115+ Music Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Music act as a healing process for most individuals. It is hard to find people who do not enjoy music and don’t indulge in it in their free time. many famous personalities have had some great things to say about music.

Music Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • Music begins where words trail off. -Heinrich Heine
  • Music affects the mind in the same way as words affect the soul. -Modest Mouse
  • Unlike a painter, who draws his masterpiece on a canvas, a musician paints his picture on silence. -Leopold Stokowski
  • Music is the divine way in which you can say beautiful poetics verses to the human heart. -Pablo Casals
  • Often, I think in terms of music, I have daydreams about music and look at my life in terms of music. That is why I think, had I not been a physicist, I would have been a musician. -Albert Einstein
  • How can musicians evoke laughter, dig in to our deepest fears, and make us believe in our highest aspirations without uttering a single word? -Jane Swan

_Music starts to speak where words fail. -Hans Christian Andersen

_Human beings cannot live without the pleasure that music gives them. -Confucius

_Music is like a magic key which is able to open the door to the most tightly locked hearts. -Maria Augusta von Trapp

_Things which cannot be kept silent and cannot be spoken out are expressed by music. -Victor Hugo

_The entire universe can hear the music in our souls. -Lao Tzu

_The unnameable is named and the unknowable is known by music. -Leonard Bernstein

_Your fears will be dissolved by music and it will wash your character clean. During times of distress, music will provide you with a fountain of happiness to keep the joy in your heart alive. -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

_We are the dreamers of dreams because we create music. -Arthur O’Shaughnessy

_Stopping the flow of music is as unnatural and absurd as the stopping of time itself. -Aaron Copland

_A mutual harmony is struck by music between the will of God and the allowed joys of the human soul. -Johann Sebastian Bach

_If I got the chance of living my life once again, I would make it a point to read good poetry and listen to good music at least once a week. -Charles Darwin

_Music is the only truth. -Jack Kerouac

_Life would just be a few dull deadlines of production and pending bills to be paid without music. -Frank Zappa

_Each and every thing of our universe have a rhythm of its own to which it dances. -Maya Angelou

_Music is an extremely powerful force that unites everything. Music is something that people who have nothing else in common can share a common interest for. -Sarah Dessen

_We should listen to a little music so that our daily activities do not make us unaware of the beautiful world that God has created for us. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

_People were not always there for me when I needed them but music always did. -Taylor Swift

_Music gives a voice to all kinds of feelings like sorrow, grief, lamentation, happiness and laughter in a way that takes us away from the world of disharmony to a peaceful and serene world. It makes us see the reality from a new point of view which makes us feel as if we are sitting by a mountain lake and seeing the forests and clouds in the calm and still water. -Albert Schweitzer

_God forbid, if I die, my epitaph would be: The only proof he required to believe in the existence of God was music. -Kurt Vonnegut

_Music can be termed as the heart’s literature. It begins where speech comes to an end. -Alphonse De Lamartine

_A good thing about music is the fact that when you are hit by it, you do not feel any pain. -Bob Marley

_The medium which comes nearest to silence in expressing things that are inexpressible is music. -Aldous Huxley

_Philosophy and wisdom are not as high a revelation as music. -Ludwig van Beethoven

_Music speaks when words fail. -Irena Huang

_He got hold of his grief and converted it into a beautiful thing. Something that people could connect to. That is exactly the purpose of good music. It is meant to speak to you. -Hannah Harrington

_Music is the language of the soul. It opens the secret door to bringing peace to life and abolishing misery. -Kahlil Gibran

_We are told that the human race is far greater than our realisation by music. -Napoleon Bonaparte

_Life would seem like a mistake without music. -Frederick Nietzsche

_I realised that life was more like a song. There is a mystery at the beginning of it and confirmation in the end. But in the middle, there is a song which makes all the emotions of life worthwhile. -Nicholas sparks

_I love the relationship a person has with music. It is something that is beyond words. It eludes all our efforts to speak out. Perhaps, it is our best part. -Nick Hornby

_My higher power is music. -Oliver James

_Our lives are like a sweet melody. But the lyrics are all messed up. -Hans Christian Andersen

_When asked how I create my music, I reply that I just step into it. It is similar to getting into a stream and going with the flow. Each and every moment in the stream has its own tune. -Michael Jackson

_Once you let music enter your soul, it blends into your spirit and becomes one. It never dies. -Edward Bulwer-Lytton

_When I listen to music, I feel as if life is going on without any effort on my part. -George Eliot

_Remember that people who claim to like all sorts of music actually do not like any kind of music. -Chuck Klosterman

