151+ Pet Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Pets are the gift of God whose love is unconditional and purer than any man. Whether it’s a cat or a dog or a rabbit, no matter which pet you own, when you look at their adorable faces, they help you to make a smile after the long tiring day.

Once they enter into your house, they become part of your family.

They laugh with us. They cry with us. Only the pet lover can understand how much they’re special to us. Sometimes, It’s hard to define our love in words, but a few famous quotes by renowned personality have penned down in a beautiful way.

Pet Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • Women and cats are the same, they’ll do as per their own desires. On the other hand, men and dogs should relax and think about the idea. -Robert A. Heinlein
  • Cats have not forgotten that they’re worshiped as gods in the ancient times. – Terry Pratchett
  • Dogs are much better than men, they know everything, but they do not tell it to others. -Emily Dickinson
  • Cats admires, take endless sleep and, have friends too, but, when they really want it. -Rod McKuen
  • Time spent with cats are worth spending. -Sigmund Freud

_The only creature on this earth is the dog who loves you more than yourself. -Josh Billings

_Neither animals ask questions, nor they criticize anyone. They ‘re such decent to agree. -George Eliot

_Dogs are strong enough to ride with you in your car. They bark violently, even at nothing . – Dave Barry

_You’re free to speak any silly thing in front of your dog and dog will agree with whatever you say in front of them. -Dave Barry

_A dog’s love is pure. He loves you more than himself. -Josh Billings

_Although, dogs are not our whole life, but, it completes our lives. -Roger Caras

_Dogs are too wise to crawl into the corner and lick their own wounds. They do not come back from that place until they’re completely back to the normal condition. -Agatha Christie

_Dogs are amazing. Their love is unconditional. If this world will follow the same, it will become the best place. -M.K. Clinton

_The more I interact with men, The more I fall in love with dogs. -Charles de Gaulle

_Size of the dog doesn’t matter in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog matters most. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

__My arm is my dog’s favorite part. -Rodney Dangerfield

_Don’t panic the cat with your clothes. -P.J.O’Rourke

_Even, my parents were crazy about animals. I fascinated by the domestic pets as well as the wild animals. Pets are the amazing creature on this earth. Living with them was the most memorable time in my life. -Betty White

_Although, I feel love for women, but trust me, many of them are liar. They speak lies to others. One day, when I was at the park, I saw one cute girl, holding a dog in her hand. When I asked her, does he bite? She answered, No. To be noted, If he doesn’t bite, then how he takes his meal? Isn’t he liar? -Demetri Martin

_Cats are practical like other creatures on the earth. -William S. Burroughs

_Cats are independent, looks stunning, but different from dogs. Cats obey you, you can call him anytime, he comes to you only if you’ve something in your hand to feed him otherwise they wouldn’t. They like to be free and I love their uniqueness. -Antonio Banderas

_If you would ask me about my favorite kind of people, I would say, they’re dogs. -Richard Dean Anderson

_Do you know what can make your dog to make wag his tail? Money? Food? No, They will not make him wag his tail for you, but your love and kindness toward him can make him do that. -Kinky Friedman

_Cats has curiosity. But they’ll never reveal that. -Mason Cooley

_Cats are lonely too. They, too, are anxious about things like human. -Mason Cooley

_Dogs are the creature belong to paradise because they do not have jealousy, evil things or other negative emotion. -Milan Kundera

_I prefer animals more than human. At least. They are cruel or betray others. -Taylor Caldwell

_Do you know $40 billion is spent on pet food every year? -Nicholas Kristof

_Cats avoid change until they’re ready to accept it. -Roger Caras

_I’m crazy about cats, and, I’ve always been. -Vivien Leigh

_I’m animal lover. My cat is everything for me, more than a friend, and, a little soul mate. -Tracey Emin

_Being a dog, if your owner told you to put a sweater, then tell him to put a tail instead. -Fran Lebowitz

_I’m not satisfied with the fact that dogs are not allowed in the heaven. -Rick Warren

_When you buy the food, and, your cats took that food, eat it and run away. Isn’t it the scam? -Eddie Izzard

_When dogs jumps and sit into your lap, it’s because he loves you, but when cat jumps and sit into your lap, it’s because you’ve warmer lap. -Alferd North Whitehead

