251+ Catchy Makeup Brand Name Ideas

The demand for beauty products is increasing day by day and that includes makeup products as well. Starting your own make-up products brand would mean that you will need a suitable for it. Here you learn all about naming your brand successfully.

How to choose a name for your Make up Brand?

  • Choose a short, unique, and memorable name. 
  • Highlight the ease of using the product.
  • Emphasize on the long-lasting power of the products.
  • Get the name trademarked.

Importance of name for a Makeup Brand 

When you have your own brand, you must know how important it is to make the brand successful. 

Branding improves recognition 

Branding is very important because it will help your makeup brand to get recognized in the marketplace. Naming your brand will also help your brand to get popular among the customers.

Names increase brand value 

Naming your brand is very important because it will create a lot of business opportunities for you and that will help in the future growth of your brand.

Names improve employee satisfaction 

People will be interested in working for a brand that is a reputed one. A reputed brand will provide them with employee satisfaction and security. Employee satisfaction is very important because the success of a brand highly depends on it.

Tips to choose the best names for your Make up Brand 

After you have already made the decision of starting your own brand, it is now time to give it a proper name by which it will be known to the audience.

Considering the aim of your brand

Before you decide the name of your makeup brand, it is better to consider how it will be perceived by the customers. The naming strategy will depend mainly on their reaction towards the brand name.

Your online presence is a must

In today’s world when digital marketing is at its peak, you cannot just rely on the traditional forms of marketing. Being present online is a necessity. 

Name should not be confusing 

Complicated names or ones with a double meaning can be confusing for your customers. Choose names that are absolutely simple with easy spelling and pronunciation

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your Make up Brand 

In order to name your brand, there are certain formulas that will help you to come up with an interesting name in no time.

This & That

Using ‘and’ in between two words can make long names sound shorter. For example- Joe & Jone

Metaphors are impressive

A figure of speech can make your brand name sound interesting and your customers won’t forget it. For example- White House

Rhyming words are fun

Two rhyming words that suit your brand can create a beautiful name. For example- Say Ray

Colors are universal

The name of colors is simple, easy to spell, remember, and pronounce. So, create a name using the name of a color. For example- Golden Shadow

Adjectives make it interesting

Which is that word that describes your product the best? That adjective can be used to create a unique name for your makeup brand. For example- Brighten Up

Long statements are great

Long statements can describe your brand better and also they can give you a lot of ideas for the tagline of your brand. For example- Let’s get a makeover

Short statements are simple

Short statement names can be simple and easy to comprehend. For example- Flora

Express your Feelings

Just think of how your customers will feel after using your makeup. Simply name your brand after that feeling. For example- Happy wish

Misspell it

Changing the spelling of a word can coin a new term for your brand. Make sure the word is related to your brand. For example- Glammar

Use a combination

Combining two words creatively can help to generate a great brand name. For example- Urban Essence

Existing brand names  

  • Bobbi Brown
  • Maybelline New York
  • Revlon
  • MAC
  • Givenchy
  • Estee Lauder
  • Chanel
  • Dior

Creative Makeup Brand  Names

Sky Liner



Miss Fortitude


Golden Lush



Good Looks

Explore Attraction

Beyond Style 





Bewitch Glam

Worldly Doom 

Bold Brushes 

Ravish Chick 


Such Ensnare

Wright Look

Recreate Touch

Style Stud


Shiny Munings


Be Blush 

Scarlet Pelt


Mirror Magic 

Sassy Grit

Mood Vibe

Fresh Face

Birch Lips

Perfect Style


White Lily

Magic Touch

Exotic Pink



Look Stunning

Marvelous Scaly 


Bold Age




Blushing Time

Garish Mood

Revial Mascara

Soft Berry

Poreless Beauty 

Light For Bright

Imperial Beauty

Live lordly 



Aristocratic kit 



Sniffy Look

Happy Cheeky

Five dots 


Besty Gleam

True Contour

Makeup Bug


Feel Flawless

Her Charm



Glissade Charm 



Pretty Eyes

Urban Muss


Divine Pink


Bluish Blush 



Dazzling Chick 



Cultural Light



Unique Glow



Sun Fly

Highlights Dream


Effortless Beauty 

Ageless Looks

Natural Coat 


Hazy Glow

Trendy Wave 

Before Crushy

Purple Madic 

Choosing the right name for your brand is very important since it will be representing your brand everywhere. A professional brand will achieve success faster when it has a great name. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to know if my make-up brand name is copyrighted?

You can search for the federally registered trademarks with the help of a trademark database which you can find for free. There you can check if the name of your brand is copyrighted. 

How long can a trademark of a brand last? 

A trademark of a brand can last forever. But you may have to renew the trademark every ten years.  

Is trademark different than copyright? 

Trademarks are actually issued based on either you use or lose it. But, copyright will be as it is and is enforceable for a certain period of time.

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