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National Freedom Day: 55 Messages, Quotes and Greetings

On 1st February, 1865 the 13th amendment of the constitution of the USA was signed and it is the reason for the celebration of National freedom day.

Abraham Lincoln was the President then who had signed the amendment to end slavery in the country. On this day people appreciate freedom and equality which was brought about by the 13th amendment.

It is a holiday in the country though businesses maintain normal opening and closing hours. 

Here are some of the National Freedom Day Messages, quotes and greetings that you can share for this holiday-

_ Just like air water and food freedom is an aspect of life that just cannot be ignored. Here’s wishing you all national freedom Day.

_ Freedom is that building block of life without which the purpose of living becomes zero. Get your freedom, get your life.

_ It is not without reasons that people struggled for years to earn freedom. The purpose is great and hence the use of freedom should be wise.

_ On this national freedom Day let us come together and value freedom as it is in our life. It may look easy today but it wasn’t back then.

_ If ever given a choice between money and freedom, one should always choose freedom. Because money can be earned only when freedom is in your hands.

_ The greatest leaders of this nation have taught the citizens to fight for their own rights. And remember freedom is your biggest right.

_ It is literally impossible to understand the value of freedom unless you go through the history books and feel the struggle of the departed souls who fought for freedom.

_ The one who is not a slave should never make someone a slave. Freedom in its true sense is all about sharing the power. 

_Freedom is a beautiful feeling of being able to fly high in the sky but remember, it comes with the risk of falling way downwards. Be responsible!

_ National Freedom Day is an emotion that freed thousands of slaves who had no fault but remained bondaged just for the sake of discrimination.

_The air of freedom you breathe in today came after years of struggle and bloodbath of the slaves of time. Happy National Freedom day to one and all. 

_World is a better place to live when we have the power of freedom or it would have been nothing better than Satanic hell. 

_If slavery exists in any part of the world then it s a threat to the entire mankind. Let’s pledge to remove slavery and bring freedom to one and all on this National Freedom Day. 

_ Freedom by no means refers to only cutting down your own chains but it also means that you have a the responsibility to unchain those reeling under slavery. 

_Freedom is a civil right and hence every one on the face of this earth shall be awarded with this regardless of caste, creed, race and religion. Happy National Freedom day. 

_Rebellous freedom is always better than peaceful and dominated slavery. Support freedom and allow each one to grow to their fullest. 

_Competition can only be fair when there will be equal opportunities or else it is known as hegemony! 

_No one is a born slave and everyone is hence born with freedom. Slavery is an ailment of the society for which the cure remains in freedom. Celebrate National Freedom Day today! 

_Mind your own business and allow others to live as they wish to! That’s what we call complete freedom and the American way of living! 

_Lack of freedom results in suffocation of the soul and death while the body remains alive. You definitely do not want to be a soul killer? Join hands to make freedom available for one all! 

_All hail Abraham Lincoln for being brave enough to stand against the system to abolish slavery on the same date in 1865! Happy National Freedom Day. 

_Years have passed since the notion of freedom has been introduced to the people of America. However, today let’s take an oath to use our freedom responsibly to improve someone else’s life! 

_Embrace freedom to let go of falsity and ego that human beings learn from the negative influences around them. Freedom is happiness in its real form. 

_Growth and freedom are correlated to each other and hence if you wish to see someone grow, allow them the freedom to fly and fight their own battles. 

_Lack of freedom is a danger of revolt and massive uproar that can uproot the existing system. We have seen this happen in history haven’t we? Celebrate National Freedom Day! 

_Happy National Freedom Day to all the fellow Americans. Enjoy your holiday and value freedom more than you did before. 

_The colourful flag of the United States of America always reminds people that life is all about the colours and colours are only possible when you have the freedom to choose them! 

_When you have the right to live in an unobstructive environment then you have freedom and any further compromise to this shall lead to slavery. 

_The value of freedom is felt by those hands that have taken the dust of slavery alike. Respect the freedom you have and help others. 

_National Freedom Day is here and it is the best time to take a moment and offer our respect to all those who are associated with the signing of the 13th constitutional amendment of America. 

_Each of your actions has some impact on the lives of those who surround you. Make sure that you do not hurt anybody’s freedom and rest everything is good! Enjoy! 

_Use freedom to pursue your own good, it ain’t bad. But make sure that you do not come in the way of others who are also pursuing their good. Happy National Freedom Day

_The cool breeze after hours of hustling to be on the top feels like true freedom because you earned it and hence you deserve it! 

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