100+ Catchy Nail Salon Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

To post something on social media, even if it is a beautiful pic of a nail salon, social media captions are required. Social media captions make the posts like-worthy. Nail salons have become very popular in the recent few years. Nail salons particularly just cater to your nail and hand needs. They offer fancy manicures, gel nail polish, nail extensions, and various kinds of nail art. 

Here are a few amazing nail salon captions that you can use freely.

Nail Salon Captions for Facebook

It’s time you get your manicure done. #manicure

Too much work and no manicure makes Jill a very unhappy woman. #manicuremakeswomenhappy

Get those nails trimmed! #trimmed

Let your nails do all the talking. #nails

We have all the Nail Knowledge that you will ever need. #nailknowledge

More than just Nail Art. #nailart

There is no other greater joy than slipping a ring on those beautiful fingers. #greatestjoy

It is Nail Art season. #nailart

Get those nails polished by a professional. #professionallypolishednails

Good nail polish is all you need. #goodpolish

Never underestimate the power of a woman with gorgeous nails! #gorgeousnails

We have nail extensions in all shapes and sizes. #nailextensions

It’s time you Nail it! #nailit

Great Nails are made here! #greatnails

Let your Nails do all the drama. #nailsdrama

Ladies always have their nails done. #ladies

Nail on point. #naillove

Beautiful nails make the happiest girls. #happynails

Take a hiatus from guys and focus on your nails instead. #focusonnails

No number of nail colors is too many.  #nailcolrs

Color your nails the shade of your love. #shadeofnails

It is time for absolute indulgence. #nailindulgence

Take out time for yourself! #youtime

Nail Salon Captions for Instagram

Some wine and some nail extensions are all you need. #nailextensions

You are gorgeous and so are your nails. #gorgeousnails

Help us get you the best nails. #bestnails

Fall in love with your nails. #inlobvewithnails

Manicures and martinis are a few things that we like! #manicures

Help Us make your nails beautiful.  #beautifulnail

Your nails deserve us. #nails

Nails maketh a woman. #nails

For great nails, you need a great salon! #greatnailsalon

We are going to become your best friends once you visit us. #nailsalon

Love them? Get them. #nailsalon

Visit us to have the best nail salon experience yet.  #bestnailsalon

Eat. Sleep. Get your nails polished. #nailpolish

A good manicure is worth more than gold. #goodmanicure

Pretty nails make a pretty you. #prettynails

You deserve the best nails. Let us help you get them. #bestnails

Having a bad day? Just come to us to get your nails done. #nailart

Anybody can wear a pretty dress, but the nails decide whether you are a lady or not! #ladieshavebestnails

Why shouldn’t your nails be as colorful as your dreams! #colorfulnails

We are the nail salon you won’t be able to stop dreaming about. #dreamaboutnails

Suffering from heartbreak? Visit us, we will help you feel better. #nailsalonlove

Manicures and carbs are two of my favorite things. #manicures

Beauty is nail deep. #naildeep

I have enough nail polish colors – said no one ever.  #nailpolish

Nothing oozes more confidence than a pair of well-manicured hands.  #manicuredhands

We will bring joy to your life and this is our promise. #nailpromise

Happiness is getting a good manicure. #manicureishappiness

Your life might not be perfect. No reason your nails cannot be perfect. #nailart

When life gives you lemons, go to your nail technician.  #nailtech

Manicures and martinis are some of the simple pleasures of life. #manicure

You were born to rock the red nail polish. #rednailpaint

Nail color on point. #nailcolor

New day, new nails, new you. #nail&u

Take out time for a little self-care. Visit us! #selfcare

Nail Salon Captions for Twitter

Get a different nail color done for your every mood. #mood

You deserve to feel beautiful! #nailart

Great nails are made here! #greatnails

Get those extensions done! #nailextensions

Luxurious you. #nailartluxury

Color your world with myriad colors! #lovenailcolours

We are passionate about your nails! #passionateaboutnails

Trust only verified nail technicians with your nails! #nailtech

Do not think too much, just admire your nails! #admirenails

Beauty at its best. #nailart

In this world full of disappointment, do not let your nails be one! #nailsalon

Live, laugh, love, and get manicures done! #manicures

Nail is your asset, treasure it. #treasureyournails

Nail it! #nailsalon

Take out time for your nails. #nailsalon

You do not have to go through life with bad nails. Visit the US! #nailsalon

Your nails will always love you back. #naillove

Take care of those delicate hands. #manicure

Let us pamper your hands! #manicure

All you need to lift up your spirits is to visit a nail salon. #nailsalon

It is time you get a new manicure done! #manicure

Gorgeous nails make a confident woman. #confidence

Visit us to get nails like never before. #nailsalon

You are worth those envious glances. #nailart

Romance your nails. #nailartsalon

 Nails on fleek! #nailart

Never a dull nail color. #nailcolor

Nails are your best friends. Take care of them. #manicure

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