Marketing Idea for Skin care shop

Marketing plays an important role in the success of any business if it is planned in a proper way. Marketing can transform a business into a brand or can ruin a business. Here we Brainstorm some creative and Catchy Marketing ideas for Skincare store

There are many skin care shops in the market. An owner has to design creative marketing strategies to survive in the market. Your skin care shop needs to have a creative promotion plan to handle the competition and to gain market share in skin care product range.

Here we are discussing creative marketing tips to promote your skin care shop.


#Generate online sales

An effective way to sell your skin care products is to sell them online. Many customers search for skin care products online. You must build an e-commerce shop and include all the relevant information. You must put description of your skin care products with images, prices, navigational features, cosmetic products and company address with contact details. Your website must be attractive and unique in concept. You can also hire a designer who have the knowledge of your target customers.


#Social networking

Various social platforms such as twitter, Facebook and you tube are new market places where you can sell your beauty products. These markets are perfect for to get the potential customers. You can post an interesting content to attract customers. You can also post visuals to increase the website clicks. Make sure that you have a company page on all the social network websites.


#Unique logo

All the successful brands have a unique logo. Hence, you must also have a unique logo as it helps to promote your business. Your design must stand out from the competitors. Your logo must be present on all the promotional items, marketing plans and advertisements. The logo talks about brand values, identity, message and professional approach to run your skin care product.


#Contact sales representatives

Business owners try to sell skin care products on their own but they might not be able to sell the products. Hence, there are many individual sale representatives that can help you to sell your products. You can contact individual person who make their living by selling your products. These people can work on the contract basis or commission.


#Participate in trade shows

You can participate in cosmetic beauty events or skin care business events taking place in your city. These trade shows provide opportunity for the promotion of skin care products. Before participating in trade show, you must get ready your business cards with good design. The card must have relevant contact details with good presentation. Make a business card that compels the customer to make a business query for your skin care products.


#Request customers and experts to review your product

You can promote your skin care product store by requesting experts and customers to review your products. Many experts have their own YouTube channel with many viewers and subscribers. You can also ask them to promote your product on their channels.


#Distribute flyers

Flyers are the leaflets that are a single sheet of paper containing price incentives, product images and contact details. You can also distribute these flyers to passer-by. It is an effective way to promote your business.


#Offer some deals

People get attracted to offers. If any person gets good deal of skin care products, then they will buy these items. So, attract the customers with discounts.


#Sell skin-care kits

Encourage your customer to buy skin care kits. You can explain that these kits increase the benefits to your skin.



You can conduct demonstrations in spa or parlour. You can show customers how you can use products and explain the benefits. This is the best way to educate customers who can buy products when they understand the benefits of your skin care products. You can promote the upcoming demonstrations.


#Build Links

You can also include the links of benefits of your skin care products on your web pages. Consumers always look for information about the products they are interested in. Create short video demonstration by using your Smartphone. Open a YouTube account and post new videos on daily basis.  


#Educate customers

You can give product samples to your customers’ ad explain the advantages and benefits of the skin care products. At the end you can ask the customers that which products they would like to take home. You can also offer sample of a product when they buy a product from you.



You must ask the existing customers how they feel while using these skin care products. This simple marketing strategy makes them realize that how good your products are. In this way, they refer your products to their friends and family members. They also will buy your new products.


#Social media

You can encourage your customers to connect online by posting the website, Facebook page, twitter handle and you tube page. You must print all these details and information on cards, appointment reminders and receipts.


#Video demonstration

You can make a short video of your products by using digital device or smartphone. Also, open a free YouTube account and post a video regularly on weekly basis.


#Run a publicity campaign

You can device a publicity campaign as per the interests of a local media. You can write an article for a newspaper on protecting the skin from sun rays. Tell health reporter that you comment on stories. This will show the visibility of your skin care store.


#Build new customers

You can develop new customers with the help of hyper local advertising. It is a perfect way to promote event like World Health day. Many communities have weekly newspapers, entertainment savers and penny savers. A reasonable budget can help you to promote your skin care products on these platforms.  


#Cold calling

You can take the database of the targeted customers. You can also call them and explain the benefits of products.



By placing your products in pretty packages, you can attract more customers to it. Highlight the uniqueness of your products that makes them different from the other brands. Consider packaging some products together in a set to increase sales.  


#Use social media and Internet

Established, skin Care Company or professional in the field of skin care brands can get the benefits from the use of social media to connect to potential customers, social media is the ideal platform to showcase your brand. Make a series of how to use skin care products and post them to the web.   Write a blog on skin care products and feature people using your products.



Host workshops in which you are guiding people about your skin care products. Explain them how to dress up products without harming your skin. As, a alternative, ask a member of audience to volunteer for task. And give them free vouchers if they want to use your products and let them feel the originality of it.  

We have discussed these creative marketing ideas that can help you to increase the sale of your skin care shop. By implementing these creative marketing ideas you can double your growth.

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