710+ Nail Polish Brand Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas

Nail Polishes are very common among women, and they apply them to their fingernails and toenails. 

Since it has a huge demand, starting your own nail polish brand can be lucrative. Also, when you have your own nail polish brand, you need to give it a suitable name. All that you need to know about naming your brand is discussed here. 

How to Choose a Name for Your Nail Polish Brand

  • The name should indicate the different shades of nail polishes available.
  • Make the name simple, creative, and attractive.
  • The name must highlight the long-lasting power of the product.

Importance of Name for A Nail Polish Brand

The name of a product carries a lot of weight. So, you must know the importance of naming your brand really well.

  • Names Can Attract Media

Journalists prefer covering stories about brands that are appealing. Your brand name can attract the media if it is an interesting one. 

  • Names Can Engage Your Customers

Nail polish brands will attract more female customers. Your brand name will play a huge role in keeping your customers engaged. Simple and catchy names attract customers readily. 

  • Names Can Increase Sales

Often the brand names are responsible for generating revenue for a business. Once your brand name is able to attract customers, it will also help you to generate revenue for your brand. 

Tips to Choose the Best Name for Your Nail Polish Brand

Here is a compilation of some of the main tips that you should be following while naming your brand.

  • List of Preferred Names

You may come up with as many ideas of names as possible. It is always a good idea to have too many options from which you can choose one. 

  • Pick a Simple Name

A simple name that can be pronounced and spelled easily can attract more customers. Not everyone can pronounce or spell difficult names. 

  • Do a Proper Trademark Research

Once you have chosen the right name, now it is time to run a detailed trademark search. This is necessary to make sure that your name does not belong to some other brand already.

The Right Formula for Creating a Perfect Name for Your Nail Polish Brand

Naming a brand is a time-consuming process. To speed up the process, enlisted below are some helpful naming formulas that will surely help to generate a perfect name for your brand in no time.

  • Put an ‘&’

When you put an ‘and’ in between two words, it will make even long names sound shorter. For example- Nail & Polish

  • Colors Are Interesting

The colors’ names are simple, easy to remember and make a great addition to a name. Use the name of a color creatively to make your brand name attractive. For example- Purplewind

  • Use Your Location

Your own geographic location can be used to generate a brand name. For example- New York

  • Add Some Humor

Put some humorous words to make your brand sound funny. For example- Witch Nails

  • Use an Acronym

If your brand name is becoming too long then make it short by using its acronym. For example- N & N (short for Nails & Nails)

  • Create a Theme

Try to create a connection between your subject and a theme to create a new name for your brand. For example- Magical Paint

  • Put Some Personal Touch

You may name your brand after the name of someone who is beloved to you. For example- Bella’s Nail Polish

  • Use the Numbers

Use meaningful numbers to bring out a creative name for your brand. For example- 50 Shades

  • Personify Your Brand Name

Use the name of a person who is related to your brand or maybe some famous personality to generate a brand name. For example- Lady Gaga

  • Spell It Wrong

Often changing the spelling of a word cleverly can create a new name term that can be used to name your brand. For example- Obliq Nail Polish

Top Existing Polish Brand Names

  • Red Carpet Manicure Color
  • Revlon Colorstay
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
  • OPI Nail Lacquer
  • Zoya
  • Deborah Lippmann
  • Smith & Cult

Catchy Nail Polish Brand Names

Are you looking forward to some attractive names which will make your brand look amazing? Then, this page will help you in every way to set the goals for identifying your nail polish brand. You can use trendy words to create a name that will look catchy on your brand.

