145+ Marriage Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Marriage is a relationship between two people who may live long throughout their lives with each other. Marriage is also which comes with the greater set of responsibilities that one has to carry with them life long.

Mentioned below are some quotes on marriage by various world famous personalities and they can also be rather useful for you to learn from their experiences.

Marriage Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • Always know that the husbands and the wives must have their own separate interests where they can also harvest their own sets of friends and that they can also not impose on each other, yet they can easily spend their entirety life with each other happily – said by Paul Newman
  • I am and will always be a committed wife – said by Elizabeth Taylor
  • I have always been a committed wife and I have also been committed to getting married the number of times. – said by Elizabeth Taylor 
  • I still wonder and feel it hard to believe that do men and women in marriage really suit each other. – said by Katherine Hepburn
  • I feel that the married men and women should always stay away and the next door to each other and what they can actually do is that they can visit each other every time they feel like. – said by Katherine Hepburn 
  • Both men and women they marry each other always expecting that both of them would never change for each other. – said by Albert Einstein 

_ I just keep wondering that if both men and women they marry each other and also expect that both of them would never change for each other them how come they be disappointed with each other after days of their marriage ! – said by Albert Einstein 

_ Always remember that for your marriage to be a happy one you need to love each other passionately. – said by Marilyn Monroe 

_ According to the experts the marriage if has to last long then in such a marriage both men and women should have a genuine liking for each other first and if I keep it in my words then I feel this genuine liking begins with the friendship. – said by Marilyn Monroe 

_ You will always see the drastic changes in each other after years of your marriage are over and I can say this with my own experiences – said by Joan Rivers

_ When we get married then these men always open car doors for you and after eighteen years with my personal experience I would just like to share that my husband has just opened the car doors once for me in last four years and you can yourself understand the difference – said by Joan Rivers

_ Until you won’t divorce a man you can never understand him completely – said by Zsa Zsa Gabor

_ It is one of the best feeling that being a rock star I got married to a super model and I feel it to be the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my life. – said by David Bowie

_ Every girl always waits for her right and the perfect man to come, but actually this does not means that she can not enjoy or can not have her own wonderful times with the other wrong ones. – said by Cher

_ Just like boys do, girls also have all the equal rights that they can get married to their perfect and the right man and but it is also that by the time they find their perfect one they can definitely have their own wonderful times with the other incorrect ones. – said by Cher

_ Always keep that in mind that the people are always weird but still we always find some one compatible to us among those weirds and then we team up with them to which we then call as love. – said by Dr. Suess

_ One should always remember that it is not a chain that holds a marriage together but it is actually held together by the number of or rather hundreds of small threads that keep the marriage alliance sewed through many and many years. – said by Simone Signoret

_ If you don’t know what the good marriage actually means then I would like to tell that it is actually the one that always allows the growth and also the changes in both the partners and also in their own ways it expresses its love.  – said by Pearl S. Buck

_ Always keep this in mind that your marriage are the ones that holds the maximum importance especially in those times when they are actually most difficult to be kept together. – said by Dave Willis

_ I always wonder that why do a woman first works in the direction for improving the habits of their husbands and then they themselves complain that they are not the same now to whom they actually married. – said by Barbara Streisand

_ If you really wish your marriage alliance to be the successful then you should always keep two things in mind that firstly you need to be ready to work hard on it and secondly is to marry then only you can succeed  – said by Ben Affleck 

_ The two secrets to keep your marriage interesting and engaging keep your fights to be clean and keep your sex to be more dirty. – said by Kevin Bacon

_ There are a number of ways through which you can judge and select a perfect partner for your marriage like one of them being just give a computer with slow internet speed and ask that person to use it and this would definitely reveal that what they actually are. – said by Will Ferrell

_ We should always frame our own rules in our marriage alliance and these rules should always be respected by both the partners.  – said by Justin Timberlake