_The most powerful form of magic is music. -Chuck Klosterman

_Innovations in music is very dangerous to the State because when the fundamental laws of the State are always altered by any change in the forms of music. -Plato

_The only religion I have is that of music. -Jimi Hendrix

_The mud and dirt of everyday life is cleansed away by music. -Berthold Auerbach

_Music is the only truth I know. -Jack Kerouac

_You should consider music as an escape. Missy Elliott

_Being musical is the other name of living, beginning with the blood that dances in our veins. Every living thing has a rhythm of its own. Don’t you feel your music? -Michael Jackson

_If music is the food of love, then go ahead and give me excess of it. Even if the appetite for music might be sickening and deadly, I want to experience it. -William Shakespeare

_Music is how our soul outbursts. -Frederick Delius

_Someone who does not have any music within him or is not moved by the sounds of sweet melody is treacherous and spoilt. His spirit is as boring and dark as the night and his love is as spiteful as Erebus. Do not ever trust any such man. Mark the music. -William Shakespeare

_We Adults think that we know how to appreciate music but if we understood the sense of appreciation of rhythm and sound that an infant is born with, we would never do the mistake of boasting about our knowledge of music. The infant is itself music. -Hazrat Inayat Khan

_Music can cause you to hurt and pain. Such music hides a person who is suffering. -Pat Conroy

_Irrespective of the circumstances you are in or the place where you are, the feelings and emotions of all humans are universal. Music always makes us aware of that connection between us. It enables you to open yourself up and express feelings that you didn’t know you had. -Josh Groban

_Your heart is lifted; your soul is filled with warmth and you are left with a feeling of happiness after hearing a great song. -Colby Caillat

_Music vibrates in our memory when the soft voices fade out. -Percy Bysshe Shelly

_Music is the language of mankind that is universal. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

_Music is my rampart and my one and only. -Edna St Vincent Millay

_Some people have lives, others have music. -John green

_According to me, this music has something primitively soothing about it- it goes directly into my nervous system and makes me feel like I am ten feet tall. -Eric Clapton

_Even though I have not understood a single bar of musical notes in my life, I have felt it. -Igor Stravinsky

_The language of music does not communicate in particular words. It does so in emotions and if it’s there in the bones, it’s in the bones. -Keith Richards

_Wake up, live your life, and hum the music of your soul. -Amit Ray

_I find the fact that the music in your car makes you feel invisible, very amusing. If you are playing your car stereo at maximum volume it is almost like the people on the streets cannot see into your car. The music tints your windows somehow. -Chuck Klosterman

_The cup of silence is filled by the wine of music. -Robert Fripp

_We cannot doubt that magic exists when wildflowers and rainbows exist. The silence of the stars and the music of the wind is proof that anyone who has been in love has been touched by a magic spell. Even though it is so simple, it is an extraordinary part of our lives. -Nora Roberts

music quotes by famous people

_Feeling romantic is the same as getting on one’s nerves nowadays. That is why I think that music can make you feel very romantic as it gets on your nerves very easily. -Oscar Wilde

_I would believe that love is mortal if the music wasn’t there for me. -Mark Helprin

_Music has often refreshed and solaced my heart which has always been full to the extent of the overflowing, whenever it was weary and sick. -Martin Luther

_I wish he would see that music lives and breathes and stays alive forever. I wish he would understand that music is stronger than death itself. It is stronger than time and has the strength of holding you together when everything else fails to do so. -Jennifer Donnelly

_We are touched emotionally by music in places where words cannot penetrate. -Johnny Depp

_Life would be very blank for me with the absence of music. -Jane Austen

_The ‘curse of the musician’ means that the one who plays it hears it in a different manner. -Patrick Rothfuss

_You will be caressed by music in a deft and soft manner. Feel and hear how you are secretly possessed by the music. -Charles hart

_I do not feel any danger when I am listening to music. I am not vulnerable and see no foe during that time. I am connected to the latest and to the earliest of times. -Henry David Thoreau

_Music acts as the light of the moon in a dark and gloomy night of life. -John Paul Frederick Richter

_The end is not very far away if you have lost your faith in music and love. -Pete Doherty

_Even though the music we listen to does not define who exactly we are but it is a good start to it. -Jodi Picoult

_The most important gate of the highest world of knowledge is music. It comprehends the nature of man but man cannot comprehend its nature. -Ludwig van Beethoven

_I feel like I would not be able to hear my thoughts if the music is loud enough. -Nic Sheff

_My low spirits would be brightened up and I would listen to you perpetually had you been music. -Anna Akhmatova

_Each and every situation can be described by a song. -Criss Jami

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