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36+ Best Non-Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Weddings are done according to the preference of both of the parties and as per their convenience. It is after all the couple who makes the final call on whether they want a traditional or a non-traditional wedding.

Non traditional ones are a lot more fun because of the fact that they can be dealt sans any rigorous rules.

What to Write on Non-Traditional Wedding Invitation?

  • Mention that the wedding is going to be non-traditional
  • Ask them for their support
  • Mention that it wouldn’t be possible without them
  • Make sure to ask for the blessings from elders
  • Don’t let anyone go without having their food

How do you Respond to Non-Traditional Wedding Invitation?

  • Congratulate them on hosting such a great wedding
  • Showcase your support to them
  • Tell that you were looking forward to the wedding
  • Make sure to shower them with your blessings

While the coming of bride and groom along with the wedding vows remain the same, the rigidity is a lot lesser in this kinds of weddings and hence your guest list can have the time of their life. 

Non-Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

  • No fun is better than the ones which includes people like you! Our wedding is about to take place in (event location) and we want to have you there. 
  • Life can be dull but with people like you it is all fun and happy! We ask you for your amazing presence at our non traditional wedding which is scheduled to be held at (venue) on (date). 
  • The joy of being hooked with your loved one for the rest of your lives is great and it only gets better when you join our uncanny celebration on the day. Come let’s party because it’s our non-traditional wedding on(date). 
  • Amidst this busy schedule, we want to keep things non trade and play cool. Our wedding event is on the (date) of this month and you are invited in your most quirky outfit to the event. 

_Its non traditional and hence its double the fun! Join the wedding party of (name if the couple) on (date) at (venue). The cowboy themed wedding celebration is about to happen so keep your boots ready! 

_Zero restrictions and 100% fun- this is the equation of a non traditional wedding. Come live the experience with (couple name) and witness their coming together. 

_ We want to try something new at our wedding and hence we are planning the non traditional style. Come and be with us on the day and make us feel loved. 

_With great food and great wine comes a great non traditional wedding event of (couple name). We are hosting the party on (date) and will be waiting with all our hearts for your arrival at the scene. 

_Without the best of friends, the wedding party is incomplete. As you get the hint already, you are cordially invited to join t6he wedding party of (couple name) on (date).   

_Being with loved ones is a feeling of accomplishment that needs to be cherished forever. With you we want to make our non traditional wedding celebration even more special and worthy. 

_Being unique is something that we have wanted from the day we had started to date each other and this is why our wedding is now in the non traditional style and we request you to be present along with your family on the (date) and at (venue). 

_ We have planned it all and trust our words the event is going to be full of fun and frolic! You are gladly invited to the non-traditional wedding ceremony of (bride and grooms name). The party awaits your presence! 

_We cannot think of being married without you being at our side! Join us for the non traditional wedding party that we have held on (date). You need to reach early as we have lots to plan! 

_We have loved to be with each others company since the day we all got together and now that we are being together for the rest of our lives, you have got to witness this moment! Do come at our wedding party on (date) and at (venue). 

_We are celebrating our wedding in the weirdest manner you can ever imagine! Come and see for yourself what we have planned for the day. 

_We are more than happy to be inviting you all for the great food at our wedding party! If you get time from the delicious buffet, please attend the stage we will be getting married there 😀

_For ages we all have been doing it in the same manner! We have finally broken the convention and made sure that the non traditional style is taken up and we get married like no one else in the family ever got married! Please be there to witness the moment. 

_(Name) daughter of (name) and (name) son of (name) are coming together to start their life together as partners for life. It with our utmost happiness that we put forward this invitation expecting your amazing presence at the much hyped non conventional style of wedding organised at (venue) on (date). 

_Wedding to follow after dinner or dance or vice versa?? What do you think will be new at our non traditional wedding? Get answers to your curiosity, come attend the gala wedding celebration on (date). 

_Can you wear the most colourful outfit you own along with a white cap? This is an earnest request as we are planning to have a theme at our non traditional wedding. Please reach the venue on time and be a part of the moment. 

_There is no pleasure better than the pleasure of your company and this is why we extend this invitation to you for our wedding. It is a non traditional party and hence you can wear what you want and be as crazy as you can! 

_We have never been the ones who went by the rule book and hence when it comes to marriage it has got to be in the non traditional manner! You are invited to the grand freestyle wedding of ours at (venue) on (date). You are free to style anything you want to. 

_Marriage has to be alone time thing and we want to make it memorable with all the madness on earth. Come and fulfill our dream of being the proud couple of the craziest wedding party in town! 

_One thing you can be rest assured that the level of fun is really going to be high in our non traditional wedding. Your presence is your gain and our too! Please come.

_It takes years of hard work to abide by the conventions but it takes only one day to break the clutters. Our non conventional wedding is the day for us and we want to have the most amazing time with you. Venue and time mentioned at the bottom of the envelope. 

_On the holy union of (name and name), you all are invited to witness the same. We are going non traditional and hence the proceedings will be shorted due to the lack of time but the essence stays the same and the food will taste the same! Please attend kindly. 

_Hello amazing person! Yes, you are invited to the mad cap wedding party of (name and name) on the (date) at (venue). Please come and join the mad force to get these two madly in love people married to each other. 

_The day is finally here and we are more than happy to announce our non traditional wedding event at (venue) on (date). You are expected to visit us and have a taste of the great food and wine and be a part of the memory. 

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