up Company, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, as well as looking for the “story” of your Make Up Company. It’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your Make Up Company provides.

What to write in the about us page of a Makeup company?

  • Do not forget to mention the date of the establishment of your company.
  • Mention the detail of numerous makeup services.
  • Mention every tiny detail of the cosmetic products you are offering.
  • Details of your happy clients are essential to building the trust of your clients.
  • Contact details such as phone number, address, etc. assure your clients about your presence.
  • Notes regarding hygiene are essential to show that you’re careful about your client’s health.

Readymade About us Page Examples for Make Up Company

Template: 1

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ New York Cosmetics is the result of owners’ hard work, big-name makeup craftsmen, and restorative aestheticians. The majority of our items are intended to make ladies put their best selves forward while keeping up the wellbeing and care of their skin.

The makeup accumulation includes backstage excellence and regular basics, just as a wide cluster of strikingly lively shades that are all cold-bloodedness-free, hypoallergenic, sun-assurance figured, eco-accommodating, fit, vegetarian, without gluten, and sans paraben.

Dissimilar to ordinary mineral makeup items that utilization either too-shimmery Mica or getting dried out Bismuth Oxychloride as the base for their powder plans, ‘Organization Name’ New York’s innovative work group put resources into the remedial ‘Organization Name’ Peptide Complex to go about as a piece of its one of a kind center base.

Peptides are mixes comprised of various amino acids (which are known as the “building squares of protein”) that are connected into a chain. On account of peptides, in every corrosive, the carboxyl gathering of one amino is joined to the amino gathering, by means of obligations of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. Peptides are fundamental to life on Earth.

They are found in each living cell, and they have various capacities—delivering catalysts so your body can separate remote substances, reinforcing your safe framework, and controlling your hormones. We have utilized these peptides to plan the best makeup items with skincare benefits.

Truly, consolidating skincare items with excellent items has been done previously, yet never with the master contact of our organizer, which incorporates his perpetual inventiveness, undying energy to give magnificence to ladies all over the place, and the extremely valuable learning expected to make excellent items that can be delighted in by all races.

We trust that the best methodology is in most extreme trustworthiness. With long stretches of understanding, solid items, and propelled systems, we guarantee you the best items – conveyed with assurance and polished methodology to meet the majority of your skin care needs.

Template: 2

‘Organization Name’

With more than 30 years of experience we center around steady advancement. The neighborhood achievement drove us to acquainting the brand with the worldwide market. Since 2006 the guide of areas has been thriving hitting the world’s esteemed spots.

Makeup devotees will discover us on 6 landmasses in more than 800 areas from London’s Oxford Street, Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Times Square in New York to Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas.

Not terrified of difficulties we are available at best occasions, for example, NYFW or PFW participating with mold brands and planners, for example, Kenzo, Michael Costello or Francesco Scognamiglio.

Besides, we are engaged with extensive scale extends on Broadway including musicals like Mamma Mia, PIPPIN, The Lion King, or The Cripple of Inishmaan, to give some examples.

What makes ‘Organization Name’ so exceptional? The PRODUCTS – our pride! Joining a logical innovation with energetic hues brought about an amazing wealth of items and hues to begin to look all starry-eyed at. 95 % of the makeup cosmetics and adornments are fabricated in our own condition of workmanship office.

Unquestionably more vitally, top notch fixings run connected at the hip with reasonable costs.

Template: 3

‘Organization Name’

At ‘Organization Name’ we are a youthful, unique group, excellence eager and as differing as our items. We adore cosmetics and are continually searching for the coolest items from around the globe. Quality at great costs is our best need, as is cold-bloodedness-free cosmetics.

For more than ten years we have been rousing our clients and our consideration has been the mystery of our prosperity.

Notwithstanding our magnificence specialists and pattern scouts, ‘Organization Name’ utilizes inventive visual craftsmen, fastidious IT experts, charming record administrators and steady logisticians.

Fulfilled and upbeat clients are our inspiration to do the best each day.

In our arrangement you will discover an assortment of brands, for example, Makeup Revolution, L.O.V, BH Cosmetics, Girlactik, W7, embodiment, Catrice, I heart makeup, Paese, Absolute New York or Red Cherry.

We are especially glad for our very own image Leni, which represents superb eyelashes and brushes, and brands that are once in a while sold in Germany, for example, OPV, ‘Organization Name’ .

We trust you appreciate shopping and on the off chance that you have an inquiry, proposals, solicitations or analysis, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]’Company Name’ .de, on the grounds that your supposition is vital to us.

Template: 4

‘Organization Name’

We realize that looking for healthy skin, makeup and other magnificence items can be a mind-boggling background. That is the reason we are in every case cautiously screening and testing many items, ensuring they are beneficial for you and work extraordinary.

Here you’ll discover just the best in breed, and we endeavor to offer something in each value go.

Our guarantee to you is that we just stock viable, perfect, natural and common cosmetics that are free from fixings, for example, parabens.

They ought to likewise be delivered by moral and enthusiastic organizations; which means definitely no creature testing, a mindful way to deal with the earth and heaps of affection immersed your natural healthy skin alongside the best fixings nature brings to the table! We likewise have a veggie lover channel, which allows you effectively show vegetarian cosmetics items as it were.

In our Magazine, we enable you to comprehend which items you ought to utilize to keep your skin gleaming and your hair shiny. We likewise point you toward the shades that will most complement your skin tone.

For each buy you make at ‘Organization Name’ , you’re adding to some pretty amazing(y) activities; We spend as much as we can on little, transparent philanthropy ventures, KIVA Loans, and we plant a tree with each request. What’s more, indeed, you are permitted to like that!

That is the reason our witticism is: DO GOOD, LOOK GOOD, FEEL !

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