489+ Superb Nail Salon Name Ideas Ever ( Video+ Infographic)

489+ Superb Nail Salon Name Ideas Ever

The beauty industry is growing and full of opportunities. The industry continues to thrive with revenues expected to reach $58.7 billion by 2020.

Best way to increase your market reach and your Network with local beauty schools and professional groups because it will help you recruit your first employees and stay in touch with sources of talented applicants.

The nail salon is one of the most fruitful kinds of businesses that one can adopt in the US. If you are willing to start your own nail salon in the US, it will be a great idea to do as there are a number of opportunities. 

But, there are a number of factors that you should keep in mind. You need to choose a good business plan along with a good business name which will help you streamline your business more easily. So, make sure to keep that in mind.

Apart from this, you also need to check the present market scenario. This will help you understand what changes shall you take in your business. 

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that you need to choose the right business name in order to please your guests. So, this is an important factor that you should consider before planning for your business.

However, planning a business name is not an easy task. You need to keep a number of factors in mind which will ultimately help you choose the right business name. 

Successful nail salons and spas are always sported a loyal following. If you can also capture a patron once, and impress them, you stand a good chance of securing their continued business.

With a good nail salon and spa, speedy surface with short wait times, quality work, cleanliness, and competitive pricing entice new and repeat customers.

important to potential customers.

  • Special Event

A special event, such as a grand opening or a holiday-themed gathering at the salon, can help you to build interest and entice new customers to check out your business.

Even providing special discounts for regular customers can be profitable, such as a free French manicure upgrade, double massage times, or complimentary manicures for children can help to get people in the door.

Once you have already all of these in your salon, deliver immaculate service and results to keep them coming back. Mainly offering refreshments encourages customers to linger and hopefully purchase additional services.

  • Referral Program

Many patrons like to visit salons and spas in pairs. Basically to create a haven enticing to a friends’ outing, offer your customers referral rewards for the new customers they bring in.

Create the right referral tracking sheet and offer a gift certificate for every new patron. You could also go for visiting the spa or salon appealing to the new customers as well by offering half-price discounts for a first-time visit.

  • Networking

Forming a good partnership with area businesses can also be a helpful and mutually beneficial way to gather new clients. Always look for area businesses that serve a similar clientele like you, but that are not competitors.

For keeping an example, a bridal boutique caters to young women and their female family members, making it an ideal source for networking.

So, offer to post some of its catalogs and business cards in your store in exchange for it doing the same.

A bride may be looking for somewhere to get her hair and nails done for her wedding, so leaving your salon information in the bridal boutique could win you additional business.

  • Stand Out From the Competition

Giving little extras that set you apart from your local competition can help you to gain a larger segment of the market base. Also serving champagne to your over-21 patrons could make you well known in the area and attract new customers.

Offering snacks such as chocolates or fruit in your waiting room and transitioning your lobby into a hip lounge area can further distance you from your competition and make your salon more of an enjoyable destination than a basic spa.

Existing Nail salon names in US

  • Studio Chique
  • Blondie’s Hair Studio & Spa
  • Silk Nail Salon
  • Sunset Nails
  • Divine Spa
  • Lucky Nails
  • La Petite Nail Shop
  • Forever Nails By Kim
  • Sweeties Nails Salon
  • Creative Nail Care
  • Richmond Nail Salon
  • Thi Spa & Nails
  • Spectrum Nail Spa
  • Mani-Pedi
  • Q Spa
  • The Nail Room
  • Mac Nail Spa

How to choose the right Nail Salon Name

How We Can Keep Cute Nail Salon Names

Have you been always had a passion for pretty fingers and toes? Then why don’t you go to school to become a nail technician? Most beauty schools mainly offer this program, it’s not terribly expensive and doesn’t take too long to learn the trade.

Mainly at some point in your career, you may decide the time is right to open your own salon, and to register your business you’ll need a great name.

Your nail spa should be eye-catching and memorable, and make people think of the luxurious and fun experience of getting a manicure.

Choosing a Nail Salon Name

You may also have been wondering at what point you should think of the name for your salon.

Well, the correct answer is, before you start trying to register your business! Many people will also already have a name in their mind, but if you need some ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

important tips for coming up with a Nail Salon name

  • Industry term: Use all industry terms in the name to make it clear what type of salon it is, whether it be a hair salon, day spa, or in this case, a nail salon.
  • Rhyme can be helpful: Anything that mainly helps a name to be catchy is good, and rhyming does just that!
  • Your name: You are the perfect master nail technician, right? Shout it loud and proud! There’s nothing wrong to have pride in your business and in yourself as an entrepreneur.
  • Usage of Location: Using the exact location in your name can be a clever way to tell people where you are without actually telling them.
  • Target market: Some nail salons are mainly classier than others, offering more upscale services. If you are mainly targeting a more affluent crowd, make this clear in the name.

With all tips considered, it is now time for you to keep a good name for your nail spa business.

