165+ Peace Quotes by World Famous Personalities

A peaceful mind is the sign of a healthy body. A person can’t fit physically or live freely, if his life is full of stress. Look inside your heart. Do you find a peace or conflict? Whether you’re a renowned person or you’ve plenty of money, you can’t be in a joyous state if you’re not mentally happy. Peaceful mind is the biggest asset for a person.

As we are surrounded by many disrespectful or worst things, which may destroy our peace. But, one must remember that peace is not other people’s story, It’s about you, It’s about your mind. You’re the owner of your mind. If you fill it with peace, it will radiate peace. If you fill it with negativity, It will radiate negativity.

So, be conscious about your thoughts. Many of world personalities were serious about the inner peace. Here read some of the best peace quotes by world famous personalities which will elaborate the true meaning of inner peace. 

Peace Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • In the repose state, peace is freedom. -Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • Can our breath or our step be filled with peace and joy. -Thich Nhat Hanh
  • You’re beautiful. You’re safe. You should think like that. Your+ surroundings must bring peace to your mind as well as your spirit. -Stacy London
  • Sometimes, peace comes from transferring yourself into different circumstances. It reminds you to be peaceful. -Yves Behar
  • You must find peace wherever you go. First calm your mind and were thing will fall into the right place. -Baba Hari Das

_Through out all the thoughts from your mind which brings you down. -Karen Salmansohn

_You should not only talk about peace, but believe in it. After believing, you must work for it. -Eleanor Roosevelt

_Peace is not about escaping yourself from your hurdles, but by facing all those issues with courage and determination. Peace is found in victory, not in failure. -J. Donald Walters

_Peace is not just daily process, but it’s weekly and monthly process. It’s about overcoming barriers and creating new structures. -John F. Kennedy

_Peace lies in positive emotions and feelings that is valuable in various situations. -Estella Eliot

_Peace doesn’t come from a person, place or thing, but it lies in our mind. What we think, we create it. When we calm our mind, peace enters into our lives. -Louise L. Hay

_Love strangers or the guy living in the outer world. Because, he is your neighbors, we  all are each other’s neighbors. We’ve the same aspirations, hopes and fears. -Frank Sinatra

_Force can’t bring peace. Only understanding can achieve it. -Albert Einstein

_It’s wonderful thing to imagine all creatures living a peaceful life. You may call me a dreamer, but it’s not only by the wish. May someday you all take efforts to achieve it and the world may live together in peace. -John Lennon

_When we all contribute our best from all that we have to create the peaceful and supportive world, then peace comes at that moment. Not only that, but also giving an opportunity to others for contributing their best from whatever they’ve and all what they really are, then peace comes at that moment. -Hafsat Abiola

_Peace doesn’t mean that there will be no conflicts, but it’s the ability to overcome those conflicts peacefully. -Ronald Reagan

_Without eliminating hatred and division from our heart completely, we can’t be in rest, in joy or at peace with ourselves. -John Lewis

_When you make yourself calm, you can calm this world too. -Maha Ghosananda

_Whatever you do, do calmly, do quietly, do not let your heart be troubled by anyone or by anything even if everyone or whole world seems upset. -Saint Francis de Sales

_When you’re peaceful from inside, from deep in your heart, you become an easiest creature on this earth. -Norman Vincent Peale

_Be strong enough to ignore other people’s negative behavior. Do not let it overcome on your inner peace. -Dalai Lama

_You’re the one who can bring peace to yourself, not somebody else. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

_When you lived in the past, you become depressed, when you live in the future, you become anxious, but when you live in the present, you become peaceful. -Lao Tzu

_Peace is not outsider job, but it’s an insider thing. What you see, you attract. So, enjoy it and spread it. -Wayne Dyer

_Love and peaceful mind gives us protection. They help us to control over life’s problems. They are essential element which we need to survive, to enjoy our present moment and make us courageous to face difficulties every day. -Bernie Siegel

_Without listening your mind, you never get peaceful mind. -George Michael

_Peace is all about accepting your life as it is, and not focusing on what it should be as per your own desires. -Wayne W. Dyer

_Peace comes from realizing your own self at the deepest level. -Eckhart Tolle

_You’re the only one who can bring inner peace to your own self. It doesn’t come from your husband or your children. Only you can give it to yourself. -Linda Evans

_Peace is affected by daily events and judgement. Don’t rely on outside issues to destroy your peace. -Haile Selassie

