302+ Best Melbourne Cup Party  Names

Parties celebrated in parallel to the famous Melbourne Cup is known as Melbourne Cup Party. These parties come under the corporate parties. It has been celebrated for years and is one of the fanciest parties one can attend or host. Food and fun go hand in hand. Nowadays, having an awesome Melbourne Party name is a tradition.

What adds to the fun is appealing and catch Melbourne Cup Party name. To come up with an appropriate name but fancy at the same time is a tad bit difficult but one can get there if ideas float like butterflies in front of you. So, sit back and relax, we have listed down a few names. 

Here is a list of some unforgettable Melbourne Cup Party Names:

Fashion on fields


Barn and fun

Black and white party

Tales of cup

Watch and party

Don’t say neigh to the party

Trotty Tuesday 

Filly Fiesta

Under the barn

Fun on fields


Drinks in cup

Backyard barbeque

Sunset soiree

Punter party

Tales of tails

Champagne party

Drink and Dance

Black Horse party

Giddy up and party

Thirsty Tuesday 

Golden hour

Drink a date

Fashion Parade

Game of Cups

Hop and scotch

Devils and Angels

The Big Cup Theory

How I met your horse

It’s cup time!

Tasteful Tuesday

Old Town Road Party

Race and party

Ride and rum

Rum and roll

Cocktail de carte

Red and white party

Cosmos of cup

The cup fiction

Cup of fire

Say it with a cup


Beach Party

Field party

Feisty fields

Horsehead party

Saddle party

Bareback party

Bake in the barn

The fields affair

The Cocktail Bash

Sash and Bash with cup

Beauty party

Cup fever

Dress up party 

Cup and frizz

Madness in heaven

Catch up party

Mind your cup


Corn in cups

Cup and dance


Garden soiree

Bring your horse party

Get set cup

Old barn party

Don’t hold your horses’ party

Horse Partiee

High on horses

Neigh November

Wine and Shine

Black and white affair

Saddled Sunday

Caught up in the cup

Party in paradise

Horseller party

Perd party

Selle soiree

The Mystical Land of Cups

Martini fever


Freudian cup

Keep up the cup

Barnyard fun

Say Hay to Horse

Hayven party

Hay on Horses

Hide in days

Win or booze

Soulful soiree 

Iron horse party

Freed party

Fun with horses

The red affair

Rum in the air

Hay to High

Blue Party

Terrific Tuesday

Nothing but cups

Cupacake party

All that’s gold is a cup

For Hayven’s Shake

Forever Hayven

Sea of cups

Tobby loves cups

Lost in Hayven

Masquerade Monday

Filly Friday

Saddled Saturday 

No neighs to party

Neighs and noise

Neigh Nights

The High Horse luau

Sip and dance

Hoof and neighs

Diva party

The magic cup

No neighs party

Made in Hayven

The cup partiee

Midnight madness

Trouble in Hayven

The angel tail

Devil’s Hour

Holy Hayven

Barn voyage

Get filled on field

Fieldy shades of Neigh

Neighve party

The holy Horse party

Masks and mocktails

The pavilion party

Perd in Pavilion 

Pride and Pavilion

Fall in Hayven

Spell of cup

Hayven hours

Trippy Tuesday

Cruise and booze


The punting party

Garden Party

Trophy gala

The Cup Saga

Fifty Shades of Horses


GOAT cup


Cup de fun

Bar at neigh

Hayven in hell

Hot Hayven

Under the Hayven

Horse Rug Party

Satan’s Den

Devil in the pavilion

Cup Carnival

The lawn party

Giddy up

Stud Party

Mystery cup party

Neigh all night

Barn and booze

Risk and Ride

Fusion in fields

Ride and shine

Keep calm! It’s neigh time

Hayven and hell

Around the world in neigh hours

The Lawn Soiree

The stable party

Party in the woods

Horses in woods

Rum and fun

Hideout in Hayven


Classy cup party

The Bay party

The Ranch party

Field de partiee

Neighve November

Rising from the ashes

Spooky party

Hayloween Party

The turd party

Neighve Night




The soberember neigh


The equestrian Tuesday


Fall in the neigh

The Melbourne Cup Bash

ABC and party

Et, Tu with Horses

Neighve hours

The hoof party

Masquerade Madness

High on hoofs

Hoofs in Hayven

The Muzzle mania

The Perd Parade

Neigh Charades

Naughty and Neighve

Cup and cocktail

Cup la vita

Museday Mania

The cheval party

The horseplay



The red and black party

The team party

The Trojan Horse Party

The dark horse Party

Win and booze

The equestrian story

Saga of Horses

Neighve meetups

Plug and chug

The cavalry party

The equine party

Neigh at 9

The noble affair

The neigh affair

Nirvana and neigh

All glam and cup

Party all neight

Neight is young

Noon and Neight

Naked Neights

Trippy Neights

The noble neights

Naive neights

Neight and Day

The cheval affair

The Melbourne Cup Luncheon 

Mad Hatters Cup

The Melbourne Cup Soiree

The lane party

Bon Neighage

The vintage party

Neighve Neights

Cupatale party

Neigh and roll

Till it’s neigh time

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