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48+ Best March Puns and Funny Quotes

March happens to be the third month of the year and is the initial month of spring. During this month the animals wake up from hibernation. Also, we celebrate Zero Discrimination Day globally on 1st March when everybody lives a life with dignity irrespective of age, ethnicity, gender, and so on. Here are some interesting March puns.

March Puns and Funny Quotes

  • In case a parade is thrown by January, will February march?

No although April may!

  • Will February be able to march?

No, although April may. This joke is credited to several nice older people at my work this very day.

  • What is a group of rabbits marching in the backward direction called?

A hare line which is receding.

_The title of the Chinese national anthem happens to be “March of the Volunteers”. 

However, most of the people are compelled to sing it.

_What was told by the commander to his troops today?

March fourth.

_When there will be no more February then what will you do?

I will be starting to march.

_What types of women receive the maximum number of flowers on 8th March?

Those that die on 7th March.

_A circus tamer was making an attempt to arrange a ploy where he will be having 50 bears marching in straight lines; however, they were all walking in circles eventually, which led him to almost sell the bears. 

It turns out that he had the issue all along, and he had to simply get the bear-rings straight.

_For what reason did the straight buffalo dad end up marching in the pride parade?

For supporting his Bison proudly.

_In protest, my buddies and I are going to march down to the center of the city and we will be dressed in trash which was picked up by us from around the city 

… just as litter-rally.

_On March 27, our mathematics teacher entered the class and gave a warning of canceling Spring Break until the ones who have cheated in all tests reveal themselves before the subsequent month. 

How will it be possible for us to nab the cheaters in just 8 days!

_I had been at a funeral service last day and did not get any cell service. After marching along the aisle, I asked the priest whether he knows the Wi-Fi password regarding these parts. The priest asked me disgustingly to show him some respect, and I asked whether it was “all lowercase?”

_I had been at the neo-nazi march on this very day and was it ok?

It had been alt-right.

_Use a donut for celebrating the Ides of March. As a matter of fact …

Eat 2, Brute.

_Watched several Little Individuals who had been marching for the purpose of   Sexual Health Awareness last day …

They had been singing “Stand Up for Blowjobs”.

_Grindr became hacked in the month of March 2018.

Appears like somebody has located the back door.

_I took my 3-year-old son to shopping, and he had a Cadbury bar along with him when we returned home. 

However, I did not purchase it and he also did not buy it, and so I marched to the shopping center with him and headed out to the jewelers.

_For what reason does England think that it is a couple of months ahead of us?

It is just 28th March right here, and in England it seems that it is the concluding part of May.

_What happens to be the preferred Germanic Tribe of a marching band?

The Saxons.

_Mussolini did not prefer no nutz November.

He actually liked a lot of Nazi march.

_Were you aware of the military marches of North Korea to the left?

They do not have the rights.

_Have you heard of the Doctor’s March?

We have no idea what it was about, and none was able to understand the signs.

_I find it hard to believe that it was possible for a man to raise an army, and march the troops halfway around the world …

And yet had no idea that they had been named bloody Spartacus!

_How is data able to march?

In formation.

_A new sequel is done by them to the film “March of the Penguins”.

They have named it as “April of the Penguins”.

_Today happens to be 26th March and it is the day of Epilepsy Awareness.

Therefore, simply seize the day by getting on out there.

_A Scotsman found a couple of men fighting while walking down the road. Without hesitating, he marched towards them and asked whether it was a personal fight or whether anybody could join in.

_What had been the most significant part of the million man march?

Nobody ended up missing even a single day of work.

_A BLM march was supposed to be held today with up to 1 million individuals.

However, it is strange that I am able to count only 600,000.   

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