Creative Marketing Ideas for a Coffee Shop

One universal small business goal is to sell the business's products and services. To this end, one of the smartest things a small business owner can do for his or her business is to take the time to develop a small business marketing plan that will set them apart from the competition. here are best and Proven Marketing ideas for your Business.

“First I take the Coffee, than I do the things.”

A Coffee Shop can be a great place for hangout, a business meeting, get together, couple dates, kitty parties or people can take a break on coffee. A coffee shop’s success depends on several factors like its location, interior, the quality of a coffee, shop’s environment, customer service etc. If you are an owner of your own coffee brand then all things you can do in a unique way to attract your customers. But if you have a coffee shop’s franchise then you have to go with a particular interior of the company.

Coffee shop is the perfect place to socialize. Mostly youth are attracted by the atmosphere of the café. There are so many flavors are available in a coffee even, so you must have variety of coffee in your shop. To market your services, you must have a goal and target audience to prepare marketing plan. In the marketing strategy, you should cover both online and offline techniques to get more and more customers at your shop.

Make a vision and mission for your coffee shop and start applying these creative ideas of marketing.


  • Social Media Marketing

You can use social media to understand your target customers and connect with them. Most of the social media users are youth, so you can promote your coffee shop there. There are so many social media platforms available which you can use like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

  • Facebook- You can create a Facebook page or group or both of your coffee shop and daily you have to post the special offer or deal there with pictures. Visuals always looks attractive.
  • Instagram- Instagram is used to post pictures. You can use this platform to post your different flavored coffee with caption.
  • Pinterest- Pinterest can be used to find creative ideas for marketing as well you can share your unique features of coffee shop.


  • Party Discounts

You may offer special discount for party guys. If a friend’s group or family wants to party at your coffee shop then you can offer them special party discount. This will stole your customer’s heart and they will promote your shop for free.


  • Referral Bonus

Referral bonus offered to those customers who refer your coffee shop to their known people and they become your new customer. This can be part of mouth publicity for your shop.


  • SMS Marketing

SMS marketing used to be connected with your customers always. You may wish them on festivals; send them updates and new offers running in your café.


  • Organize Events

In your coffee shop, you can design some fun loving events for particular age groups in a time period. By using this, you may have new customers of all age group. Also your shop will get more popularity.


  • Coffee Mugs with Brand’s Logo

You can offer a free coffee mug with your printed logo on after every 10 visits of the customer. Else, you can launch an offer that after 10 visit customer will get a free cup of coffee. This promotional technique will engage your customers.


  • Deals of the Day

You can put the table in the corner of the shop with a white board. What you can do is write your special deal of the day on the board. Everyone who will come to your shop, they will notice that and it will give you lot of more gathering. Deals of the day can be like “Have Cappuccino with 10% off today”.


  • Coffee Flavors

Coffee flavors which you are providing at your coffee shop can be the part of your marketing. As the quality of coffee and service of your shop also decides your coffee shop’s popularity. You must be perfect what you are providing. You can offer some unique flavors in the city. It can be your unique attraction of café.


  • Combo Offers

Combo offers always preferred by customers as they find profitable deal in it. In Combo offers, you may offer coffee with some snack, coffee with sandwich, coffee with French fries etc. Anything in the fewer prices will give you more customers as well as more profit. Combo gives more products in lesser price.


  • Target Market

First you have to decide your target market which is the first requirement of any business marketing strategy. A coffee shop’s target market should be Young professionals, college students, tourists, and company employees. Then you can decide the theme which attracts these area customers. The environment should be that much comfortable to relax your customers.


  • Print Advertisements

Print advertisements mostly used to reach local customers. You can print banners or posters and paste them in University or college campuses to reach more youngsters. Whenever you launch an offer, you can advertise it on local cabs and buses. A large number of people travel through local buses and use cab services for their daily transportation. Pamphlets and brochure can be distributed through newspapers. A morning newspaper and a morning coffee are the best combination.


  • Discount Coupons on frequent visits

You may offer a pass or discount coupons for your regular customers. This pass can be on % basis or you may offer an extra coffee. This will definitely keep your customer permanent. Customers love to get offers if they are frequently visiting your place.


  • Quality of Coffee

What you are offering to your customers is the most important factor on which your customer’s feedback is depends. If the quality of your coffee will be best and it have unique factor then you will get extra customers for it. So make sure about it that never compromise with quality.


  • Email Marketing

Email can be used to give updates to your customers, to get more customers, to send wishes on festivals, birthdays etc. Email marketing is the effective strategy of online marketing to promote any business. This is easy and fast way to reach your customers. Email contains content message, pictures, graphics, video links etc. You can design an email and send it to your complete email list.

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