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181+ Best Mendelevium Slogans and Taglines

Mendelevium is one of the synthetic elements in the periodic table with atomic number 101. It is a metallic radioactive element which comes first in the actinide series.

One of the most curious things about mendelevium is that it can’t be produced on a macroscopic quantity with bombarding the neutrons against a lighter element.

Another fascinating thing about Mendelevium is that it has 16 different isotopes known till date. If you are someone fascinated with chemistry, make sure to check out Mendelevium. 

Mendelevium Slogans and Taglines

  • I am not an ordinary element
  • Not to ignore the cool element
  • Mendelevium sounds crazy
  • Mendelevium is cool to work with
  • Mendelevium, an awesome element
  • I am not to be ignored, mendelevium
  • Mendelevium, an extreme element

Call me crazy because I am mendelevium

I am an element not to ignore

Mendelevium always rocks

Mendelevium, a rocking element

Its mendelevium, call me crazy

It’s your Mendelevium

Mendelevium, that’s an excellent element

Mendelevium, this is it

Mendelevium was born radioactive

I was radioactive by birth

Mendelevium, call me radioactive

Get some mendelevium

Mendelevium by birth

Don’t be mad, get mendelevium

I am maybe crazy, handle with love

Radioactive by birth, handle with care

It’s all about mendelevium

Mendelevium, handle with care

I am radioactive, I am mendelevium

I am still not that famous, mendelevium

People don’t get be that way, mendelevium by nature

The world doesn’t know that much about me, mendelevium

I am still in lab research, mendelevium

It’s an element, its mendelevium

I am mendelevium since 1955

Mendelevium, radioactive by birth

I was born in 1955

My code is 101, I am mendelevium

Research is in progress, I am mendelevium

It’s your cool mendelevium

I am a great element, I am mendelevium

I am a cool synthetic element, I am mendelevium

I am cool, call me Md

My atomic number is 101, mendelevium

A metallic element, mendelevium

Transuranic in nature, mendelevium by birth

I have a separate group, I am from actinide series

Can’t be produced in macroscopic quantities, mendelevium

I am the third to last actinide, I am mendelevium

Can be produced in large scale, I am mendelevium

My oxidative states are +2 and+3, mendelevium

mendelevium slogans

I was discovered by bombarding, mendelevium

I am at the right side of the periodic table, mendelevium

Hope you like the alpha particles and radiation

Be ready for the radioactive emission

Be safe, a radioactive element, mendelevium

Mendelevium, soft but radioactive

Soft and radioactive

You don’t have other options other than loving mendelevium

You need to accept mendelevium element

Mendelevium is god’s ultimate element

If you leave mendelevium, you are going to die

I have an atomic mass of 258, I am mendelevium

My boiling point is still unknown, mendelevium

I am a synthetic element, keep that in mind

My 16 isotopes are known, mendelevium

My isotopes have a short life span, mendelevium

I have no biological function, I am mendelevium

F block elements are cool, mendelevium

F block radioactive elements are crazy

I am from period 7, mendelevium

Predict me solid at room temperature, mendelevium

I have a high melting point, mendelevium

Mendelevium is made for you

Be a mendelevium lover

Mendelevium for all

Once you start falling for mendelevium, there is no going back

Though it maybe 101 in number, it is small in size

If you want to be reduced to nothing, say no to mendelevium

A fine line between abundant energy or mass destruction, mendelevium

Be powerful with mendelevium

Be as crazy as mendelevium

Blow it up with mendelevium

Enriched with mendelevium

As powerful as mendelevium

Know fission? that’s what mendelevium do

Fission by mendelevium, what’s the catch?

Get mendelevium to shut your enemies

Help to glow with mendelevium

Go all nuclear with mendelevium

Got mendelevium? it may be dangerous

Great power comes with mendelevium and great responsibilities

Go crazy with mendelevium

It’s a mendelevium thing

You wouldn’t understand mendelevium

Handle mendelevium with care, or else it will take you to hell

Keep calm and mendelevium on

Making history with mendelevium

Mass destruction comes with mendelevium

Help to power the planet with mendelevium

Time to be all mendelevium

Time to get mendelevium

Mendelevium is a bomb thing

Mendelevium contamination si deadly

Mendelevium decays

Mendelevium for all your energy needs

mendelevium kills, be aware

Mendelevium sucks

Mendelevium, a clear power for future

Mendelevium is life and death

Time to chill with mendelevium

I am mendelevium and my nickname is Md

Cool as hell element, mendelevium

A little bit of mendelevium is good for every planet

Brighten the world with mendelevium

Help us to know mendelevium with us

Freeze with mendelevium

Mendelevium? is not it too common?

I am cheap and sexy, I am mendelevium

Giving a better life with mendelevium

Keep the fire out of mendelevium

Try to be soft like mendelevium

Try to go far with mendelevium

Mendelevium the way of life

Do it with -mendelevium

Create a vacuum with mendelevium

Mendelevium, the top choice

Let the game of Mendelevium begin

The only Mendelevium

Mendelevium for vacuum machines

Mendelevium rules

Time to go far and rule with mendelevium

Life is all about discovering mendelevium

Mendelevium, it’s in nut and peas

Mendelevium, the smart choice

Mendelevium today, better tomorrow

It can resist high heat, I am mendelevium

Next to the beast, mendelevium is the best

Long live with mendelevium

Mendelevium inside

Think and don with mendelevium

It’s nothing but mendelevium

Let’s recall all the properties of mendelevium

Let’s connect with mendelevium

Light your heart with mendelevium

Mendelevium, brightening for better tomorrow

Be active like radioactive mendelevium

It’s my mendelevium

Mendelevium, loving and reactive

The ultimate matchmaker mendelevium

I am learning the properties of mendelevium

I am loving mendelevium, I can’t live without it

Mendelevium means new

Be happy with mendelevium

Cool and crazy, both like mendelevium

Use it for whole life, mendelevium

Have a Mendelevium and smile on

Give it a change, give them Mendelevium

Be neat and radioactive like Mendelevium

See more with Mendelevium

It is not easy being Mendelevium

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