Glitters Nail House

Paint Knowledge

Jazz Up Pedicures

Little Rosy Cosmetics

Pink Nails

New Look Nail House

Nail Indulgence

Genie in a Bottle

Winter Polishes

Nails Are Us

Red Ave

Pearls Nail House

Sugar Nail

The Lacquer Case

Fairy Tale Polish

Smart Root

Scratch and Peek Polish

Urban Aero

Passionate Pedis

Colors R Us

Splashy Nail Art

The Glitter Girls

Nail Stop

Buddy Polish

Charming Nail Art

Opal Nail Station

Polished Tones

Nail Polish Rejuvenators

Trebbo Nail Polish

Pretty Little Nails

Green Ray Nail Polish

The Metallic Nail Mania

Curve Nail Polish

One Paint Away

The Uptown Girl Nail Polish

The Nail Goddess

Leaf Baby Nail Polish

Colors of the Rainforest

Polished And Proud

The Handy Candy

The Dashing Diva

A Polish Affair

Picture Perfect Nails

Well-Nailed Polish House

Red Carpet Ready

Bloom Manicures

Affordable Polish

Jessica Nails

Blush Nail

Happy Smith

Capital Polish

Grand North

Lighthouse Nails

Vivid Lacquer

Dazzling Nails

Artistically Colored Nails

Dazzle Your Nails

Holy Moly Manicure

Nail philia

Obliq Nail Polish

Steg brett

Nature Reflects

Trendy Turquoise

Polished and Pleased

Speedy Service Nails

Vibe Crest Nail Polish

You Spice Cosmetics


Rainbow Paints

Paint My World

Colors for you

Infinite Nail Art

Pamper Pros

Dawn Polish

The Polish Room


Rosy Nails

Rainbow Lusters

Red Carpet White Tips

Valentine’s Day Nail Polish

Grace Nails

Nail Art Spectrum

Express Yourself Polish

Put Some Sparkle on it!

Zephyr Nail House

Lollipop Manicures

Go for the Gold!

Fast Fashion Nails

Pink Passion Pedicures

Pampered Nails

Paint It Red

Fingers ‘N Toes

Polish Me Pretty

Le Nail

The Nail Company

Tropical Nail Polish Colors

Purrfect Nails

Glitter Nails

Nail Nurses

Jewelry on My Nails

Cool Nail Polish Brand Names

If you want to have a good image of the nail polish brand, then you must focus on a lot of things.

First, the name of your nail polish brand should look mesmerizing when people compare it with other brands. In this way, it will help your nail polish brand in becoming one of the most recognized brands.

Nice One Nail

Color Pop Nails

Fuchsia Nail Paints

Nail Maniac

Hands Full

Cause-a-Scene Nail Polish

Absolute Nail

One Stop Nails

Deluxe Nail Polish

Ooh La La Lacquer

Nailed Down

Sweetheart Polish

Passion for Polish

The Polish Report

Fantastic Colors LLC

Clarity Nail Lacquer

Happy Smith

Infinite Nail Polish

Paintbrush Nail Spa

Aesthetic Nail Paint

At your Fingertips

Good Wave Nail Polish

Tuscan Romance Nails

Polish Me Pretty

Le Posh Nails

Lavish Nail Station

Razzle Berry Nail Polish

Gemstone Nail Polish Company

Killer Nails

Wow Herbs Nail Polish

Christian Louboutin

Nails With A Twist

Pure Pedicures

Zoya Pedi

Fantasy Mani

Velvet Nail Spa

Nail wise

Alluring Lacquers

Tippy Tap Nail House

Manicure House

Azure daze Cosmetics

Put an End to Dullness

Marvel Nails

Gelish Nail Polishes

Mist Nails

Enviably Polished

Dotting The Style

Rainbow Bridge

Urban City Nail Polish

Painted Tips Incorporated

Nature curls

Lux Manicures

Framboise Pink

Sugar Nail

Sweet feet

Polished Promises

Go Lucky Nail 

Coastline Nail Club

Suit for You Manicure

Crème de la Nail

Paw-fect Nails

I Paint the World

Resplendent Nails

Space Nail Station

Lollipop Nails

Effervescence Polish

Heavenly Nail Art Studio

Bright and Beauty Nail Station

Sakura Nail Polish Studio

I Heart Red Nails

Hot Nail Spa

I Love My Purple

Killer Queen

Pampered Pedis

Dry Nails to Wet Dreams

Picture Perfect Nail Boutique

Rouge Nails

Color Shocked

Hexa Wish

Mani Pedi

Magic Nails Spa

Minx Nails

Bright Baby Blues

Bling Nail Polish

Angry Chic Nails

Sunny Manicures

Nails By Nature

Golden Arrow Nails

Well Nailed

Cloud 9 Nail Art

Greeting Monk

Matte Manicures

Gold Leaf Polish

Genie in a Bottle

Glitter Nails

Fabulous Hands Nails

Herbo Crew Cosmetics

Aethen Cosmetics

Rainbow Nails

Dotted Nails

Best Nail Polish Brand Names

One of the easiest ways to attract people to your nail polish brand is by curating the best name. The name will always be an important aspect of any brand that you are establishing.

