36+ Best Memorial Service Invitation wording Ideas

invitations can be informal or formal. Although invitations have traditionally sent through the mail, informal invitations such as emails and phone invitations are becoming more acceptable.it's best to invite guests three to four weeks in advance. If you choose to invite your guests by phone, remind them again in writing two weeks before the gathering. Here are some Great Memorial Service Invitation Wording Ideas

Business CommunicationInvitation Wording36+ Best Memorial Service Invitation wording Ideas

36+ Best Memorial Service Invitation wording Ideas

Memorial services are different from funeral services because it is organised when the body of the deceased isn’t present.

These are held after the cremation of the person and it is with his/her good memories that the event is completed. The invitees are generally close friends, family members and colleagues who meant much to him/her.

What to Write on Memorial service Invitation?

  • Mention that the memorial service for the deceased is finally happening
  • Make sure that everyone who loved the person it invited
  • Mention everyone to be present
  • Make sure to tell everyone about your loss
  • Don’t let anyone leave until the food is served

How do you Respond to Memorial service Invitation?

  • Showcase your condolences for the deceased
  • Tell that you are going to miss the person
  • Mention that you needed to be present
  • Before you leave, shower the family members with your happiness

The event is extremely emotional because it is held after the person has been moved to the end of life and people will never be able to see or touch them ever again.

Memorial service invitation wording Ideas

  • This day was somewhere around the corner but we never wanted it to come this quick. You are invited to the memorial services of (name) on (date) 
  • Nothing is tougher than bidding that final adieu to the person who was dearest to the soul and mind. (name)’s memorial services are scheduled on (date) and you are invited
  • The family is in grave sadness with such a loss on the offer to them. Your presence will make them feel good on the memorial and give them strength 
  • Life is really short as we can never be forever with people who are dearest to us. Your friend (name) would be happy to have you on his memorial on (date) 
  • Sadness lurks all over the family as they come together to mourn the death of (name). Such tough times require your presence to hold them all in unity and strong 

_Memorials are the hardest but yet it is all about the smiles we can offer to the deceased on the day. Attend (name’s) finale and show how hard you loved him. 

_Memories are the key that drives memorials. You are requested to come and share your  lovely memories with (name) amongst us all and make us all feel better on the day. 

_Living without (name) is something that none of us would have ever wanted to do but life is impossible at times and this is it. You are requested to come and attend his memorial day with flowers that he loved to have

_Keep your tears to yourself as we all assemble to offer our smiles to (name) as he/she leaves us behind. His/her life had brilliance written all over it and our coming together will mark all such stories of her/his. 

_Tragedy happens to all alike but when it strikes to our own family, we are all fragile and heartbroken. On the memorial of (name), we want you to be present and say a few words about him.

_life will never be the same as it was when (name)was alive and with us. But we all must smile and make the most of what God has left for us. Please come and attend the memorial services of (name) on (date) at (venue)

_I still cannot believe this day would come when the cards would go out for the memorial service of (name). Please be present on the day as we really want his last farewell to be better than ever before 

_Life is a journey with abrupt endings and sadly this was the end of (name)’s time with us down here. We all are coming together to remember him/her for the one last time on the memorial service. (dated)

_With a heavy heart, we invite you all to the memorial services of (name) on (date) at (venue). Leave aside every other work and be there with just the flowers! 

_Words are not enough to reflect the loss we have had with the decrease of (name). The entire family is mourning hard and the loss is sad. Kindly come and stand by us on the memorial service on (date)!

_In these tough times only the people closest to (name) are the ones who can lift the entire family with their presence. You being one of them are invited to the memorial of (name) on (date)

_As the season of mourning continues, we can only be hopeful that you come and attend the memorial of our much loved (name). Your closeness with him makes us believe he would be really happy if you come

_After all the hardships of life, this has been the toughest invitation to make. Your presence on the memorial of (name) is anticipated highly by the entire family. Kindly be there 

_Lucky are those people who can live their entire life with the people whom they love and adore. We have lost the star of eyes (name) and we are sad at our worst. Please attend the memorial on (date)

_As we send out the invitation of (name’s) memorial, there is nothing but sadness filled in our hearts and we just want the time to pass and the emptiness to go away. Please be there. 

_We are sad to inform you about the demise of (name) on the (date) due to certain critical medical condition. After his/her cremation on the (date),we are holding a memorial service on (date) and you are invited to be a part of the family on the day.

_The honour of your presence is expected at the memorial of (name) who is our extreme loved one. With you around us, we shall feel the warmth and remember all the good times that he/she had with us 

_The kind of bond you had with (name) ensures us that you would have a big eulogy dedicated. We are eager to hear it on the memorial held on (date) at (venue). Please reach and call us for further directions 

_In the loving memory of (name), we are holding a memorial service that needs your gracious presence. Let her journey to heaven be full of wishes that make her stay on earth worthy enough. Please be there on (date)

_Life is as incomplete as it gets since the time (name) left us all alone here. Memorial of his/her is on the (date) and you all are invited to be part of this last rite for the happiness of his/her afterlife

_This is the hardest invitations to put forward. And we truly believe you will be present on the day for (name’s) memorial service. Your presence will be comforting for the family. 

_It is the most unfortunate announcement made till date and we are heartbroken to inform you about the decease of (name). Kindly attend the memorial organised by his close friends on (date) at the (venue). We miss him/her. 

_The veil of sadness and mourning has descended on the family since (name) left us all behind. On the (date) we have held a memorial for him/her and with you we want to make the time memorable. Come and join us. 

_(name) was the reason for all the smiles on our faces. His absence eats us up all day and we need your presence on the memorial hence. Without you we can’t make him smile for the one last time. 

_On the memorial of (name), we on behalf of him/her would like to invite all the closest friends and colleagues who had their best times with him/her. Please attend on the said date. 

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