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Best Nail salon Name ideas for you

Every Nail Salon Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

Blue Bliss Nail Salon

Brilbynn Nail Salon


Curio Curl Salon

Red Freedom Salon

Lavish Sphere Salon

Nail Maestro Pallette

Soul bella nail Saloon

Glamour Girl

Blossom Bee

Dianna’s Magical hand

be Fine Nail spa

Colocity Nail Salon

Swiss Dream

Newyou salon

Eclature Nail Salon

Be Sparkaling


nail Flirt Nail Salon

Starlett nail

Sundry styles Nail Salon

Fresty salon

Evoke nail Spa Nail Salon


Trendified Girls


Girl Gossips

Atlanta Coast

Pretty Feet Nail Salon

Adorna Moon

Beyond manicures


Mad Click

Paris Dreamin’ Nail Spa

Aurorique Nails and Spa

MonetNails and Spa

Crystal Prism Nails

VenusGLow Spa

ColorKarma SPa

Cosmix Nails

beautify Nail Salon


Plush Pinkies

nailville Nail Salon

Glama trix



Darlique Nail Spa

Angelic Nail spa

Newland Nails

Delsalate Nail Salon

Pretty Bloom

Spring Circle Spa

Glam Glory

White Decal Nail Salon




Cafe moiselle


Colomania Nail Salon


CraftCarry Nail Salon




RareFlair Crafty



Spring Hands Nail Salon 

CraftSense Crafty

Uprising Thread Nail Salon

Nova Crafty

MotiveStone Nail Salon

Rockstable Nail Salon

FineCurves Nail Salon


VistaVibe Crafty

Crafty Clique Nail Salon


FirstFynk Nail Salon

AngelDiva Crafty





Mixxen Nail Salon


Escotte Nail Salon


Trifecta Crafty

Crafty Affair



PolkaDots Nail Salon

Do you own a nail salon that’s struggling to come up with a catchy slogan? So do check out the catchy nail salon slogans and taglines.





JoyBox Nail Salon


EastMan Nail Salon





WholeHobby Crafty


CrewPop Nail Salon


NexonBerry Nail Salon

CosmixCave Nail Salon

Aristocracy Nail Salon

Carle Clip Nail Salon

Just Papon Crafty


PinkPecan Nail Salon

EpicMaster Crafty

Qubix Nail Salon

UrbanSmith Nail Salon


Coronna Nail Salon

CurvyTrails Nail Salon

HexaDots Nail Salon

CrownStrett Nail Salon

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Nail Salon Name

cool Nail salon Name ideas

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking.

For nail salon business names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Below are some cool nail salon names ideas.

Craft junkie

NorthQuest Nail Salon


Tressora Nail Salon

la shina Nail spa

You & I nail Saloon

Aura Bling

inspirestic Nail spa

Rock spark

Dazzle dots Nail spa

Pink Glitz

nail Tymes Nail spa

heaven Valley


NailFlirt Spa

Luxia Nail spa


The nail Palace

Lishify Nail spa

Teg Teg Spa

Blue lace


Style FIngers

NuTrends Nails


Elegant Star

Sensi bless

SprintNail Spa

Green lily

Nails at Vine spa

Angel of Eden Spa

Trendy palette

Evoke Bliss Spa

Mistik Jazz Nail spa

Sunday Styles Nail Spa


Voila Way Spa Nail

An About Page is where you share your brand story, company values, and mission, as well as experiences. So, check out the nail salon best about us page samples and create the best page

New Wave Nail spa

nai oasis

Diamond Shine Nails

Sophistique Nail spa


Tranquil Nail spa

Nail Story

Sassy Nails and Spa

Divine Pixel

Color Swatch Nail spa

Color Coat Nail spa

Poss Nail spa

Stylo nevu

Vivid hue Nail spa

Nail Cast Saloon

Mystiva Nail spa

paper Dash Nail Salon

Paperloft Nail Salon

LoveMist Nail Salon


Frafell Nail Salon

Doodlyn Nail Salon

Angel Touch

Annelin Nail Salon

GreatBliss Nail Salon


Eclatberry Nail Salon


LoveStrings Nail Salon

WhiteSquare Nail Salon


Minute Desire

Momentlyn Nail Salon


StayElite Nail Salon



GreyDot Nail Salon

AdornAve Nail Salon



LoveOcean Nail Salon

QuriousCut Nail Salon



BlueArts Nail Salon

Merlyn Nail Salon

Coronna Nail Salon



PaperFab Nail Salon

PInk Pecan

Aeron Nail Salon

De Moss Nail Salon

LoveGrid Nail Salon

PaperVibe Nail Salon

ZipFLip Nail Salon

MiddleTown Love


RedCurves Nail Salon


JoyJoss Nail Salon

PinkWave Nail Salon

Felacia Nail Salon

Mesmer Nail Salon

Memorette Nail Salon

BetterBig Nail Salon



LifeWaves Nail Salon

GoodMove Nail Salon



The Candid Nail Salon


CardMing Nail Salon

Joyouslyn Nail Salon

Mayray Nail Salon


LoveFloat Nail Salon

Flemben Nail Salon

THe Hennce

GrettBox Nail Salon



MadCurves Nail Salon

LOve Inches

SunCoast Sky

Trending Nail Salon Name

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The nail industry is booming thanks to the rise of nail art on social media sites. This industry reaching and achieving new milestones day by day due to awareness.

Here is the infographic that gives you more ideas on Salon Name Ideas

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