_ Always make your wife feel that how special she is to you and also make her feel that she will get everything in her life what ever she wishes for. – said by Justin Timberlake

_ Always let your wives do what they wish for in their own way, this is how you can always make your marriage work. – said by Justin Timberlake 

_ Keep your love to be your absolute loyalty in the marriage alliance always  – said by Sylvester Stallone

_ Always be loyal to your partners in marriage because it is something that never fades in the marriage because in the marriage alliance you become a lot more dependent on each other for every thing – said by Sylvester Stallone

_ In a marriage alliance the men are always the bread winners and the women are always the ones who meant to be there at home and to take care of the children. – said by Talcott Parsons

_ The women are the ones who always play the expressive roles whereas the men are meant for all the instrumental roles as they are the bread winners in the marriage alliance. – said by Talcott Parsons

_ The men who keep saying that their wives are not in the habit of taking jokes they actually forget that they have already taken them up for life long. – said by Oscar Wilde

_ What I feel as the problem with the marriage is that every night after we are done with love making the marriage ends but at the very next morning that marriage has to be rebuilt again before the break fast. – said by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

_ The perfect key to make your marriage work is to argue naked and this would definitely make your marriage a successful one. Because this is the way people rarely use – said by Leann Rimes

_ One of the key way to make the marriage work is that to avoid any kind of arguments both man and the woman should have their own bathrooms!   – said by Catherine Zeta Jones

_ In marriage it is what you do that the love you actually take is always equivalent to the love you actually make. – said by Paul Mc Cartney

_ One should never put efforts in to such a relationship that will never let you be yourself. – said by Oprah Winfrey

_ As long as you accept the fact that all men are originally children till then you actually know everything. Always keep that in your minds. – said by Coco Chanel

_ All women should always know that all the men are actually children and till the time they will keep accepting this fact it would continue their marriage alliance successfully – said by Coco Chanel

_ Always know that the husbands are like the wild fires that can go out any time if left unattended. – said by Zsa Zsa Gabor

_ Always remember that when ever you have a baby the love which is there comes automatically but when you are married then in this case love is always the one that is earned.  – said by Marie Osmond

_ Always keep in your minds that marriages are nothing but actually the series of various desperate arguments about which people actually feel too passionate.  – said by Katherine Hepburn

_ Always know that the people stay into that marriage not because the doors are actually locked but just because the reason behind is that they themselves want to stay married and to stay together with each other. – said by Paul Newman

_ Always remember that it is not only important for the married couples to learn the art of making love but also what they need to learn is that the art of battle also.  – said by Ann Sanders

_ Always remember that when you say of an ideal husband he is actually the one who understands his wife in the best manner and he can even understand all that she may not say to him. – said by Alfred Hitchcock

_ Remember that if you are marry such a man who cheats on his wife so you should understand that he may also cheat you after you may get married to him as he may not change for you. – said by Ann Landers

_ The perfect husband for every wife is the one who can read not only her face but also everything that she cannot tell him every time. – said by Alfred Hitchcock

_ Did you ever tried to know the reason behind the unhappy marriages so I would like to tell you that it is not due to the lack of love but it is all due to the lack of friendship between the two partners in the marriage alliance.  – said by Friedrich Nietzsche

_ I always keep wondering that why both men and women are  disappointed with each other as they marry with the hope that they will never change for each other then why are they disappointed? – said by Albert Einstein 

_ I feel that if I am getting married then I would like to be seemed like the married one always – said by Audrey Hepburn

_ When you think of a successful marriage then you should always keep in mind that a successful marriage always requires for you to fall in love many number of times and always with the same person. – said by Mignon Mc Laughlin

_ Always remember that there is no remedy for the love but only the love itself similarly to keep your marriage sustain then the only remedy you have is to fall in love with the same person again and again. – said by Henry David Thoreau 