_No any psychiatrist helps you to be peaceful than a peace you get from a puppy who licks your face. -Bernard Williams

_Because of my lovely cats, I enjoy my home, day by day, little by little. -Jean Cocteau

_Like human, cats too feel lonely and anxious. -Mason Cooley

_I’m not alone. Cats, books, vegetables, garden and hens are my partner where I enjoy being with them at my house. -Jeanette Winterson

_Animals are funny, entertaining and intelligent. We’re obliged to care them as we care our kids. -Michael Morpurgo

_Dogs are our true partner. Their love is pure. If you need someone to love you like always, stay with your dog, feed him well and play with him. -Dick Dale

_In spite of a lot of cute puppies, people still go outside and buy a Dobermans. -Angus Young

_Dog’s laugh is hidden in his tails. -Max Eastman

_Dogs are the best way to improve ourselves physically and mentally via daily walks. -Andrew Weil

_My three cats make me feel that I’ve a child. But, no tutions are involved. -Ron Reagan

_My dog is the only one who loves me consistently. -H.G. Bissinger

_When I look at my cats, It makes me happy. -Paula Cole

_Cats are my favorite among all animals. I love them -Dick Van Patten

_Earlier, I used to spend time with dogs. Then, I discovered the cats. -Nafisa Joseph

_I investigated about philosophers and cats. I found cat’s wisdom is superior to philosophers. -Hippolyte Taine

_Never treat your dogs like humans. Otherwise, be ready to get treated like dogs. -Martha Scott

_If people want to get out of the overthinking, they should spend some time with their pet.  The mind is not trapped into negative thoughts when it relates with animal or pet. -Eckhart Tolle

_Charlie Chan is the name of my pet monkey. -Jimi Hendrix

_I went in the pet department with my parents where they renamed it as a zoo. -Billy Connoly

_No matter where I go, I always take my little pet, rap, with me. -KRS-One

_Goldfishes are great. I believe, that are the first pet of people. -Paul Rudd

_Can you take a lion to your residence? Can you make him a pet? It’s not possible. So, The same thing was with me. I’m that type of lion who can’t bow down in front of you. -Cam Newton

_I love animals and I need a pet. -Aurora

_I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift. His music and his wardrobe, everything is so amazing, and yes, his cats too, I would love to keep that. -Connor Franta

_Whenever I make up my mind to have children, I bring another pet. Till now, I’m having three dogs, 13 birds and 3 horses. Isn’t it enough? Alyssa Milano

_My dad didn’t love that much from my young age. Being a girl, it’s the biggest grief for me. Dad is every girl’s first love. If you wouldn’t get that affection from your dad and also, he did not give you a pet, you wouldn’t able to love yourself like others. -Doolores O’Riordan

_Lizard is the best animal to pet. Because, they only eat once in a fortnight. And, I’m a traveler. So, it’s a perfect pet to take away wherever I go. In case of a dog, he would trouble me with his starvation. -Abbey Lee Kershaw

_When we buy a dog or any other pet, deep inside, be familiar with the truth that one day, he would say goodbye to us, but still we prefer to do that. Because, they make us happy, brings a lot of positivity and make our every day special. -W. Bruce Cameron

_Cat was my first pet. Her name was Baby. I would sleep with her. I called her by her name, she would come running. -Ashton Eaton

_If you buy a rat from a pet store, you’re protecting them from snakes or some other animals who’re always ready to eat them. -Nikki Reed

_My goat is my pet. -Ryan Holiday

_When you buy a pet, you’re obliged to him care as a baby. -Farah Khan

_Being an animal lover, I believe that pet should not be given to people if they’re not willing to look after it. -Kirsty Gallacher

_When people buy a pet from a pet shop, street animals are losing a chance to get food from them. -Amy Jackson

_During my childhood, my pet rabbit and Mary (Mother Of Jesus) was most important to me. -Sean Scully

_Although, I love pets, but I don’t bring any pet in my home. -Asin

_Animals speaks a great language through their eyes. Martin Buber. German Philosopher

_Animals makes you a better human. -Rachael Ray, American Television Personality

_Pets brings love, laughter in our life. It makes our relationship with each other more strongly. Every day, he waits for us at the door. His love can’t be compared with any other love. -John Grogan, American Author

