51+ Best Medical Puns and Funny Quotes

Business Communication Funny Puns 51+ Best Medical Puns and Funny Quotes

51+ Best Medical Puns and Funny Quotes

Who says that allied healthcare and medicine cannot be fun? It is known to all of us that laughter happens to be the most effective medicine. Here, we have accumulated several of the most popular medical puns that should definitely make you burst with laughter from time to time.

Medical Puns and Funny Quotes

  • When I had been a child, I suffered from a medical condition and was required to consume soil thrice a day or else I would die. 

I was actually extremely lucky since I was informed by my elder brother regarding it.

  • The medical code of consciences happens to be extremely strict. Apparently, I will not be able to marry any patient even though we happen to be in a consensual relationship. 

I do not like to be a veterinarian whatsoever.

  • I was told by the person not to share my personal medical info … after that my personal medical info was shared by him.

A real HIPAA-crite.

_I struggled with a medical ailment as a kid when I was needed to consume dirt three times daily so as to survive. Fortunately, I was informed about this by my elder brother. 

_I took the decision to go to the medical school while I was young. We had been asked to rearrange PNEIS which happens to be the name of an essential part of the human body that become very useful when it becomes erect. I wrote SPINE and failed in the exam.

_Dr. Mallard ended up losing his medical license recently. 

He was responsible for committing quackery.

_My urologist came to know that I was not sticking to his medical advice. 

He was pissed off while telling me “urine trouble”.

_Right now I came to know the medicinal name of Viagra.


_When I started my University course I had good medical record, and when I left I could boast of having a decent criminal record.

_Why is Dr. Seuss known as a character with a medicinal degree?

Doctor Who.

_Do you have any idea regarding what medical insurance covers Tommy Wiseau?

Oh, Highmark.

_After undergoing as many as 7 years of medical training, the close friend of mine was ousted from his job because of one minor indiscretion; sleeping with one of his patients. 

Good guy, awful Vet.

_While I was trying for my medical degree, a lot of time was spent by me on the Hippocampus.

Lots of fat birds are possessed by the University of Hull.

_A couple is waiting anxiously to listen to the outcomes of a medicinal test for their child who was yet to be born. The physician told that he will be beginning with the good news that their infant will be finding a parking area all the time.

_Once I was suffering from abdominal pain and visited the library for getting a medical book. 

Someone had the appendix ripped out.

_I was prescribed Viagra and medical marijuana by my physician.

At present I slumber hard.

_I make sure to keep up with the most recent medical news being an employee of the health care industry. I heard about a man whose entire left side of the body had been amputated the other day. He became ok after that.

_An individual had been diagnosed as bipolar and he did not have any kind of examination for that. 

He had been caught having intercourse with a female polar bear as well as a male penguin.

_What was the specialty of Zeus in medicinal school?


_A man has gone to a doctor to get his Medical test results. 

While he tells the physician that he cannot wait anymore since it was killing him, the doctor told him that it was not the sole thing killing him.

_The office of the medical examiner was informed to minimize their budget. 

So they were compelled to begin cutting coroners.

_When you will not be able to understand whether it will be possible for you to pay the medical bills.

You have got health Unsurance.

_i am indeed proud of my grandmother. She went to medical school at the ripe old age of 90.

She is actually a cadaver.

_Last day I had gone to the medical office and the physician entered and told me that it was imperative for me to stop masturbating. 

When I asked him why, he told that he wanted me to give me an examination.

_What are you going to call a big aquatic mammal which guards all the private medical information of yours?


_Today I have received a letter along with the medical results of mine.

Although the bad news happens to be the fact that I am dyslexic, the good thing is that they have discovered a big humor within me. 

_Where will you be able to locate the medical stuff gods?

Nurse mythology.

_My grandpa expired because his blood was of Type A according to the medical report.

Unfortunately it had been a Type-O.  

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