_ Always remember that great marriage is not great when the perfect couple comes together rather the great marriage is formed only when the imperfect people come together to form an imperfect couple and then slowly and gradually they learn to enjoy the differences existing between them. – said by Dave Meurer

_ One should always remember that the happy marriages only begin when we marry those whom we love and after we are married they blossom our lives with flowers and colours. – said by Tom Mullen

_ The secret behind the happiness of every man is when he finds a true friend for himself but he is far more happier when he finds a true friend in his own wife – said by Franz Schubert

_ Always remember that you can never find a more friendly a more lovely and a more charming relationship or a perfect company for yourself other than from a good marriage. – said by Martin Luther

_ You should always keep in mind that if you want to make your marriage as a happy marriage then it all depends not on how much compatible you both are may be for each other but it completely depends on the fact that how are you actually decide and deal with all the incompatibility existing between you two. – said by Leo Tolstoy

_ If you think that the marriage is only about the spiritual communion then in this case you are doing wrong because the marriage is also about that you remember to take out all the trash. – said by Joyce Brothers           

_ Always remember that the evergreen secret for a happy marriage is the requirement of the sense of humour because marriage is always to you with the curve balls which is not at all easy. – said by Ann Romney

_ One should always keep in mind that just like any other thing is not easy in your life then similarly is the marriage which is also not that easy as it may seem to be. – said by Emmitt Smith

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_ Always remember that to have a successful marriage can never have a such a thing like that of the one way.  – said by Phyllis Mc Ginley

_ For a successful marriage there is the way that may be dusty , may be difficult may be bumpy but it is always a mutual path of both the partners – said by Phyllis Mc Ginley

_ One should always know that secret of the happy marriage is to find a right and a perfect person for yourself and when you can be in love with them every time or at all times this is when you realize that they are actually the right one for you. – said by Julia Child

_ What I feel is that the happiest and the best marriage alliance would be that between a deaf man and a blind woman to my imagination – said by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

_ The secret for making a marriage a happy one must always be a secret only. – said by Henny Youngman

_ Always remember that there is only one way to have a happy marriage and this could happen only as soon as you may learn that what would happen if you may marry again. This imagination of yours is what leads to the happy marriage. – said by Clint Eastwood

_ One should definitely know that a happy marriage is just like a long conversation which originally seems too short every time. – said by Andre Maurois

_ One should always know that the happy marriage is always different from the good marriage. – said by Debra Winger

_ I yearned for a very long time, look for a perfect partner and to get married with that perfect partner. – said by Ginger Rogers

_Do you know that there is only one secret to making your marriage a happy one that is you should never talk or ask about it actually. – said by Jane Asher

_ The happy marriage alliance is like the one where the wife is the one that is providing the climate and the husband is the one like the landscape. – said by Gerald Brenan

_ When you have the series of right choices in your life then this is when you also make one for your happy marriage. – said by Michelle Pfeiffer

_ Though I always appreciate that my parents long and happy marriage was always the best ideal for me to look upon but it was always a tough one for them too. – said by Olivia Williams

_ Always remember that one can never have a happy family without having a happy marriage any way. – said by Jeremy Sisto

_ In regard to a happy marriage what I feel and what I prescribe is that one should always marry someone who is no way or in no manner similar to what are your habits and whatever you do. – said by Maxine Kumin

_ Always remember that the greatest achievement that a person can ever have is maintaining his career along with sustaining his happy marriage and also his kids. – said by Melina Kanakaredes

_ My two major accomplishments that I already had in my life is to have a happy marriage and a beautiful and nice wife so now there is nothing else that I actually want in my life  – said by Max Schmeling

_ You can never deny that the looks do matter but at the same time you must also remember that the looks would never give you a happy marriage and a successful career and this is where you can never rely on the looks. – said by Katie Piper

_ what actually a person need? A person needs a happy marriage and the true friends in his life that keep my feet on the ground every time. And I have both of them in my life. – said by Jasper Carrott

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