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165+ Best Oil Field Safety Slogans

Oil field jobs are really good as a job. But with a good salary, danger also comes along with it. Which is why safety in oil fields is the utmost important thing.

Oil catches fire very easily. That is why there is a question always arises and that is safety.

Therefore every employee and worker should be provided safety lessons and safety tools first. There must be proper safety instructions everywhere in the workplace. 

Best Oil Field Safety Slogans

  • Keep from spilling
  • Watch out for the spill
  • Safety is the only concern
  • Nothing above safety
  • Keep it safe, silly
  • A no accident zone
  • No space for accidents
  • Be safe, don’t regret
  • No-spill zone
  • Stay safe and uninjured

Apart from the safety instruction, some signs, posters or hoarding boards about precautions and safety tips should be there in the workplace. The managers or the team head should never push the workers or employees to risk their lives.

Safety team should be there to ensure safety, to make sure no worker is doing something dangerous without safety or no one is risking their lives.

Here are some Best oil field safety slogans. 

Be alert, live life.

Being careful is the best safety.

Preventing accidents should be a must.

Protect yourself for your family.

At home or at home, let there be safety.

Trip to Europe, not to the hospital.

Be alert to prevent accidents.

Accident damages, safety doesn’t.

Safety first.

You are your own safety key.

Thanks for beign safe.

Be an example of good stuff, not an example of an accident.

There is no such thing as an accident, you were not alert.

Keep it safe.

Be safe. It won’t hurt.

A fire today, a dark future tomorrow.

Your safety should be your first priority.

Playing with safety is risking your life.

Luck doesn’t work every time.

Do not push your luck.

Safety begins within you.

Safety is not a choice. It is a must.

Stay safe. Don’t get yourself hurt.

Working Safely may not get you a medal. But it can save your life.

Think about your family before risking your life.

Precaution today, safety tomorrow.

Precaution can save you from damages.

Let’s hold our hands to promote oil field safety.

Your precaution can save many lives.

Take a risk in life. Not risk with life.

Say yes to safety.

Safety is our first aid.

A hearse or car? The choice is yours.

oil field safety slogans

A fire today, no future tomorrow

A neglected wound can cause an infection.

Safety precaution- Your number one priority.

Risking life is not a sport.

You will not get an award for playing with your life.

Accidents are actually avoidable if precaution is taken.

Be careful cheer life.

Be careless taste death.

Know safety, no pain.

No precaution, no safety.

Is taking risk worth more than your life?

Let safety be a lesson.

Safety lessons are the best lessons.

Prepare yourself to prevent accidents.

Its okay if you are slow. Being safe is important.

Safety makes you live longer.

Safety has no time limit.

Being late is better than being “Late Mr.”

Safety is your first job.

We know that your job is important to you but do it safely.

It can be the last time you were careless.

Safety is the formula to live life.

Precaution is free, the cure is not.

Say no to safety. Say no to life.

Risk is not worth it.

Health is wealth.

Your safety is in your hands.

You would never know how important it was until you injure yourself. 

A precaution is a safety tool for life.

Safety doesn’t hurt. Damages do.

Safety rule is no. 1 rule.

Shortcuts may shorten your life.

Stop unsafe work.

One day you will thank yourself for working safely.

Turn on attention to accident prevention.

Your risk, your loss.

Work safely, you are not a stunt man.

No compromises to safety instructions.

Good health is good wealth.

Stop! Do it safely.

We are with safety precautions.

Be smart enough to live your life.

You help us grow. Be safe.

Your life is precious. Don’t risk it.

Your life is important to someone’s life. So think twice before risking it.

Rule no #1, safety first.

We want more work but not with the price of your life.

No safety no work.

Demand for your safety.

Be your own safety hero.

Better to be safe than to be late.

It’s never too late until you die.

Precaution- Don’t ignore it.

Safety- Don’t avoid it.

Play with your child, not with your life.

Don’t work without safety.

Your life is your greatest asset.

Have a safe day.

Have a good day. Today and tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day.

Work safely. Let’s meet again tomorrow.

Precaution and safety- the two most important words to live with.

It hurts to be injured.

It hurts when you get hurt

It’s better to lose five minutes than to lose your life.

Safety forever.

Precaution always.

If your job pushes you to risk your life, you need another job.

Just because it never happened, does not mean it will never happen.

Just because you have always done this way, doesn’t make it the right way.

Keep your eyes on precaution.

Precaution leads you to safety.

Precaution is equal to safety.

No precaution, know injury.

Know precaution, no injury.

Keep safety out of your door and danger will knock your door.

Keep risks out of your door and safety will knock your door.

Safety- keep this on your mind.

Lead yourself towards safety.

Don’t let others learn from your mistakes.

Life is beautiful, don’t waste it risking your life.

Get a nice haircut, don’t get yourself cut.

Safety is your first and last priority.

Normal speed is not bad if it saves your life.

Carry your dreams. Don’t let others carry your dead body.

Our aim- the accident-free workplace.

Some mistakes can not be erased. Don’t make it.

Put dedication in your work. Don’t put yourself in danger.

Protect your life. It is your responsibility.

No job, no future. No safety, no life.

Safety precautions-Do it for you. Do it for your family.

You never know what’sgonna happen. Always be alert.  

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