Miss You Colleagues: 101+ Best Messages To Share

Some of the most heartwarming relationships are born in the workplace and it tends to stay with us forever. So when a colleague who by then becomes a great companion to handle the work stress with, goes away, life gets a bit harder.

Even if you were expecting the announcements of them going away, such changes are not easy to deal with, no matter how many times they happen. So the only form of therapy that can make you feel a bit better is to let them know how much you are missing their presence. 

List of Miss you messages that will help you to convey your roller coaster of emotions to your colleagues-

Best Miss You Messages for Colleagues

  • Frankly speaking, I have no regrets even though this job is taking you away from me. But I am glad that I had the chance to call you my friend rather than just a colleague. I’ll surely miss you.
  • Dear (Name), the world has got bigger problems to solve so put that frown away from your face because what we both share is spiritual. Although I‘ll be bored without you.
  • I am going to try to trend the hashtag ‘When you will come back’ because I have already started missing your presence. Don’t ever dare to forget about us.
  • Dear (Name), I hope you know that your presence has got something to do with the theory of relativity because ten years at the office with you just flew by in a blink. Will miss you, mate.
  • I have made many memories in my workplace and yet the memories with you are kept in the warm place of my heart. We are going to miss you but you have to continue to rise wherever you go.
  • It’s been 2 months since I saw you leaving your old colleagues and buddies for good. I hope you know that we miss you more than you miss us. All the best and May you keep shining.
  • I wasn’t much of a sucker for reunions but believe it or not I am really looking forward to our company’s annual reunion party because I have terribly missed my favorite colleague.
  • Isn’t it magical that since the day you’ve left, the environment here at the office has taken a really huge dose of boring pills? Do reconsider joining us again because the office misses you as well.
  • One of the worst feelings that you can have in your professional career is to miss someone who’s been your colleague for years. I hope you are proud of yourself for leaving us.
  • Do you know when a working relationship turns into friendship? It is when one colleague asks another “What! You too” So it’s been 6 months since you’re gone and I miss you.
  • Dear (Name), It was a pleasure being your colleague but what I’ll miss the most is you cheering us all up whenever our team’s morale was down. But of course, I’ll miss your charming presence as well.

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  • There never was another colleague slash human being like you and there never will be.  All of us here are surely going to start counseling because the emotions of missing you have taken a toll on us.
  • So what is worse, you resigning at the crucial time of a fiscal year or simply you resigning from being our most adored colleague. Although I am more worried about what we are going to do without you.
  • Life has its way of telling us to break the pattern and with you is moving away for a better work opportunity is one such lesson from life to me. I’ll miss you so bad my dearest colleague.
  • I wish I could be your colleague at your new office because I am really bad at accepting new changes. I know it’s my problem but I do hope that you’ll miss us as well.
  • Life has never taught me what to do when your mentor cum best friend suddenly decides that he/she has to go away. Well, I’ll probably get over it by missing you terribly.
  • Dear (Name), Now that you’re moving away from us, you will no longer be my colleague but I want you to know you will always remain my best friend. All the best, buddy. Stay in touch!

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  • To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me where you go as long as our bonding remains the same. But it is fact that I am going to miss you pretty bad, you one of kind human.
  • To my soul sister, I hope you know that the memories we shared while working together for years are very dear to me and now I am going mad because I miss you so bad. 
  • With you, my favorite person in this office gone, I have suddenly discovered gloomy hues of life because I miss you from the bottom of my heart.
  • I had never thought that missing a dearest colleague would compel me to write a book on bonding and friendships. Anyways, I am going to title it “1000 ways to miss your colleague cum best friend.
  • Whether it is the Monday blues, Wednesday, or the fun Friday, every moment at work has become gloomy, boring, and exhausting without your presence. The office walls miss you as well.
  • Believe it or not, I have tried to replace you. With you being gone, I have auditioned many new employee recruits to be my new friend cum dearest colleague but everything was in vain.
  • Who knew that the modern invention of selfies had the power to make me feel less blue. It is because those fun moments that we shared are making me miss you even more.
  • Maybe we weren’t meant to retire together, maybe life has other plans as well and maybe I will have to miss you to get over your presence at the office.
  • Dear (Name), I am so proud of your courage to make a career in standup comedy. You were obviously the reason for our smiles amidst those office pressures which is why we miss you the most.
  • Well, it is certainly painful anguish for us to not see your chirpy face every day at work. But I am glad that we have our memories that’ll never fade. Miss you, buddy.
  • Having an awesome colleague is a bad habit because when they go away, they tend to leave a void in every other colleague’s heart. For me, it’s you, buddy.

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