Palm Sunday: 101+ Messages, Quotes and Greetings

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Palm Sunday: 101+ Messages, Quotes and Greetings

The Sunday before Easter is the one regarded as the Palm Sunday. The day marks the coming of Jesus to Jerusalem as a messiah and saviour.

As Jesus was riding a donkey, the people laid down palm branches as a symbol of respect and honour. On the other hand, this grand entry of Jesus also marks the beginning of the period when he dies. It is a day of celebration and hence a holiday in the US. 

Here are some of the quotes and wishes you can pass forward on this day to one and all- 

Palm Sunday Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_Riding on a donkey comes the saviour who will fight the odds to stand for the people of this land! All hail Jesus.

_The grand entry of Jesus is inspiring in so many ways and I wish I could lay down some palm branches for the saviour to step on. Happy Palm Sunday

_It is that day which marked the coming of Jesus to Jerusalem. This day is history in itself because this is where the end began. Happy palm sunday. 

_Let Jesus shower his umpteen blessing on us till the end of time. Our prayers for well being shall be considered by Jesus on this day of Palm Sunday. 

_You must do as many good deeds in life as possible because each of the good work takes you closer to a bigger surprise from God. Happy Palm Sunday

_Not everyone on this earth is as privileged as you are and hence you should take this opportunity to reach out to those who indeed need your help. Today is Palm Sunday!

_The beginning of the Holy week is here and hence excitement for good times due to holidays are already rushing through the body. Finally, it’s Palm Sunday.

_Hey Jesus, you came on the earth to save sinners? If you did then come again and save me from the plight of my life.

_It is the holy day for the people of Jerusalem as Jesus entered the land today like a saviour from the heavens. Happy Palm Sunday

_On this occasion of Palm Sunday let us all come together and enjoy some light moments with good food and wine. The holiday season is about to fall! 

_Every leaf of springtime pronounces the promise of resurrection by Jesus. He changed the world for good and made it worth living in for decades. 

_The soul shall rejoice in the salvation of the lord. Once it does, my soul will be forever joyful. 

_Sundays are meant to be holidays and when it’s Palm Sunday, it certainly calls for double celebration and a heartwarming welcome to Jesus. 

_As per Palm Sunday, the cross is the true tree of one’s life. It shows and calls for everything in life right from the seedling period to the time when it’s a cross made out of wood. 

_With Palm Branches, the people rushed out to greet Jesus who had been riding the donkey to enter the land as a soul saviour and Lord in the form of a new king! 

_The words, “Hosanna to the Son of David”, reverberates even today on the day of Palm Sunday. The presence of the lord is a feeling that cannot be explained! 

_Palm Sunday gives us a glimpse and feel of what Easter would be like! It’s partly joyful but then it makes people cry thinking of the sacrifice of the Lord. 

_We lift the name of the Lord by calling him out from the depth of our heart! The Son of David is at the highest! Happy Palm Sunday

_The king of kings deserves a whole-hearted hosanna from us with Palm branches. This is for the man who changed our lives. Enjoy your Palm Sunday

_It is not always the lord who makes a day significant, it is the followers too! The laying of Palm Branches to welcome the Lord lead to this Palm Sunday festival every year.

_The world is in denial of its triumph and troubles because Jesus will be devastated to see how we, the people on earth, have risked it all to be the biggest selfish! 

_Let us all rally together with Palm branches on this Palm Sunday to bring Jesus back once again and let Lord do the miracle. 

_The king is coming for you so hold tight and live life like never before! Hosanna is the greatest and happy Palm Sunday.

_The people didn’t go to the king but it was the King who came to the people to take away their woes even by sacrificing his life! Lord is the greatest, forever! 

_On this Palm Sunday let’s celebrate the spirit of living and make it special for those who are under privileged. Even the lord would have done this! 

_Be strong and hold your guard to fight for the good. It will reward you sometime or the other and the struggle would be a happy history. Happy Palm Sunday! 

_Take a moment and understand the reasons behind this Easter season on the day of Palm Sunday. Forget the world and focus only on Jesus and his resurrection! 

