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National Emo Day: 68+ Greetings, messages and quotes

The National Emo Day is usually marked on the 19th of December month. The day needs to get celebrated, and you need to talk to emo on that day. Now, the point comes who are these emos. Emos are the teen child who dresses in a ridiculous style because of their emotions.

National Emo Day – greetings

– Happy National Emo Day to all the emos present all around us in the world. It is a day for them to celebrate and speak out their sad, depressing emotions to all the world’s people to gain peace.

– Happy National Emo Day to all the people who supports the emos and understands their mental state, their cause of sad, depressing emotions. They help them to fight back the emos in the race of hard life.

– Happy National Emo Day to the people who think that emos are the desperate, tragic teenaged children. But on this national day, they should go against their belief to support the emos in their life.

– Happy National Emo Day to the teenagers present all around the world. Resist yourself from being emo. Speak out your emotions when you want. Ask for the mental support if needed when difficulty arises.

– The day can be celebrated by our selves. Happy National Emo Day to us. This day, let us go to emo and talk with them for hours and hours. This may kill their boredom and anxiety, which they face.

– The day needs to be celebrated with our family members to spread the knowledge and awareness regarding this great day—warm wishing, Happy National Emo Day to all of them present in.

– Happy National Emo Day to our dear friends and mates. We may know some teenagers who are emos. 

-On this, we, all together with families and friends, go and talk with them about the difficulties they face in their life.

National Emo Day – messages

– The National Emo Day is a significant day to be marked and celebrated. Moreover, the day is essential to teenagers growing up with many hustle and struggles in their daily social life.

– The National Emo Day deals with the fundamental problems of teenagers like sadness, anxiety, anger, depression, and the mood swings they face in their daily life.

– This day tell the youngers to be enthusiastic and cheer themselves up.

The National Emo Day history is quite interesting because it tells us about modern thinking and helping people’s nature. It was in the year 1980 when the thought of celebrating the day started.

– On the occasion of the National Emo Day, we should gather up and try to join the Campaigns which are done to spread awareness regarding the emos. 

– The day is to reverberate the difficulties and hence find a solution to solving them up.

– The National Emo Day now gets lacks appreciation worldwide; with people’s support, it had also reached the extremes of all regions to assure mental support to the emos.

National Emo Day  quotes

-The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone. 

-Harriet Beecher Stowe 

-Emo always meant emotional. Any kind of art or music should be emotional. If its not, than it’s pretty much just a jingle selling bleach or pizza. 

-Frank Iero 

-So people keep asking me what this badge is for… this badge makes me the sheriff, the sheriff of Emo town, so get your straight irons and eyeliner ready! 

-Gerard Way 

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