You can create the name or choose an appropriate one from the following list of best names.


A Colorful Affair

Lovely Sheen Nail Polish

Fairy Tale Polish

Ocean Blue Nail House

Levin Nail Polish

Getaway Nails

Colors of the Rainbow

Deborah Lippmann.

Berry Blue Nails

Ballet Slipper Polish

Good Motion

Lily’s Nail Spa

The New-Age Glitters

Colour Confidence

Jazz Up Your Nails!

Vivid Nail Spa

Enrapture My Nails

Boho Nail Studio

The Dashing Diva

Boho Chic Pink Polish

The Dotted Nails

Canvas Nails

Nail Bar

Jack of all Nails

Paint Starry Night

Trebbo Nail Polish

The Polish Station

Small City Nail Parlor

Leaf Baby Nail Polish

Watch ‘Em Nails

Twinkle Toes

The Nail Dye Store

I Paint the World

Powder Nails

Epoch Nails

Lakeview Nails

Pin-Up Polish

Digging Your Polish

Nail Polish Expressions

Hive of Nails

Green Dot Cosmetics

Signature Polish Station

Beauty Nail Corner

Bling Bling! Nails

Funky Nails

Intriguing Ivy Polish

Season of Nails

Perfectly Polished


Maxming Cosmetics

Nail Shiniest

So Top-Coated

OPI Nail Lacquer

Royal Nail Club

Alpha zest

Polish with Personality

Posh Nail Polish

Pretty Shades

Endless Nail Art


Polished Perfection

Sweet Girl Nail Boutique

The Manicure Guru

Fancy Nail Spa

Nails By Lauren

Fancy Nail

Elegant Nail Polish Service

All that Glitters 

Noyolla Nail Polish

A stroke of Genius

Nice One Nail

Nail Envy

Pink Passion

Bliss colors

Romance Nail Company.

Handy Hands

Double Dip Polish

Vanity Nail Spa

Neon Clap

Red-Carpet Nails

The Lacquer Perfection

Apple of My Nails

Graffiti on Nails

Nautical Nail Spa

Grand hand

Wow Herbs Nail Polish

The Polish Queen

Smitten with You Nail Shop

Heart Felt Nailz

Nailed It!

Smith & Cult.

Paint it!

Queen’s Polish

Fancy That! Polish Coaters

Painted lady

Art Bar

Your Nail Style

Revlon Color stay

Better Wish Cosmetics

Funny Nail Polish Brand Names

Do you know that a different name variation can give your brand a lot of advantages? Well, it is not always necessary to go through the same old style of name.

In the modern world, you can become trendy by deciding on the perfect name. You can use some fun and exciting words that will look good on the brand.

Stand Out Nails

Aurora Polish Spa

Express Yourself Polish

Studio Onyx Nail

Nail Addict

Zenren Nail Polish

Flomb Nail Polish

Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

Gold Leaf Polish

Nail Musings

Fabulous Fingers Nail Polish

Pamper Your Nails

Froyogo Cosmetics

Red Lingerie Polish

Sweetheart Polish

Becoming Nails

Hot Topic Nail 

Grett Relics Nail Polish

Flawless Fingers

What’s Your Hue?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

La Petite Nail Shop

From the Powder Room

Urban Colors Coat

516 Polish

Nail Designs


Crimson Feelin

Amber Manicure Services

Ooh La La Nails

Lucky Nail Polish

Snazzy Paints

Aloha Colours

Pedi Professionals

Jazz Up Your Nails!