_Though after a week the Lord faced a brutal end, he entered the city of Jerusalem on the Palm Sunday like a King that he rightfully is forever. 

-Palm Sunday is a happy as well as sad day to observe. Happy because the Lord took a grand entry and sad because it’s a week before the cruel crucifixion of Jesus. 

_With arms open wide, I call for Jesus to hug me! Today is the day the Lord began the journey of Jerusalem to create a history that changed mankind forever. 

_Happy Palm Sunday to one and all! I hope the treats are ready for the kids to dig into because this is post the lent and the wait for good food is finally over! 

_Let’s take an oath on this Palm Sunday to be of help to each other and to spread love on the face of this earth as much as we can! Lord Jesus will be proud of us.    

-Happy Palm Sunday! Celebrate this day to your hearts fill.

-Let us celebrate the end of Lent Season on this day as the Easters are on its way.

-This day is all about the celebration of Jesus’s entry to Jerusalem.

-On this day it is all about ringing the bell of the upcoming Holy Week. Today is all about celebrations.

-This day gives us a glimpse of the Easters. It is the start of the joyful days after the somber during the Lent.

-May the warmth of the season and the spirit of the holy occasion makes our heart bloom with enormous joy and happiness

-On this day let your joy burst forth like the blooming flowers of the Spring.

-Let us take the opportunity today to teach the children about the sacrifices of Christ and the story of Easter.

-Let us be thankful to God and rejoice for the Gift of Life. Happy Palm Sunday!

-After the Lent, this day is all about the fresh start, clean heart, and forgiven past.

-Let us celebrate faith in God today as he showed on this day that it is not about he can, but he will.

-It was not the nails that held Jesus, it was the Love. Happy Palm Sunday.

-Wishing you the grace and peace of lord in abundance. Happy Palm Sunday.

-On this Palm Sunday, let it be reminded of the reason for the Easter season coming.

-This Palm Sunday reminds us of the Holy Week with the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem.

-May all the dreams of everyone be fulfilled on this holy day.

-This day marks the coming of Easter teaching us the meaning of faith.

-This Palm Sunday, let us fell the blessing of God in our lives which makes our lives better.

-On this day let us wish that the veil of darkness be transformed to the brightest of light in our life.

-Let this Palm Sunday transform the most dreadful ending to the most beautiful beginning.

-Let this eternal life defeat the curse of death on this special day.

-Jesus came to the ground with abundance to give so we all should be homebound. Let us pray for this on this Palm Sunday.

-Let us encourage and preach our children about gospel reading on this occasion of Palm Sunday.

-On this Palm Sunday let us encourage our society to plant trees as it welcomes brightness and life.

-On this day with the ending of Lent season with fasting and giving up on rich food, it is time to celebrate and eat our favorite dishes.

-This Palm Sunday after the Lent teaches us about life. It teaches us that life is full of ups and downs.

-Palm Sunday should be remembered for the art of welcoming Jesus.

-Let us welcome the heroes of our nation on this Palm Sunday with love and gratitude.

-Let’s take an opportunity on this day to learn the sacrifices Jesus made for mankind.

-Let us remember this day when Jesus rode into the city like a king before he was crucified like a criminal.

-Let us All rejoice in the name of our lord on this special eve of Palm Sunday.

-We must learn not to get tired of doing good for ourselves and others, as it is always known that we will reap at the proper time if we do not give up. Happy Palm Sunday.

-On this day we should always remind ourselves that the lord has not only written the promise of resurrection in the books alone but also in every leaf of the plants of the springtime.

-Palm Sunday tells us that the cross is the true tree of life.

-On this day our souls shall rejoice in the name of God and be joyous in his salvation.

-On this very day blessed is the King who came in the name of Lord.

-This Palm Day lets shout in rejoice to the King of the Kings.

-This day let us remind the sacrifice of the Lord who proved his love in the cross bleeding and died for the world.

-This Day also teaches us that whoever you are and how much big you are you should always be down to earth

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