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36+ Best New Office Opening Invitation Wording Ideas

The place where you work or have started your business is often regarded as your second home.

After such hectic working hours, you hardly get time to stay at home but in the office you are right there working for 8-9 hours daily! If the office is shifting to a new place.

What to Write on New Office opening Invitation?

  • Mention that you are finally opening a new office
  • Tell everyone it wouldn’t be possible without them
  • Make sure that everyone is present on that day
  • Don’t forget to ask for blessings for elders
  • Make sure that no one leaves without having their food

How do you Respond to New Office opening Invitation?

  • Congratulate them for opening a new office
  • Tell that you are super excited about them
  • Mention that you are looking forward to it
  • Before you leave, don’t forget to shower them with your blessings

either people plan a party to announce the same or they out up wordings tomorrow inform people of their moving.If you are faced with a similar situation, here are some of the wordings that you can take use and make the most of the opportunity to showcase creativity- 

New Office Opening Invitation Wording ideas.

  • Want to talk business with us? Oops sorry we have moved to (new office location details) and are eager to meet you there at the earliest! Come and talk to us. 
  • We have moved and it shows that we have grown in the last one year! Our new office at (new location) is bigger and better and we are working harder to expand more! Pay us a visit soon. 
  • On (date) our office has been shifted from (past location) to (present new location). If you are reading this now, we apologise for the inconvenience created. Thank you! 
  • Our new office address is right here attached below. Due to some space issues we had to move and you are most welcome at the new location. 

_It is the happiest moment when a business grows! Our moving out to (new location name) is an example of how hard we have worked and achieved growth in the last couple of years! Pay us a visit. 

_(company name) has shifted to (address) on (date). For any more information please connect with (contact details) and visit us. Our new location is eager to welcome you and discuss work!

_As we move to (new office location details), this place is being given out to (company name). If you are looking for us, come and meet us at the aforementioned address at your convenience. 

_As you near the last working week of ours in this office, we invite each of our employee for a party here that shall mark our office shifting. Final memories at this office on its way team! 

_New office will be always better for some employees and not for the others! But there’s no way we can not have a new one because we are already shifting. All the best for the new office location. 

_Increments are on its way as we move to our new office with new hopes doing the rounds amidst all the employees. Our new location is at (new address details).

_We are proud to declare that we are shifting to new office location by the end of this month. We will update the address shortly and for any work visit us there please. 

_Not a new brand but our present office address is changing and we all are moving to the new location in a week’s time. For official work, reach out to us on call before you drop by. 

_Note to all- Our new office address is (new location details). If you are coming for business, please connect with us on (contact number) and clarify the details of our new location. We are happy to help anytime.

_You are at the wrong place, kindly follow the address given below and reach out to us at our new office location. We have  shifted for the good and you are most welcome. 

_Kindly turn your car around because we have shifted our office to a new location. Call us at (contact number) and we will send you our live location to follow. Our new office waits your coming!

_As we have moved to a new location, we have added a lot many new processes with us. It is a good thing and hence we all are happiest! If you are looking for business, come and talk to us at (new address details)

_We have moved to a new location now and hence all our office proceedings will take place from the (new address). Please note our mailing address and reach out to us whenever you want. 

_With sheer happiness, we announce that we have finally left the rented space and moved to our very own office at (new address). Every official work will be initiated from the new address from here on. 

_As we mark the final week of our stay in this office, the HR team has organised a meet-up for all the employees for a fun time. Our new office location will be announced on the day hence you are expected to remain present without any miss.  

_As we all come together on the (date) for our annual round table conference, the management has got to make some announcement regarding our new office location. Surprise awaits for the entire team please be there.

_We are loving our new office location at (address) and we assure that you will love it too!! Come and visit us any day you want to. 

_You are wholeheartedly invited to the opening ceremony of our new office at (new office location details). We expect your delightful presence to make the event a grand success. 

_We have worked really hard for the last one year and finally it has brought colours as we are shifting to a new location now and it is our exclusive office!! Opening ceremony party is at (date and time) and you are welcome. 

_Oops! You just missed us. We have recently moved to our new office location at (location details). For any further queries, reach out to us at (Contact details) and we will guide you through! 

_I have no words to express the kind of happiness I feel to announce the coming of our new office location. It is all possible due to the immense hard work of the team! Happy new office! 

_Our new office at (address) is ready and we plan to host a party at the place on the (date). Let us all be a part of the grand party! Be there by (expected time). 

_There is nothing better than being able to work in your own office. We have our new office ready now at (new address). For any discussion with us, come and visit the place at your convenience. 

_This time we thought of you! Yes, our new office address at (details) is now easier for most of the employees as they are closer to the transportation bay. Your first day at the new office location is on (date). Reach on time to attend the inaugural ceremony. 

_Come and join us at our new office and make sure you collect the freebies given to all the attendees. We are organizing an open house on the (date) for all. Make a point to drop by! 

_Eat and be merry at our new office opening party. You can also bring your friends along and have the time of your life. New office address (details of new location) and we are waiting for you! 

_Finally we have made it! Our new office location is at the most exciting location now and the first day is on (date). Come and join the fun opening party on the date.      

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