135+ Medical Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Medicine is the cure for all those suffering with some disease or pain or some injuries. With time the art of medicine and the field of medical has been progressing more and more we can see that there are a number of technologies developing every next day.

we can also see so many vaccines coming in and being made available to the masses.

Now the field of medicine is not only the curative one but also the preventive one with all the discoveries  coming in this field. Mentioned below are some famous sayings and quotes of various world famous personalities on medical and medicine.

Medical Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • The true out of the medicine actually lies in when you amuse the patient while the nature plays its role and cures the diseases itself. – said by Voltaire
  • I am committed to the medicine as my lawful wife and literature as my mistress so whenever I get bored or tired or any one of them then I just go and spend my night with the other one. – said by Anton Chekhov
  • Always keep in mind that if a doctor is unable to do good to you then he must also be kept away from doing any harm . – said by Hippocrates
  • What I feel is that a hospital bed is exactly similar to a parked taxi which has its meter running continuously. – said by Groucho Marx
  • Always remember that you should never go and visit such a doctor whose office plans are actually dead or have died. – said by Erma Bombeck
  • Always remember that whenever you talk of the good physician then he is the one who treats the diseases always accurately. – said by William Osher

_ One should remember and keep in mind that in the next world doctors will have to be answerable for more lives. – said by Napoleon Bonaparte

_ Whenever you are not feeling well you should immediately consult a doctor available nearest to you. – said Groucho Marx

_ No one would believe that when I was born I was so ugly looking that even my doctor slapped to my mother. – said by Rodney Dangerfield

_ For everyone the greatest evil is always the physical pain with which he may suffer from and this is what you should always keep in your minds.  – said by Saint Augustine

_Nothing can ever be more painful than the physical pain as it is the greatest evil for all on this planet earth  – said by Saint Augustine

_ Always keep in mind that whenever you are getting out of the hospital it is more or less equivalent to like you are resigning from a book club. – said by Erma Bombeck

_ One should always keep in their minds that you are never out of the hospital till its computer says that you’re actually out of it. – said by Erma Bombeck

_ Always remember that walking is always the man’s best and the evergreen medicine. – said by Hippocrates

_ You should always know that the doctor is meant to see all the weaknesses of the humans or the mankind just like the lawyer is meant for seeing all the wickedness and just like the theologians are meant to know all the stupidity of mankind and the human beings. – said by Arthur Schopenhauer

_ Actually I am dying under the treatments of so many doctors and physicians  – said by Alexander the great

_ Always know that the physicians always know the best of the treatments but you just need to trust them and they will always handle the situation causing the least harm to the patients  – said by Ambrose Bierce

_ When I told my doctor of all the places where I have broken my leg then he just told me that it would be better for me to stay away or at a distance from such places every time – said by Henny Youngman

_ It was when I told my doctor that I am not able enough to afford an operation for myself then he actually offered me and asked to touch up on my X- rays. – said by Henny Youngman

_ If my doctor ever told me that I have just six more minutes to live then I would never just brood rather I would type a little more faster than I usually do  – said by Isaac Asimov

_ There are the number various errors that are emerging in computers now a days one of them being that these days there are a number of doctors who have been claiming that they had actually treated many pregnant men yet. – said by Isaac Asimov

_ Whenever you go to a psychiatrist you do have to actually get your head examined.  – said by Samuel Goldwyn

_ Though you would never believe that but always remember that around three quarters of all the sicknesses that comes to intelligent people it actually comes from their intelligence itself. – said by Marcel Proust

_ Always keep in your minds that it is only the patient and no one else can ever decide that when it is best to go to a doctor for consultation. – said by Jack Kevorkian

_ I am the person who actually keeps dreaming of nothing else but just of the healthy and long life where I will be actually free from all the diseases and the pain. – said by Mary Baker Eddy

_ I am the one who keeps thinking and dreaming of the life that must be in the light and should be beautiful rather than being in the shadow of the cancer.  – said by Patrick Swayze

_ Always know that a pregnant woman or a lady always relies on her doctor completely – said by Barbara Mikulski

_ A pregnant woman is always the one who always undergoes dire circumstances and in such a situation she only counts up on her doctor and always follows all the necessary prescriptions given by her doctor – said by Barbara Mikulski

_ Being a medical doctor myself, I always take it as my responsibility as well as my duty that if I am to evaluate any situation then I should only do after gathering all the necessary data with me and also I must take all my expertise in this evaluation for determining the accurate results of my patients. – said by Jack Kevorkian

_ Always know that I am the kind of doctor who always gather all and examine all the data and then only on the basis of my results I treat my patients with all the expertise that I own in me.  – said by Jack Kevorkian 

_ You need to understand that the disease is nothing but an experience of so called of our mortal minds.  – said by Mary Baker Eddy

_ Disease is just like a fear that has made manifest on the patient body. – said by Mary Baker Eddy

_ Always know that you can even die of that particular cure even before you may die of that illness. – said by Michael London

_ You should always know that the physicians who merely feel that just prescribing medicines is their job then such kind of physicians in my view are the worst one.  – said by Ramakrishna

_ We have various types of physicians and among them all there is one class of physicians who actually just see the patient and just  prescribe him medicines and leave them. Such class of physicians are always the worst as far fas I know . – said by Ramakrishna

_ I always feel sorry for myself and I also regret that if I would have been to the college then I would have been the doctor by now.  – said by Ty Cobb

_ Being a surgeon you must ensure always that you have to always keep your anger and your arrogance in your control.  – said by Mehmet Oz

_ As a surgeon you need to keep in mind that if your arrogance would ever be out or your control then in such a case it could lead to certain detrimental results causing the death of your patients. – said by Mehmet Oz