_People can learn the process of communicating animals if they have a strong will to learn that. – Karen A Anderson

_If you’re kind to your pet, you will get his kindness back. -Wesley Porter, American Author

-Pets can feel your emotions. Your dog will smile if you’re happy, your cat will cry, when you’re sad. -Munia Khan, Bangladeshi Poet

_Dog lovers have some connection with God. -Fakeer Ishavardas, Indian Mysticism, Spirituality Expert

_Dog makes a special bond between strangers. -John Steinbeck, American Author

_A sleeping, purring cat is more peaceful than any other cat. -Jonathon Scott Payne, American Author

_Sometimes, you don’t pick a pet, but a pet picks you. -Julie Wenzel, American Author

_If you don’t have a dog then definately there is something wrong with your life. -Roger Caras

_Dog deserve his day. -Jonathan Swift

pet quotes by famous people

_If a man owns a dog who loves his owner, you can call him a good man. -W. Bruce Cameron

_If there is no place in the heaven for a dog then I wish to go into that place where dog went after death. -Will Rogers

_Dogs are the amazing creatures who have an ability to do unconditional love. They’re my role model. -Gilda Radner

_Dogs are not live longer. It’s their only mistake. -Agnes Sligh Turnbull

_The dogs lives every moment, second or a day. -Robert Falcon Scott

_Whether you’ve a little money or you own fewer possessions but you’re rich if you have a dog. -Louis Sabin

_Be the person as your dog wants. – C.J. Frick

_Dog’s love is pure. His trust is everlasting upon you so don’t betray it. -Michel Houellebecq

_It can be the best thing is to give your life to a dog who doesn’t have a home to live. -Emma Kenney

_My pet dog is my heartbeat. -Edith Wharton

_A warm puppy is a joy. -Charles M. Schulz

_The funniest thing you can do with your dog is that, you make a fool of yourself, and he will too, act as a fool with you. -Samuel Butler

_Whatever I’ve learned, I learned from dogs. -Nora Roberts

_A house of teenagers is important to have a dog so that he should be happy to see you. -Nora Roberts

_In the eyes of animals, I see a friend, soul and living creature. They’re not just an animal but a living being. -A.D. Williams

_A house turns into a home when it is filled with indefinite amount of love that only found in dogs. -Roger Caras

_We can’t find perfect companion than a four leg animal. -Colette

_When dogs are apart, books are our best friend, when dogs are near, books are too boring to read. -Groucho Marx

_To get a permanent job, you need to scratch a dog. -Franklin P. Jones

_If are searching for a friend in Washington, go and get a dog. -Harry S Truman

_Why most of the people don’t like to touch their pets. Can’t they understand that cat or a dog is called pet for a reason? -Jarod Kintz

_I love to be with dogs. You may be curious about what dogs think whole day. Do you know they have four kinds of moods-Happy, sad, cross and concentrating. -Mark Haddon

_Dogs never talk but listen when you talk and show interest in your conversation. -Jerome K. Jerome

_You should adopt a shelter dog, because, it’s good to your soul. -Paul Shaffer

_Pets are amazing. They have human nature and tells us that we are obligated toward preservation and care for life. -James Cromwell, American Actor

_Animal’s attitude toward life and death is better than us. They know their timings. When animals says goodbye to us for a life, we do suffers the most. But, that grief is different from other grief which helps us to handle the most difficult and saddest situation of our life. -Emmylou Harris, American Songwriter

_Adopted pets are good to have in our homes because they usually come from those homes who do not care them at all, or they are the one who lives on without love and care on their own. -Josh Duhamel, American Actor

_I believe pets are just like our children whom you love unconditionally in spite of their flaws. -Gwen Cooper, American Novelist

__You will be amazed to know that dog has an ability to snap you out from any kind of bad mood in fraction of seconds. – Jill Abramson, American Newspaper Editor

_Dogs can find the ones who really need them and also fill the empty space we didn’t realize even we had. – Thom Jones, American Writer

_It is more painful feeling to lose your pet than any other human because your love is pure for the pet. -Amy Sedaris, American Author

_Pets are the source of vital energy. They spread the message of love. They are precious, so care them as much as you can. Because, love expands and soften the heart. – Laura Staley, Feng Shui Expert

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