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National Bird Day: 89+ Messages, Quotes & Greetings

The National Bird Day is observed across the United States on January 5th every year. This day is celebrated to promote avian awareness. In 1894, Charles Babcock, the superintendent of schools in Oil City, Pennsylvania had declared this day as a holiday to celebrate bird day.

Babcock was encouraging bird conservation. These days, the bird day is known as International Migratory Bird Day. Birds are pretty and they sing sweet.

Many species are used as food. But people do not encourage hunting of such birds on Bird day. Many of the bird species are in threat of extinction.

The day should be celebrated by learning more about the wonderful birds and educating everyone on the conservation of birds which are on the threat of extinction. All nature lovers, bird lovers, and bird watchers across the country actively participate on the Bird Day celebrations.

Here are Best National Bird Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

  • Crows & Ravens hold funerals for their dead? They gather around a fallen comrade! How grateful they are. Happy National Bird Day.
  • What is your favorite bird and why? Let me know on this National Bird Day.
  • Keep the bird wild. If you want to live with a bird, please consider adopting one from a rescue organization. Happy Bird Day.
  • Mother Nature is the stylist of birds. Birds are super beautiful. Wishing all a Happy Bird Day.
  • Happy Bird Day! Birds are smart, they know when to fly out of their nest in the morning and when to return back in the evening.
  • Barn Owl populations is decreasing and old barns are torn down. They have been added to the State protected list as a species of Special Concern.
  • Free all the birds from your cage. It’s Bird Day. Let’s not make them suffer.

– Today we celebrate Bird Day, nature’s wonder! What a better day to visit a Bird garden!

– A Falcon’s vision is eight times stronger than a human eye. Great isn’t it? Observing National Bird Day.

– Happy National Bird Day to the best birds on the planet!

– Crows are one of the smartest animals on earth! Happy National Bird Day.

– Birds are symbolic and are far more intelligent than they seem. National Bird Day.

– The cutest thing you can see on National Bird day is a penguin.

– On National Bird Day, stop hating vultures. We need them!

– On National Bird Day, Let’s remind to protect what’s precious.

– Penguins may be flightless, but they’re still birds! And the love is on for National Bird Day.

– Go outside find a bird. take a picture and enjoy its beauty! Happy National Bird Day.

– Once you see how chickens suffer when prepared for being your food, you’ll NEVER want to eat one again. National Bird Day.

– Birds don’t get too much love compared to animals. So show appreciation to our feathered friends! National Bird Day.

– It is a National Bird Day somewhere! But Let us celebrate it here with all of the birdy friends!

– A bird trusts its wings more than the branch it sat on. Happy National Bird Day!

– National Bird Day is trending and I wish a Happy bird day to every bird I love.

– Some birds are not actually good at being birds but seem more like mammals. National Bird Day.

– Happy National Bird Day. Birds not only add beauty to our planet but also play a crucial role in the ecosystem, pollination and seed dispersal.

– Penguins live in cold landscapes since they have 4 levels of feathers to keep them warm. Happy national bird day.

– Every bird you see in the world represent the whole world. Happy Bird Day.

– Oceans aren’t just for fish but for Seabirds which depend on healthy oceans for food. Happy national bird day.

– Hummingbirds eat at least half of its weight in nectar and insects per day in order to survive. Happy national bird day.

– It’s National Bird Day. Birds are natural drones from God.

– Turkey vultures have a strong sense of smell, they can even detect dead things thousands of feet below. Happy national bird day.

– Researches have shown that watching birds is good for our mental health. I hope all will get time to watch a bird today. Happy national bird day.

– It’s national bird day! Love those feathered friends who are hungry for someone’s love!

– It’s National Bird Day. Shouting out to all the birds out there living their life to the fullest.

– Birds go unappreciated because they live high. But if you just look up, you can glimpse that natural grace.

– Some birds sing some bird tweet. Take time to appreciate them. Marking national bird day.

-Celebrate National bird day by listening to the beautiful tune of the helmeted honeyeater. You will enjoy.

-Taking a leap for birds in their life is as necessary as life itself.

-Even if birds have wings, it seems that they are crying out loud like ‘give us wings and set us free’. Thought on National Bird day.

-It’s time to feed some birds. Happy National bird day.

-The American eagle symbolizes so much. Happy national bird day.

-Dedicate a day to those innocent birds. Why not national bird day?

-The birds are powered by its own life and have its own motivation. Happy National Bird Day.

-Recognize some rare birds today and learn more about them. Dedicating the National bird day for it.

-Love the birds and always watch them. You might learn some more life lessons! happy national bird day.

-Celebrate national bird day by going out and finding your favorite bird.

-A pink flamingo is very pretty and interesting. Why not watch them and celebrate this day? Happy national bird day.

-The bird is our lives and they are too cute. Enjoying National bird day.

-Owls are creatures of great integrity and the best recruiters. Happy national bird day.

-Birds are graceful and look very impressive. Absolutely amazing. National bird day.

-Birds are such beautiful inspiration for art. Happy National bird day.

Let’s support this cause and encourage people to love birds. Wish everyone and encourage people with the following great greetings and quotes for Bird Day.

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