_ When ever you complete your surgery successfully as you being a surgeon then you should ensure that you may not forget to thank god and always pray to god for his grace that he saved the life of your patient and also made the surgery successful.  – said by Mehmet Oz

_ Always keep in your minds that the medical information with privacy is nothing but just a fallacy. – said by Craig Venter

_ There is no such thing as confidential medical information and it is just like a fallacy as everyone else have there reports too as the part of all the colllective reports.  – said by Craig Venter

_ When it is about your health then decision maker should always be a doctor and not your accountant. – said by Chuck Schumer

_ This actually happens and I came to know when it happened to me when once doctor told me I have only six more months to live and that then I told him that I would be unable to pay his fees in such short time then he extended my life for next six months. – said by Walter Matthau

_ After I received the bill for the surgery I got done then I understood the true reason that why these doctors and surgeons they cover their faces with a mask – said by Maria Shriver

_ Always remember that the disease is nothing but the retribution of an outraged and angry nature – said by Hosea Ballou

_ The day I received the bill for my surgery that was the day when I realised and understood that why these doctors and surgeons they cover their faces with masks. – said by James H. Boren

_ It is never easy rather possible to praise all the nurses to highly and too much – said by Stephen Ambrose

_ Always remember that there are some great or important questions that we always asked to the doctors but in case he answers know to what questions then what we do is rather than excepting the truth the reality we just run and start looking for a new doctor or a different doctor for ourself. – said by Marie Osmond

_ When you think of that which country has the best medical care facilities then it is none other than America.  – said by Bill Frist

_ The best country for healthcare is America as it has all the best doctors it is the best in regard to the nurses the best hospitals that it has and the best medical technology as well as medical breakthroughs in relation to medicines it has are undoubtedly the best around the world. – said by Bill Frist

_ Modern medicines are nothing but just the negation of health. – said by Ivan Illich

_ I don’t understand that why the nurses have been always undervalued and also have been always restricted in the sphere of carrier as they always had very few career opportunities in their hands when it comes to the clinical practice. – said by John Houlton

_ What I feel in regard to the modern medicines is that they are not organised in a proper manner for serving the human health but rather what it does is makes the people even more sick rather than feeling them. – said by Ivan Illich

_ Always remember that these modern medicines can make you more sick rather than feeling you from your sickness. – said by Ivan Illich

_If we look into the reality then we find that they are actually the nurses to serve the patients in true sense and also to the fullest of their capacities. – said by Lois Capps

_ What I feel is that today all these health insurance companies and this emerging health insurance industry have only one aim that is to maximise profits of the investors and shareholders and CEOs rather than providing a safeguard to those patients who have actually fallen ill. – said by Dianne Feinstein

_ Always remember that when a man goes through the training of being a doctor for six years he will no more be the same as now he has a lot of knowledge in him. – said by Enid Bagnold

_ One should always know that if they really want to learn the art of medicine properly then they can achieve it only through the continuous practice and its continuous exercise  – said by Thomas Sydenham

_ In this world still there are some people who believe and think that the doctors and nurses can even put the scrambled eggs back into their shells – said by Cass Canfield

_ Whenever a person is being treated like a patient then you would see they become apt to act like the one – said by Frances Farmer

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_ I have never been against the prescription of medicines for mental illnesses or mental health as I myself have observed and see that it had saved the lives of lots of people in this world. – said by Zach Braff

_ You believe it or not but the truth is that being a doctor has a tendency to make you close minded in comparison to those of the regular people – said by Alex Chiu

_ Being a doctor myself I properly understand that all the doctors they always want to utilise all the new technologies that are being discovered every now and then but they are unable to do so due to cost prohibitive and restrictions. – said by Nathan Deal

_ In case you are struggling and badly against cancer then and especially then exercise is the one that gives you the power to stay strong and strengthens you both physically as well as mentally. – said by Grete Waitz

_ Whenever anyone enters into an interview or a conversation with the doctor then that is the time when that person has a greater realisation about his health and also a greater sense of degree station comes in him which he would never feel through conversing with any other human or through listening to any other human experience. – said by Alice James

_ We should always come forward and help those who cannot get any medical assistance for them we should help those who are sick and do not have money to see a doctor or to get medicines for themselves. – said by Donald Trump

_ I believe that all the medical researchers they do not care or rather did not know much about the head lice. – said by P. J. O’ Rourke

_ The actual issues of concerns are the medical costs because they are high not only in the developed nations also in the developing ones. – said by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

_ The biggest problem in today’s world is mainly the crisis in access to affordable drugs and medicines. – said by Bernie Sanders

_ What I feel is that today the problem with AIDS is not mainly scientific or medical but the problem lies in the access to affordable drugs and medicines. – said by Bernie Sanders

_ All the countries should make efforts to ensure that all the areas of the countries must have the access to all the high quality medical care and healthcare facilities. – said by Andrew Yang

_ I don’t believe or feel that anyone’s personal medical condition is at all everybody’s business so it is nothing which you should just keep advertising around. – said by Aretha Franklin 

_ After I discovered that a psychiatrist does different things apart from what was actually shown on TV it was then when I decided I made my mind to be a psychiatrist myself. – said by Ben Carson

_ Always remember that as the medical doctors you will always know the actual faces of adversities . – said by Russell M. Nelson

_As the heart surgeon being myself I always hold a much greater responsibility on my shoulders specially by performing the open heart surgeries. – said by Russell M. Nelson

_ Why it is only for the medical doctors that they are sued for their malpractices and why not are the financial professionals are kept under the same criteria for their practices? – said by Robert Kiyosaki

_ We all as parents should always make efforts that we must get the best education for our children because they are the future of the new technologies the new medical cures that would be  developed in future so this means that education should always be our first priority. – said by Sam Harris                                                            

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