101+ Top Urban Blogs and Pages names

There are many urban fashion designers who eagerly wait to inform those rural guys about the trends and which is why they try blogging and many of them succeeded in their venture and getting a fair income.

Rural people find to make a way to get into urban people’s shoes to get the urban living experience. The urban living people load their blogs with the urban happenings and get trending online.

Top 15 Urban Blogs of the World 

The Urban Housewife –  

This blog is run by a housewife based in New York, United States. This is mostly dedicated to women and covers topics related to lifestyle and family. The blog was launched in May 2012 and posts 6 times per week.

The Urban Umbrella – 

This blog is run by Bree Aylwin, a blogger based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  It features articles on lifestyle, fashion, travel, and much more. Follow this blog for affordable fashion inspirations. It posts twice a week.

Urban Media Today – 

This blog was first started in Pittsburgh and is a subsidiary of a media company of the same name. Follow the blog to keep yourself updated on topics related to entertainment, news, sports, and lifestyle. The blog became operational in June 2016 and posts twice a day.

The Urban Lifestyle – 

This blog is the brainchild of Rayvano Nkrumah, a 19-year-old blogger. He has a keen interest in sneakers, fashion, and Hip-Hop music. The blog is a good source of street fashion inspiration. It also features travel stories, music recommendations, fashion tips, and more.

Urban Pixxels – 

This blog is run by Jacintha Verdegaal, who is a Dutch blogger currently based in London. The blog is a great source of refreshing articles related to lifestyle and travel. It also features regular tips on how to travel across London on a budget. The blog publishes 11 posts a year.

Urban Swank –

 This blog is run by a team based in Houston, Texas, United States, and is a lifestyle blog that covers a plethora of topics related to travel, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and food. The blog was started in August 2011 and posts 3 times a week.

Urbanette – 

This quirky blog is dedicated to solving all your problems related to the urban dating culture. It covers a host of topics like fashion, dating tips, sex-related stuff, interviews of celebrities, inspiring career women, and much more. It posts once a month.

Urban Naturale – 

This blog is run by a team based in New York City, New York, United States. It is basically a brand of natural substance based lifestyle products. It shares a lot of information related to the benefits of consuming natural, healthy, vegan, and cruelty-free products. The blog posts 7 times a week.

For Urban Women –

 This blog is run by an online magazine company based in Bonifacio, Corse, France. It is dedicated to the urban women and covers topics like how to balance work and family life, fashion, lifestyle, and more. It posts once every day.

Urban Diaries – 

This blog was started in January 2016 and has since then evolved to be the ultimate destination for those looking for luxury lifestyle related blogs and magazines. It features editorials by celebrities, interviews, and much more. The blog is founded by Tanya Dhar and posts once a week.

Urban Life ‘n Style – 

This blog is run by a team based in South Africa and is another luxury lifestyle related blog on our list. It showcases hoe to lead the best life. The blog comes up with around 30 posts a year.

Adventure Gentleman Travel & Urban Lifestyle Blog – 

This blog is dedicated to the urban man and addresses issues that bother or interest men nowadays. It is a source of great travel ideas and fashion hacks. The blog posts at least once a month.

Vibestyle Blog –  

This blog is run by a team based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is dedicated to the urban lifestyle. It shares interesting articles related to music, film, fashion, sports, travel and so much more. It was started in January 2017 and posts frequently.

Vamp It Up Manchester – 

This blog was first started in October 2012 and is based in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. It is dedicated to the cruelty-free, urban lifestyle and helps people who are trying to transition into a vegan lifestyle. It posts 4 times a week and believes that sustainable lifestyle choices are the way to go!

Luxe Life NYC  An Urban Lifestyle Website  By Anne Raso – 

This blog, as the name suggests is run by Anne Raso who is a luxury lifestyle blogger based in New York City, New York, United States. She is an experienced freelance blogger and shares topics related to urban lifestyle, entertainment, travel, beauty, etc. The blog was started in March 2015 and posts twice a month.

A blog is a personal webpage where one can submit their posts and get comments on it. Through a blog one can even chat with readers, promote or advertise their business through links. A blog is not a website; it is an online platform for an individual or a group of individuals to share their thoughts through posts.  A blogger can earn a fair income through their blog. Just like any product, a blog name attracts more to the readers.

Here are some Catchy and Memorable urban blog names ideas for you

Urban living

City living

Urban news

Metro City

Urban style

Civic City

City Downtown

City Street

Fashion Ways

Community Town

Around Town

Public Town

Municipal City

Mayor Hall

Honor City

Governor Town

Urban Bikers

Style station

Living Max

Lifestyle Alive

Resident Life

Urban tour

City traveller

Living Line

Life Fashion

Fashion Way

Men Ways

Net Lifestyle

Lifestyle Town

Comfort Fusion

Resort Leisure

Sports Luxury

Urban Blog Names

Luxury Vacation

Urban Amenity

Fun Joy

Pleasure Venue

Urban Star

Perfect Live

One Urban

Golf Urban

Urban Wedding

Clean Tone

Urban girls

Web Fashion

Digital Fashion

City dreamers

Forbidden City

Urban Infrastructure

Urban planners

Dual existence

Staying tuned to the trends and styles of urban living seems to be impossible sometimes. We always want to know what is happening around the globe. There are urban styles to be learnt. Many of the youth from rural areas are attracted towards urban living and want to follow the same.

Trending Urban Blog Names

Top Urban Pages Names

There are many blogs which inform you what is going on in urban areas and what trends going on there. You can get the better view through these blogs. Some blogs inform you about the hottest trends of urban living.

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