_Peace is your gift which you give it to yourself. -Mahatma Gandhi

_Peace is a beautiful feeling, like always. -Walt Whitman

_In order to make peace with your own rivals, work with them. They will surely become your partner. -Nelson Mandela

_War cannot be ended by sending guns, but by sending books. It can’t be ended by sending tanks, but by sending pens. It can’t be ended by sending soldiers, but by sending teachers. -Malala Yousafzai

_We know that peace comes from independence, still we find peace here and there. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

_Forgiveness is the powerful weapon to get untold peace and joy. -Robert Muller

_Peace does not come from charters and covenants. It stays in our heart and mind. So, let’s come together to bring peace in the hearts and mind of the people. I believe in our strength that we can do that, we can bring peace to humanity. I believe the difficulties of people are not beyond their reach. They can overcome on that. Yes, I believe on it. Do you? -John F. Kennedy

_People do not hate each other because of the color skin, background or religion. They learned to hate. – Nelson Mandela

_Light can be thrown in two forms. One is to be the candle and another one is to be the reflecting mirror. -Edith Wharton

_Anxiety is the biggest disease. From our families to the workplaces, we get worried. Remember, if we fill worries in our hearts than worry will make us sick, sooner or later, but it will. -Thich Nhat Hanh

_You can’t bring changes in existing. If you need to change something, then try to build a new and bring change in existing. -Buckminster Fuller

_I love to be in peace. But, if some bad happens, I want it to happen in my time, not in my children’s time. So that, they can enjoy peace in their time. -Thomas Paine

_The motive behind every war is one-‘Peace’. -Saint Augustine

_An open heart is a valuable possession and peace is a most powerful weapon. -Carlos Santana 

_The peaceful winnings last forever, not war. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

_War happens because of peace. -Aristotle

_Every one in the world must find their inner peace and the true peace must unaffected by the outsider’s elements. -Mahatma Gandhi

_Make yourself humble and kind with all what you have and don’t resentment with others. Those who keep resentment with others, never be in a peaceful state. -Buddha

_Nonviolence is the first and last article in my journey of faith, and also creed. -Mahatma Gandhi

_Instead of  thousand worthless words, one peaceful word is enough. -Buddha

_Only because of the rough men who’re standing at the border in order to protect us, we are able to sleep at nights in our homes. -George Orwell

_Peace and justice are interrelated with each other. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

_Peace comes from talking with rivals. It gives birth to fearless leaders. When you interact with your rival, then you gain a strong confidence from your constituent. -Desmond Tutu

_If people ask for peace instead  of asking any other tangible thing, then peace would fill in the world. -John Lennon

_War happens when people ask for peace. -D.H. Lawrence. 

_Let peace come into every one’s heart. -Ulysses S. Grant

_If you avoid life, then you will not get peace. -Virginia Woolf

_Peace without peace is worse than any dangerous war. -Tacitus

_Peace and mercy, I believe in both. -Malala Yousafzai

_Peace doesn’t come from unity in the nations or the absence of war, but it’s coming from our state of mind. Only peaceful people can live in peace last forever.  -Jawaharlal Nehru

_Working women who are linked, educated and informed can bring peace and prosperity to the plant. I can promise you that. -Isabel Allende

_The first thing that angel sang is peace. -John Keble

_Peace is above than any other justice. Peace is for not getting justice, but justice is made to get peace in life. -Martin Luther

_Be a change that you want to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi

_Weakest person can’t forgive their enemies. Forgiveness in the sign of strong person. -Mahatma Gandhi

_If you want to be a peaceful form inside, learn to ignore. -Robert J. Sawyer

_Try to be calm in every situation because peace is powerful. -Joyce Meyer

_If we think, we’re worthy enough to receive something, then universe helps us to get it. -Joe Dispenza

_Men doesn’t disturb by what they see around them, they feel disturbed by what they take from them. -Epictetus

_Get it without the feeling of pride, be ready to let go without the feeling of attachment. -Marcus Aurelius

_Be strong enough that no one can dare to disturb you. -Christian D. Larson

_If people expects from you, then it’s their problem, not yours. -Thibaut

_The secret of my peace is that I don’t bother about what happens around me. -Jiddu Krishnamurti

_’Peace of mind’ should be called ‘peace from mind’. – Naval Ravikant

_Wise men don’t talk much. Loving, daring and peaceful person is called wise. -Buddha

