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101+ Top Philosophy Blogs and Pages Names ideas

Many people who are interested in philosophy search for such topics on internet. There are many blogs which tells us about philosophy and help us to find some answers for the questions which we were unable to find and have confusion on. These blogs target the people who are searching for some interesting topics like existence of God, life after death, etc.

Each person have their own prospective on a matter and these blogs are purely depends on the blogger’s views. Taking it or leaving it depends on readers. But many people are interested to read such philosophy and bloggers get profited by getting more traffic to their blog.

Top 15 Philosophy Blogs of the World

American Philosophical Association Blog –  

This blog is run by the American Philosophical Association which is situated in Delaware City, Delaware, United States. It is one of the most acclaimed societies in the States where people can learn about philosophy. They have created a series where they share historical travel documentaries, podcasts, and more. The blog posts 3 times a day.

Warp, Weft, and Way – 

This blog is run by a team based in Middletown, Connecticut, United States. It is a blog which explains the Chinese philosophy to the world. You will find a lot of information about Chinese cross-tradition and literature, too, in this blog. The blog comes up with 4 unique posts each week.

Brain Pickings: An Inventory of the Meaningful Life – 

This blog is run by Maria Popova and her team, based in Brooklyn, New York, United States. The blog basically shares Maria’s own life experiences and learning, and how she was drawn to spirituality and philosophy. It features various articles on design, science, art, and of course, philosophy.

Arts & Letters Daily – 

This blog is based in the United States. It is a great source of resources on topics like art, history, criticism, music, literature, spirituality, and philosophy. It puts up at least 3 posts a day.

Love of All Wisdom –

 This biweekly blog is run by a team based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. The blog focuses on cross-cultural philosophy, intellectual integrity, and draws inspiration and wisdom from spiritual practices all over the world. The blog posts once a week.

The Meaning of Life– 

This book, as the name suggests is run by Messerly who is not only a philosophy guru but also a published author. The blog features insightful articles on philosophy, human psychology, politics, and society. It posts 2 times a week.

Metaphysical Speculations –

 This blog was started in March 2010 and is the brainchild of Bernardo Kastrup.  The blog focuses on a variety of topics like neuroscience, hermeneutics, physics, ontology, thoughtfulness on philosophy, and more. It comes up with 2 posts each month.

The Indian Philosophy Blog – 

This blog was launched by Amod Lele and Elisa Freschi. The blog acts as a platform where readers can discuss the philosophy of India with the authors. One gets to know a lot about the ancient Indian civilization, as well as modern India through this blog. It posts at least 2 times a week.

History and Philosophy of Language Sciences – 

This blog concentrates on different languages and their study. The blog hopes to introduce the readers to new languages, new philosophy theories, and form a community of thinkers. The blog posts three times a month.

Theory, Evolution, and Games Group – 

This philosophy blog was launched in Oxford, England, United  Kingdom. This blog is pretty unique in its concept as it tries to link quantitative programs such as game theory and computer science with a more qualitative field of study like philosophy. It posts 15 times a year.

Ordinary Philosophy by Amy Cools – 

This blog is run by Amy, who lives in Oakland, California, United States. This blog is devoted to the history of philosophical thoughts and ideas.  It is open to discussions with the readers. The blog was launched in April 2013 and pots two times a quarter.

Evangelical Philosophical Society Blog – This blog is run by the Evangelical Society which is based in Los Angeles, California, United States. The mission of the blog is to emphasize the presence of God in our lives. It discusses the topics of philosophy and faith, particularly Christianity in great detail. The blog was published in April 2008 and posts once a month.

J. History of Ideas Blog –

 This blog is run by the team of Journal of the History of Ideas, one of the best publications in this topic. The blog will help you broaden your horizons, as it features a lot of information about the wide-ranging and diverse intellectual thoughts. It provides a lot of information about art and literature, philosophy, and history.

Conscious Entities By Peter Hankins – 

This blog is run by Peter Hankins who is a scholar based in London, England, United Kingdom. This blog is dedicated to the philosophy of the conscious mind. It regularly features posts and articles by prominent thinkers. Readers are also allowed to participate in the discussions. It posts 6 times a year.

The Society of Philosophers in America (SOPHIA) Blog – 

This blog helps the Association to connect with the young readers and discuss the new ideas of philosophy with them. The Association hopes to use the tools and theories of traditional philosophy to better the lives of the people. It posts twice yearly.

Blogging is a way of expressing ones thought and advertising oneself on the internet. Blogging was initially used to share a one’s thoughts, feelings, opinions or experiences. But now it is a medium to earn more money, advertise the business, etc.

Today, it has grown into a platform which is used by millions of people, everyone from individuals to businesses. It is important in business world as it improve a website’s SEO, increase the traffic to your website via links in the blogs, and implement your brand in the particular industry. With the blog contents, it is also important to have a memorable, eye-catching blog name. Here are some Philosophy related blog names.

Here are Memorable philosophy blog names ideas for your Inspiration

Talking philosophy online


Philosophy of minds



Philosophical disquisitions pro








Evolving beliefs




























Philosophy is seeking some myths of life after wisdom.  Philosophy is a unique type of thought. The significant part of philosophy is a history of questions and arguments about mythical questions. The study of philosophy is meant for some reasons. It disappoints one with excessive confidence in their own views, and supports the ability of the views on which some disagrees.

Top Philosophy Pages Names

 It is a source of extensive intellectual pleasure for students who seek wisdom. The aim of philosophy is to deepen the understanding about the subject we interested in. By philosophy, we learn to think better, act wisely, and thereby improve the quality of our lives.

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