101+ Top Personal blogs and Pages names

Many such blogs contain the achievements, hardships, happy moments, sad moments, and all that a life has to challenge us.  If they are going through hardships, they will get a solution and an inspiration from the people who comment to their posts.

Top 15 Personal Blogs of the World

Tech Savvy Mama – This particular blog is an ideal blog for parenting in the digital era. The good thing about the blog is that it focuses on technology, science, math, and electronics. This blog has been created by Leticia Barr where her hubby (Jim) and daughter (Emily) have also contributed. 

Dad or Alive – Dad or Alive has been founded by Adrian, a stay-at-home father, and his wife has also contributed to it. This blog features parenting tips, lifestyle, and travel sections in addition to the humorous blog of Adrian. A book has likewise been written by this individual that can be purchased from his site. 

Dad and Buried – This bog was started by Mike Julianelle who happens to be a dad staying in Brooklyn and who has a son suffering from ADHD. This blog is an outstanding example of how one can promote himself by means of podcasts and social media platforms. 

The Dad Dude – This particular blogging platform is shared by Terran Nirvana Williams and his sweetheart Julie. Terran likes to give 100% to his job as a husband and parent. Being a dad of as many as 5 boys, Terran has got his job cut out for him.

Life of Srish – This blog was started by the blogger for venting her thoughts. Here, the blogger writes about anything that seems interesting to her. As a result, one can expect lots of topics which include shopping, food, life experiences, books, fashion, photography, travel, and so forth. 

The Purple Notebook – The person responsible for starting this blog is Supriya Kabra who writes about everything that seems interesting to her. In this blog, she has reviewed herbal, organic, and indigenous products which are skin-friendly as well as environmentally-friendly. One will likewise come across several book reviews right here. 

Kittens and Steam – This blog was founded by Hilde Heyvaert who has got a website and happens to be on Instagram and Twitter. The author writes about everything she loves such as photography, kittens, Japanese fashion, and Disney. This blog is actually a small blog that does not have a huge following although it keeps going. 

Cordelia Calls It Quits – This outstanding personal blog has been started by Kelly where she advertises herself online while sharing her shortcomings and insecurities. She does all these with humor, grace, and honesty. The site’s design is quite user-friendly and the blogger has made use of self-deprecating humor as well.

Write and Share – The blogger, Ramya P, writes regarding subjects such as travel, social problems, beauty, and so on. You will likewise come across some intriguing poetry right here. The social posts of Ramya P create lots of awareness for the readers who will like to make this world a better living space. 

HuffPost – This blog was founded in the year 2005 by Arianna Huffington and 3 other members. Originally known as The Huffington Post, this blog was utilized for newsworthy and political commentary. The blog was bought by AOL which was sold to Verizon for more than $4 billion. 

Pinch of Yum – This blog had been founded by Lindsay who sacrificed her teaching job for running this blog. The blogger began to work on this blog only on the weekends at night. The blogger has become extremely successful when it comes to the design and the layout. Moreover, the content and the photography are equally interesting. 

Barefoot Blonde – The founder of this blog is Amber Fillerup Clark who writes on beauty, fashion, travel, and so on. Guest bloggers have also written several of the blog posts. The blogger has been able to create multiple income streams by monetizing her blog with display ads and sponsored partnerships.

Minimalist Baker – It was not possible for John and Dana to keep up with the fan base. The recipes of Dana are quite simple where she uses less than 10 ingredients. The technical side is looked after by John. They will likewise encourage anyone who likes to start a blog to host with Bluehost and for using WordPress.org as a website.

David Lebovitz – Here the blogger has written the recipes in a personal blog style which helps to attract the readers. The photography is fantastic and the site happens to be quite fast and simple to navigate as well. 

The Blog Abroad – Gloria Atanmo happens to be a travel blogger who is extremely vibrant and successful. The photographs are professional and the site is quite simple and fast to navigate. The blog posts of Gloria are personal while her content is positive as well as uplifting. Traveling and blogging full-time is not an issue for her.

Blogging is a popular profession these days as an individual can earn well through a blog. A blog is a personal webpage where an individual can share their opinion and get comments from the readers. Many businessmen use blogs as their online marketing tool to promote their products and services. A blog is usually updated regularly and hence, we can get all the latest news from blogs. A blog name is as important as its contents as the name can draw the attention of a reader to the blog.

Good Personal blog name ideas for you to pin your life milestones

Team Talent

Live Post

Life Ain

News Staffing

Home Stories

Daily Edit

Network Group

New milestone

Time Note

Work Tools

Fresh Safe

Book Paper

Hot Tracker

Key Family

Fresh Safe

Time Chat

Insurance Guard

Smart Professional

Post Help

Private Life

Story Agency

Learn Lead Grow

Private Intimate

Memory Arcade

Women Trained

Private Their

Personal Blog Names

Let Me Wander

Sense Mission

Privacy Specific

Trio Minutes

Intimate Private

Regale Life

Romantic Pattern

Brave Boosters

Workouts List

Positively Incharge

Enpowered Training

Physical Consumer

Receipts Rack

Yourself Ahead

Their Privacy

Selfish Consumer

Vital Health Benefit

Stylo Lives

Home Safe

Code Monitor

Life Secret

Personal Life

Key Lock

Personal Own

Integrity Life

Inner Monitor

Keep Family

Risk Rider

It has become a trend to share our stories online and love to get comments from people. People have much self-confidence to share their lives. The life they living it, loving it, experiencing it, and making most out of these moments.

Trending Personal Blog Names

Top Personal Brand Pages Names

People love stories and they create one for others. Many even have their own name as their blog names and they include all the life incidents on it. The enjoyment they have with their families and friends is countless. These memories they want to keep and also want to share with others to inspire others.

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