Marketing Ideas for Candy Store

Marketing plays an important role in the success of any business if it is planned in a proper way. Marketing can transform a business into a brand or can ruin a business. Here we Brainstorm some creative and Catchy Marketing ideas for Candy Store

The promotional marketing strategies for your candy stores are quite diverse. Young, old and everyone love candies. Be it chocolaty candy, chalky hearts or minty canes, our life is incomplete without candies. Increasing the sales of your candy store is quite essential.

Hence, we are discussing marketing strategies to boosts the sales. Below discussed are the following marketing tips:

  • Websites

Websites are evolving a preferred way to so business. They act as storehouse of information that is used by consumers to make the decision. You must include products with their complete information such as image, description and features in order to attract customers and increase sale. Also, blogs enhances the page views of a website. It helps to improve your Google ranking and be searchable in the search result. In fact more than 50 percent of clicks come from the first page of search engine results.


  • Samples

Distributing the samples of your candies help to improve the purchase behavior of the customers. If you are having a candy store, then distribute a sample of candy at your counter. Also, give brochure with the samples of candies. The points of giving free samples are carnivals, fairs, amusement parks, zoos, circuses and parades.


  • Coupons

You can offer coupons in magazines, newspapers, circulars and flyers. Even if the customers don’t use coupon, it is the cost effective strategy of the promotion of your candy store. You can set up the program with the help of candy manufacturers for the prospects. This will help to deliver coupons to the people who buy candies.


  • Partnerships

Partnering with another institution or company provide benefits to the marketing efforts. You can reach to children’s theatres or children’s museums to get your candies in their gift shops. This marketing effort will increase the brand awareness. You can also contact a local school and slit the profits. Make a gift basket in which you can put your candies.


  • Vibrant Packaging

It is an important part of packaging. You must understand and think that what is required by your target audience. Then design packaging that attracts the customers. If you are targeting adult population, then design the packaging keeping in mind that what they require when they were kids. High-end shoppers have more probability to get attracted with a sophisticated or elegant design. The children will be attracted to packaging if it is colorful and funny.


  • Customer awareness

Most of the candy stores design marketing strategies to address their customers. You must formulate a marketing strategy that analyses market trends. As without the proper understanding of buyers, it is not possible to predict the tactics that will deliver results. You can improve market awareness and establish a connection between your candies and customers.


  • Mailings

You can participate in direct marketing activities. Direct mail has the benefit of conveying targeted messages to qualified contacts in your company’s market segment. Third party vendor can generate accurate and specific mailing lists that can be sorted to address sub sections and niches of the market. The right quality of contacts can enable you to gain more customers and increase the sale of your candies.


  • Contests

It is a time-tested method for the marketing of a candy store. The contest cannot provide you bigger values but it can be a strategic feature of your marketing plan. You can minimize the risk by hiring professional marketers and achieving highest possible return.


  • Buying habits of the people

You must know what the buyers are buying. Whether they are buying chocolate candies, fruit or mint candies. The customers prefer to eat candies packed with caramel or nuts or the candies sprinkled with coconut.  Hence, you must know what your competitors are selling.


  • Sell to high-end market

If you have chosen high end market, then study the market with great care. You must do market research about your competitor’s, what the customers buying preference are. It you target high-end market then it is easy to make money as this the customers of this target market are ready to pay the money.


  • Know your number

You just can’t see the image on the packaging, price and weight of the chocolate. Each package of candy has different price and different weight. Hence different packets of candies have different numbers. All these numbers must be on your fingertips.


  • Have an add-on

You must keep add on with the most demanded candies of your store. With your famous chocolate candies, you can add peanut butter cups. Keeping add on in the store will help you to increase your sale.


  • Get active on Social Media

Social media has become an important media for candy business. You have to post on the daily basis. Posting regularly will help you to get the customers and increase the website clicks. You have to post the same images and marketing communication across all the social media platforms.


  • Host a media event

You can invite local journalists and food bloggers. These bloggers will help you to promote about your candy store on their blogs. It will create back links and will help to improve the Google ranking. Also, people will read about your articles and will get attracted. You can also give some free drinks and food to the crowd.


  • Host a charity event

You can also host the free events. You can provide a free drink and distribute candies. The idea is to make people aware about your candy store and encourage to gain more customers.


  • Text messages

You must make the system automated and motivate message marketing. You can send message about the launch of new candy. You can also convey promotional offer on your candies. And can put some good catchy lines and quotes related to your candies.


  • Front Window

Utilize your front windows as marketing space if you are running your business out of a storefront because colors add so much interest to buy candies and children always attract towards them. Go and hire a professional artist to paint colorful, relevant images on your front windows that clearly include the thought and object of your candies. This will attract most of the customers and they will come to check it out.


  • Make the most creative business cards and pamphlets

If you have a candy store then you should have more creative in terms of selling your brand and to attract most of the customers. Hence, always make your business cards creative and some interesting tag line should be there to promote your business. Your designed pamphlets must have creative and colorful. You already know the fact that people always choose why they see in different from others. So your print material should be innovative. Flyers and pamphlets still provide an important role both in marketing and direct mail. Make sure whatever you are going to print must have properly checked.


Hence, we have discussed the creative marketing ideas that will help to increase the sales of your candy store. Now the key is to implement these strategies and be consistent in the implementation part.

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