Nail Tech Nirvana

Manicure Studio

Paint Your Passion

Ten To Twenty

Guardians of the Nails

Pretty and Polished

Dreamy Nails

Turquoise Pop Paint

Nature Made Nails

Greeting Monk

Love My Nails

Red Carpet Manicure Color

An Ode to Nail Polishes

Green Dot Cosmetics

Viva Nails

Unique Nails

Elpron Nail Polish

Color Me Crazy

So Cute! Nails

Chanel Beauty

Colourbox Nails

The Spring Collection

Real Polish

Make It Sparkle

Diva’s Nail Stop

An Ode to Nails

Abundant Beauty

The Enchanting Nails

Love Ocean

Give It a Flare

Lacquer Charmania

Zig Zag Nails

Paint It On

Aid Polish

Sweety Nail Spa

Sunshine Nails

Shine On Nail Studio

Snazzy Nails

Serenity Nail House

Pro Nails

Fashion Fixated Fingertips

Pink Passion 

Bed Of Nails

New Empire Nails

Silver And Gold Nail House

Artistic Manicure Session

Quick And Chic Nails

Sandy Nails

The Nail Guru

Timeless Nail Studio

Jelly Bean Nail Polish

Matrix Nail Paint

Friend Polish

Eternity Nail Art

Famously Nails

Zenren Nail Polish

Colors of the trend 

Say it with Nails

Hypnotizing Nail Polish

Cotton Candy Pink

Glamour And Shine Nails

Class Act Nail House

French Manicure

Adora Beauty

Polished Attitudes

Clever Nail Polish Brand Names

When you are trying to put your ideas in the name of your nail polish brand, then you will come across a lot of things.

These things are important to consider as it is the first thing that will help you in creating a name. To get the relevant ideas to create the name, you can refer to some of the following names.

Nail Regale

Good Wave Nail Polish

Charming Nails

Hipster Nail Polish

Moon Nail Polish House

Nail Boss

Rouge Red Nails

Minxy Nails

Orre Otic Nail Polish

Chic Nail Polish

On-Trend Nail Colors

Classy & Colorful 

Manicures and Margaritas

Oh La La Nail Spa

Express Nail Service

Picture Perfect Polish

Mosaic Manicures

Vanguard Polish

Colors of the Wind

Long Story Short Nails

I Pink I Can

Glitters Nail Polish

Cleveland Nail Pura

Nail Bar

Nature Move Nail Polish

Pink Cadillac Polish

The Paint Run

Game Of Nails


Easy on the Eye

Paint Thy Nails

Ruby Red 

Studio Boom

Gimme a Hand

The Glitter Girls

Preston nails

Daisy Nails

Turquoise Pop Paint

The Nail Star House

Elite Care Nail House

First Class ManiPedi

A-1 Nails

Fairy Nails

Zig Zag Nails

International Nail House

Baby Blue Nail Paint

Ooh La La Lacquer

Nail Addict

Aventen Cosmetics

Royal Lacquer

The Nail Guru

Posh Nail Studio

Gorgeous Gel Nail Polish

Paint de la Nail

Be Sparkling

Sparkle and Shine 

Polish Of The Season

Alpha Zest

The Red-Carpet Manicure

Dazzle Nails

Funky Polishes

Nail Art

The Pedi Place

Lusty Lil’ Lacquer

CEO of Nail Art

Nail Polish Experts

Quality Nail Polish

French Nails

Rainbow Nail Art

Pinky Nails & Spa

Little Rosy Cosmetics

Eve Nail Polish

Nature Nest Nail Polish

Hipster Nails

Amethyst Nails

Spring Blossom Nail Polish

Iconic Nails

Nail Cosmetics

Dry Nails to Wet Dreams

The Mint Collection

Silver Spring Nails

When in Doubt, Polish it

Polished Princesses

Brush and Paint

Dream Manicure And Pedicure

Tickle Me Pink Nail House

The Urban Glam

All Nails

Back to Basics Nail Polish

Paint Me Quick

Happily Ever After Nails

Purrfect Polish

Newon Cosmetics

Slick Shades

The Lilac Moon Nail Polishes

Merlin Crest

Aloha Colours

Make It Matte Nails

Subtle and Sweet Nail House

Artistically Colored Nails

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my brand name is available or not?

You may use some online name checker tool or run a trademark search to know the availability of a brand name.

Does naming my brand really matter?

Branding is very important. The name will be the front face of the brand, which will represent it everywhere, and your customer will know you by your brand name. So, having a brand name is a must.

Can I face legal complications if I don’t register my brand name?

Registering the name of your brand is a must; otherwise, you may face a lot of legal complications later in the future.

Final Thoughts

When you are starting a brand or a product that has high demand, then you have to take care of a lot of things, including its name. Once you are able to impress the target audience with the brand name, you will surely achieve a lot of success.

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