_Inner peace comes when the mind and heart delivered from all unnecessary stuff. -Remez Sasson

_When you believe in doing the right things and ready to let go of all unnecessary things, then inner peace takes place in the heart. – Maxime Lagacé

_When you accept the bad things, it is when mind filled with peace. -Lin Yutang

_Change is the only thing in this world which is permanent. – Heraclitus 

_When you’ve control over others, you become strong, but when you’ve control over yourself, you become powerful. -Lao Tzu

_You make everything possible when you’re carrying inner peace. -Master Shifu (Kung Fu Panda)

_External things are powerless to rule over you. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

_If people of this world become peaceful then this world becomes become peaceful. – Wayne W. Dyer

_When you accept your own mistakes, no one can target you with those mistakes. -George R.R. Martin 

_If a man find himself, then he never loses anything. -Michel de Montaigne

_Patience is the key to wisdom. -Augustine of Hippo

_Even, your path has full of thorns, don’t stop. -Winston Churchill

_When desire vanishes, peace enters. – Lao Tzu 

_Educated people have freedom. -Epictetus

_Three things you must  follow-Pray to god, hope for the best, free from worry. -Padre Pio

_In the doubtful situations, stay free, and chill out with others. -Tim Fargo

_Stress and peace, both are choice. Make a wise option. -Lewis Howes

_Fights starts from within. Be in the present. – Stephen Hanselman

_Take control over things if you can, otherwise ignore it. -Eric Barker

_Silence can be the best reaction.  – Dalai Lama

_Be as you’re. It feels good. – Pema Chödrön

Best Peace Quotes

_Remember, you’re like the whole sky, the weather is around you, just a weather. -Pema Chödrön 

_Walk smoothly on the road of life. Life is long lasting. -Naval Ravikant

_There is no need to react to everything. -The Stoic Emperor

_Your heart room must be filled with peace. -Jack Kornfield

_When fear disappears, life begins. -Osho

_Happiness lies in our self. -Aristotle

_People can’t get peace of mind, if they spend most of their time in thinking how to make worthy life. -Seneca

_When you’re not aware about your attachments, you become slaves. When you are aware about it, you get inner peace. -Maxime Lagacé

_Rejoice in everything what you’ve or for what you’re. Remember, When you follow the attitude of gratitude the whole world will follow you. Lao Tzu

_Change is natural. Don’t try to stop it. If you resist it, it only creates sadness. Accept the things as they’re. Let the situation flow naturally in their own terms. -Lao Tzu

_True happiness comes when we realize our duties toward God and people, when we enjoy our present moment, when we less depend upon the future, when we don’t worry about the future, when we feel thanks for what we are or what we have. -Seneca

_Don’t focus on the things, which you don’t have but count your blessings and thinks that how much you wanted them, when they were apart from you. -Marcus Aurelius

_Happiness and freedom enter into your life when you understand that you can’t control everything. -Epictetus

_Self-knowledge and peace comes when you do the hard work and suffers for it. It gives yo unique kind of freedom which no other thing can give you. -Thomas Reynolds

_Failure is an essential part of your success journey. Without it, life would seem boring. -Mel Robbins

_I’ve suffered 20 years of anxiety and panic attacks. It’s a kind of blessings. Without it, I can’t appreciate the peace that I’m enjoying now. -Mel Robbins

_We’re in charge of our time, joy and peace. We need to awake our power. -Marie Forleo

_Inner peace and discipline are the two milestone to get success. – Mike Ditka

_If you’re able to maintain peace and happiness within yourself despite any worst situation, you win the mastery of everything. -Rhonda Byrne

_In spite of having a plan, sometimes you need to rest, calm down and enjoy your own time with yourself only. Creativity is the foundation of life. -Paulo Coelho

_You’re born to live stressful life. You need to protect your peace. -Joel Osteen

_Desire is nothing but an agreement with yourself to remain stressful and unhappy until you receive what you want. -Naval Ravikant

_Inner peace is the most valuable thing than wealth. -Naval Ravikant

_Attacks will be there if you do right things. Keep doing. -The Stoic Emperor

_People may believe that brave men do not fear from anything but the truth is that they know, how to overcome with fear. -Pema Chödrön

_If you worry about something then it may not bring good for tomorrow but it may destroy today’s peace. -Randy Armstrong

_There is no need to do the same things what others are doing. -Roy T. Bennett

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