41+ Best Pocket Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Business CommunicationInvitation Wording41+ Best Pocket Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

41+ Best Pocket Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Wedding is that one particular celebration that stands out in the list of happy and joyous occasions. All things considered, wedding preparation can make the calmest people on earth a bit stressful and why not.

It is one of the most special days of your life and in order to make the day special, you have to take care of venue, caterer, photographer, and above all budget.

Amidst these stresses, you have to remember that you don’t miss out on little joys such as writing the wording for your wonderfully crafted pocket wedding invitations.

 Don’t worry we’ve got you covered because below is a ‘help’ in the form of pocket invitation wording ideas that you can choose from-

Pocket Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Love knows no barriers and the only barrier in their life was the wedding date. (Name) and (name) will surrender to the bond of holy matrimony on (date) at (location). Do come and bless the couple.
  • As the host it is my great pleasure to invite you to join (name) and (name) in the celebration of their marriage at (place). These love birds would be waiting for your presence on (date) from (time).
  • Love is what we live for and where there is love there shall be a celebration. We are looking forward to have you with us on (date) for the celebration of love known as wedding at the (location).
  • The only thing that makes this hell of a ride called marriage worthwhile is love and we’ve got plenty to spare for you on our wedding day. Please come on (date) and be a part of our fruitful journey.

_The day of Wedding is extremely emotional especially when you are the parent but it is also a day of celebration and we want you to be part of it. We’ll be expecting you on (date) at (location) from (time).

_Their love for each other doesn’t really make their world go round but it does keep them happy. So on (date), they will be celebrating their love with a wedding and your presence is requested at (location).

_If there ever is a parallel universe then these two would surely get married in them as well because their love is just so pure. For this universe, I hope you are there for their wedding on (date) at (loc.)

_ Mr. and Mrs. (surnames) would like to request you and your spouse’s utmost presence on their son’s joyous union to (bride’s name) at the newly renovated (location) on (Date) from (time).

_(name) and (name) would love to be with each other in a hundred lifetimes and in any version of reality. So glad that they realized that and decided to get married on (date) at (loc.) and you’re invited.

_If this isn’t the season of love then there would be one because (name) and (name) has decided to tie knot on (date) and cherish their special bond. You are requested to come at their wedding on (time & loc.)

_My fiancé and I have are meant to be together for the rest of our lives so why not involve the government and get married. So the wedding’s on (date) at (loc.) and we need you by our side.

_We are extremely ecstatic to let you know that the wedding ceremony of our beloved son is on [date]. We will be expecting the pleasure of your company as he exchanges wedding vows with his love.

_The one person who has made my reality better than my dreams is going to be my bride on the first Sunday of (Month). So dear friend, save the date and bless the day with your presence at (loc.)

_Can you hear the wedding bells ringing because I can. Two very dear friends of mine are going to spend their lifetime with each other. Their journey starts on (date) at (loc.) and we want you there.

_The bride and groom have chosen the first day of their new life together and it’s on (date) at (loc.) from (time). You are dearly invited to attend this joyous ceremony with friends and family.

_Now that my daughter is a grown up, only thing we are grateful for is that she has chosen a lovely life-partner for herself. Their dream wedding is happening on (date) at (loc.) and we invite you to attend.

_Although nothing would be suffice enough to celebrate our union but celebrating it with your presence would come close. On behalf our families, we invite you to attend our wedding held on (date) at (Loc.).

_My love for my bride-to-be has jumped many hurdles, to arrive at a destination called marriage which is full of hope by the way. So please grace my wedding with your presence on (date) at (loc.).

_(name) and (name) would like to cordially invite you to share in their joy as they will be one before the presence of their family and friends on (date). Save the date to bless these children on (time & location).

_What future Mr. and Mrs. (surname) have for each other is can’t be seen or heard but must be felt from the heart. You’re invited to be at their celebration as they exchange vows on (date) at (loc.).

_ (parent names) would like to cordially invite you and your family to celebrate the marriage of their child (name) to (partner’s name) on the 9th of (month). The beautiful event is being held at (loc.).

_ Life is too short to be alone and I am glad that I found (name). You are cordially invited to the beautiful ceremony of my wedding being held on (date & loc.). Do bless with your presence on the holy occasion.

_Our happiness is real and we want to share it with you all. On (date), I am getting married to (name) and we would like to invite you to be an integral part of our big day. The event is at (loc.) from (time).

_We’ve always wondered what’s it like to live happily ever after, so we decided to try and find out. The wedding’s being held on (date) at (loc.) and we’d like to have you by our side.

_The one thing that comes easy to them is to fall in love with each over and over again. So with pure joy in heart, I, the host would like to invite you to (name) and (name)’s fall wedding on (date) at (loc.).

_ Marriage was never on the cards for (names) but when they realize that they have brains as well they didn’t wait. Hence, you are being invited to join them on (date) at (Loc.) for their wedding day.

_We are not the most perfect couple in town but we did learn to enjoy our differences and isn’t that what marriage is all about? So we’re getting hitched on (date) at (loc.) and you’re invited to attend.

_Marriage has finally knocked on my doors! The only thing is I am excited is that from (date) onwards, I’ll have get to spend an eternity with her. Your presence at (location) will make the event more special!

_You are the one who’ve always inspired us to start a new life together and our wedding ceremony would be incomplete without you. Please be there on (date) at (loc.) and shower us with your blessings.

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